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4+ Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Packaging Partner

 2018-02-28 14:01:05

4+ Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Packaging Partner

Are you considering hiring a packaging partner to assist you in transferring your products safely and professionally, and to provide you with fundamentals such as shipping corner protectors? Good for you. Unfortunately, not all packaging partners are created equivalent! Before making a final decision regarding which company to work with, you should ask yourself the five following questions:

1. Can They Provide References? 

It’s not wise to simply trust what the company says on their webpage. What really makes an influence is to hear from both the company’s past and current clients in terms of their personal experiences when dealing with the company.

2. Do They Offer a Warranty? 

If they can’t offer you a warranty, any harm to your things during the transportation process will be your problem, not theirs. Accidents do happen, and they can pose a number of economic challenges along the way if a warranty is not provided.

   3.What Are the Benefits of the Shipping Corner Protectors That They Offer? 

Are their shipping corner protections made to ensure better load constancy? Do their industrial corner protectors allow for multiple assembling? These are important questions to ask, as, no doubt, you’ll want the best corner shields for your products!

4. What Other Products Will They Use to Protect Your Goods? 

Things like Strap-o-Guard, Wrap-o-Guard and Protect-o-Guard can make all the change to the safe transportation of your goods.

5 Can They Work with My Deadlines? 

If you have tight deadlines to stick to, it’s significant to ensure that your new product packaging partner is on the same page and can fit in with these goals comfortably.
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