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All Types of Boxes You Find at Your Baker’s

 2017-11-28 05:59:14


Do you see the same mental image of a paradise where everything’s made of cake, chocolate, vanilla, strawberries, pastry & a whole lot of cream frosting in colors of rainbow inside a small box? We know we do and because of it, we totally get why Hansel & Gretel were lured by the irresistible package that was the witch’s house.

What do you picture when you hear Bakery Boxes? 

Cakes, pastries, donuts, muffins, cookies, macarons and their pastel boxes have become essentially associated with happiness. Don’t believe us? Well, we can bet that as you are reading it you are seeing a mental image of your favorite bakery’s signature printed box. As soon as you open one, you are wafted by the aroma of the freshly baked goods that look too amazing to eat but so irresistible not to have at least a bite.

In USA, ours is a culture of baked goods. We celebrate all important milestones of life with these sweet treats and yes sometimes we even indulge in them just to feel better after a bad day. By now you must be seeing it all; all the birthday cakes, all the wedding cakes, the shower cakes, the miniature cupcakes, the take-to-office donuts, the fancy macrons for an exotic little international treat. So you see a bakery is as much about visualization as it is about tasting good and the packaging boxes play an important part in this visualization.

In this article, we would be addressing those container boxes we find at bakeries that fill us with anticipation for our favorite bakers if they are looking for printing and packaging service for custom cake boxes. Here are all the types of cake boxes and Custom Bakery Boxes that you can avail in the market, manufactured by packaging service providers like OXO Packaging in the USA:

  • Window Cookie Boxes: These boxes have a window top or wrap around the window to give customers a glimpse of what deliciousness is waiting inside.
  • Pie Boxes: These boxes are made of pizza boxes, only they are not as thick and contain sliced or whole pies.
  • Standard & Custom Cake Boxes: Online vendors offer to make custom boxes printed with your business logo to convey your brand as a professional service.
  • Muffin Boxes: These boxes are shaped in small cubes to house your favorite muffins in a stay-fresh environment and safe from external contaminants.
  • Macaron Boxes: These are rigid boxes with or without windows to display and secure delicious macarons.
  • Scallop Top Boxes: For more stylish look, you can use these boxes for your baked masterpieces for seasonal celebrations and such.
  • Donut Tray Boxes: These two are commonly used boxes, which are made in long wide but not too thick shapes with or without partitions to avoid getting them all jumbled together.
  • Luxurious Favor Boxes: These favor boxes are used to hand over the giveaways to guests when they have attended one of your functions. These might have added décor to make them more special.
  • Drawer Rigid Chocolate Boxes: These boxes again are a luxury as they contain expensive flavored chocolate bites. These boxes can be printed for seasonal greetings or limited editions and are sometimes embossed in metallic she en to make them more glamorous.

(It is important to note that all the best providers, line the eatery packaging boxes with odor seal coating to keep the food inside fresh and protect it from moisture outside.)

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