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DIY Homemade Organic Makeup Tips

 2018-03-12 08:03:29


Are you one of those branded makeup hoarders too? Don't worry, I am not judging you for your choices because personally, a trip to SEPHORA is kind of my happy place as well. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that more often than not when we look good, we feel good as well and makeup products contribute to that feeling.

DIY Homemade

What I am here to ask you is if your skin is suffering from your love of cosmetic brands? Some of the newer researchers are even linking some of the common makeup ingredients to many severe diseases like Alzheimer's and even cancer. If that makes you worried about your skincare routine, then it's time to explore your homemade, organic makeup products that you can create for your personalized use.

Benefits of using organic makeup

Benefits of Personalized Homemade Makeup:

  • Makeup brands create products for masses, so their products might not always suit your complexion.
  • Organic makeup is eco-friendly, unlike commercial brands that heavily rely on metallic and petroleum-based ingredients. Often the extraction of these materials can cost acres of natural lands to be destroyed. Metallic components in deodorants can also cause breast cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  • Organic products are nutrient rich and can help your skin to retain its youthful appearance. It is also gentle on your skin. You can avoid premature wrinkles and laugh lines.

Mineral and organic makeup is a huge trend these days, not to mention that it’s so fun to experiment with natural ingredients. You can customize to match your skin tones. Here are few everyday kitchen ingredients that can help you create a makeup range for yourself.


Face Powder

Loose Powder:

Take arrowroot powder as a base which is white in color. You can add cocoa powder, ground cinnamon powder, or nutmeg to match your skin tone. A few drops of essential oils like jojoba, olive, or almond will help you press the loose powder in a more compact form. 

Semi-Liquid Foundation:

For a smooth, mousse-like foundation you can try making one from following ingredients. You will need zinc-oxide, vitamin E oil, almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. You will need exact amounts of carefully weighed ingredients. You can use a double boiler to heat them and whisk the mixture.

Colorless Face Powder

For a translucent, neutral face powder you need only three things, you only need cornstarch, cocoa powder, and green clay. 


Bronzer Lotion:

You can get an all-natural, sunless tan bronzer without having to take risks of being in the sun. Your skin will glow naturally. You will simply need to combine cinnamon, cocoa powder and cornstarch in a bowl. Slowly add your favorite organic lotion to get a creamy foundation-like structure.

Natural Blush:

Highlight your fine cheek structure with homemade blushes. You will need colored-tints like beetroot, hibiscus, peach petal, and cocoa. You can add arrowroot powder as needed to create lovelier shades.


Setting Spray:

For days when you need your makeup to last long, you can combine Aloe Vera gel, witch hazel, distilled water, and lavender essential oil in a spray bottle. Mix well and use it in your post-makeup face. Let natural air dry it and you are good to go.


Lip Stains:

Now here you have got to be careful because major brands have been known to mix traces of lead in their lipstick tubes. If you want a nourishing reddish pink lip stain that will rejuvenate your lips, you need beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter. For stains of color, you can use beetroot powder or hibiscus powder that contain antioxidants and phytochemicals.


Lip Sticks:

To create bold, lovely shades of lipsticks that will nourish your lips instead of hurting them, you need the following things
Organic Beeswax, Organic Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder, Lavender Essential oil, Peppermint Essential Oil.
Beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil will create the base and add moisture, mica powder will create the desired shade. The oils will add the scent and flavor and if need be you can skip them. The tools you will need will be pipette and lipstick tubes.


Lip Balms

You will need ingredients like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. You can add essential oil to add flavor and scent but it's not a prerequisite.


Eye Liner

To create an all-natural eyeliner you will need a touch of activated charcoal, a small amount of oil like jojoba, almond or avocado to create a paste. You can put this liner in eyeliner tubes that are available online. For brown eyeliner, you can simply mix cocoa powder with oil instead of activated charcoal.

Black and Brown Mascara

You can make yourself a nicer, cheaper mascara that will last for long by combining heated coconut oil, aloe vera gel and grated beeswax until they blend. Like eyeliner, you can add activated charcoal or cocoa powder for the desired color. For a mineral mascara, you will need added ingredients like mineral powder, bentonite clay, vegetable glycerin and essential oil. 


Eye Shadow:

To create the eyeshadows you will need the same base of arrowroot powder and shea butter. For color you can add the following colorants:


  • Brown: Use cocoa powder and/or nutmeg
  • Gold: Turmeric
  • Pink: Beet powder
  • Red: Red clay
  • Green: Green clay or spirulina
  • Black/Grey: Activated charcoal
  • Orange: Combine saffron and beet powder
  • Clays can be used lighten or darken the color: White clay, red clay, rose clay
  • Micas can be used for glitter and a shimmery sparkle.

Creating makeup for yourself is an economical hobby and is a favor to your own skin. If you experiment and explore different recipes you can become excellent at creating cosmetic that compliments your features exclusively. Once you have perfected the art of homemade organic cosmetics you can make them into gifts for your friends. There are online packaging vendors who can create custom cosmetic boxes for your collection to be presented with suavely. There are vendors who offer to create custom lipstick boxes, custom lip-gloss boxes, custom eyeshadow boxes, custom eyeliner boxes, custom mascara boxes, custom foundation boxes etc. You can pick the design and outlay for your cosmetic boxes.

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