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9+ Candle Packaging Boxes’ Design Inspiration Ideas, Chosen by Experts

 2018-02-21 10:21:28


We all love candles. They do possess a romantic, soothing and luxurious quality that sits well with anyone with taste. Plus they come in a variety of designs and scented options that it becomes a hard decision to pick just one. These pretty and calming candles are no longer a women accessory as they are available in masculine scents as well; like musk, cedar, sandalwood, smoke, beers, cackling fires etc. For all those candle manufacturers, we are presenting you with options to make your candle more irresistible in these attractive custom candle and aromatherapy packaging boxes.

1. Masculine Candles are a Trend 
Masculine scented candles also have a huge market nowadays. When the stress of work and life, in general, dampens your spirit, there is nothing like a peaceful scented candle to make your mind relax more pleasant memories. When it comes to the packaging of these accessories, you have a lot of margins to be creative. You can keep your box simple, artistic, sarcastic, use typewriter print, use insults or humor because the male market is more receptive to unusual packaging tricks & ideas unlike stereotype typical floral feminine patterns standardized for women.

2. Tuck-In the Loose Ends
You can now have your small candles or tea-light packaged in beautiful tuck-in boxes that can be reused. Tuck in boxes are convenient to use and customers like them. Plus they offer great setting to your company’s logo. They can be designed with both modern and vintage ideas, according to the tastes of the target demographics you are addressing. Tuck top or flip top boxes are also a great option for you’re to consider as they can be reused for other reasons as well, which people appreciate.

3. It’s time to open your present
Scented candles are most beloved of the causal gifts that have a neutral appeal. You can easily get them at affordable prices and people really like them. As a manufacturer, you should always have gift candles for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, and other such festive times.
The gift packaging is important than your regular packaging boxes because the scents are not new but the container is. You have to style your container in a way that makes customers want to buy your product just because it looks too great to pass up.

4. For your candles that are available in sets rather than an individual jar, you can choose the packaging boxes that are styled with trays, sleeves or even regular boxes. All these boxes need is a more regal appeal that will make customers want to buy your product in bulk. You can play with packaging ideas when it comes to bundling as there are many ways you can mix and match the appearance of the boxes.

5. It would sure be a shame if your part of a jar candle is hidden behind cardboard, especially if you put work into the designing of the container. Many times there are exquisite paintings on the boxes that could convince customers to take action. Also sometimes these candles can complement the overall theme of their boxes. If you think you candles are too pretty to be hidden away then you should think about having them packed in window boxes. These boxes let your product do the talking. Potential customers only have to take one look and decide if they want the product. In the times of online and phantom advertising, letting your customers see the actual product goes a long way to smoothen things.

6. What do you think of when you imagine a custom candle boxes? I am sure you can see a pretty standard box. Now when you are ordering the containers for YOUR candles, you need to avoid everything a standard box has. Go crazy, pick some random idea and build on it. Like I said before use humor, insult or art to make your product stand out and claim individual attention.
There has to be something refreshing in your box that makes customer halt for a second and want to know what you are selling.

7. Present your product with a flair. You can raise customers’ expectation of your brand with a luxurious touch. You can use glossy, embossed or metallic ornamentation on your boxes to attract buyers. Sometimes just the presence of your product can alter the perception of the target audience. So make them think that your product is special and better than all other articles in the market and you will win their action and attention. Obviously, your product has to match the expectation as well but we trust you already know that.

8. Sleeve boxes have been famous for their convenience and different style. You can use that to your advantage. Use Sleeve and Tray boxes for your aromatherapy products and have them design to utterly bewitch the customers. Trust us, the effort will be worth your time. As the box is the first your buyer gets to see and as much we all deny it, we all have a habit of judging things by the covers.

9. A bit of mystery is always recommended but you can take another approach. Present your creations in bold, declarative containers that celebrate the product inside and showcase your brand amidst colors and vivid themes. That way your target audience will feel that they know the product even before they had used it.

10. If your target customers are book lovers, then there are a lot of exciting options for your aromatherapy boxes. You can use simplistic boxes or go full millennial and people will love them all the same. If you are catering to an author and producing candles as merchandizing goods for a book series then you can incorporate colors and themes that were used in the book. There are also character options for you to play with.

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