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Fresh Technology for reshaping Aluminum Bottles of Beverage!

 2018-02-21 10:26:14


After many years of R & D at Ontario, Canada origin company Montebello Packaging Industry made its mark in beverages and food packaging by presenting fresh technology in creating Aluminum beverage packaging boxes. The licensed technique that they present allows asymmetric shapes and possibilities of branding with a diversity of printing options. These aluminum based bottles can be conveniently packed in custom beverage boxes without any kind of insecurity of breakage as it is introduced in the bottles of beverages made of glass.

It is familiar that in the world of packaging solutions, the symmetric or asymmetric however it is not only eye-catching however it can be an attention-grabbing game changer. The company launches its custom-shaped asymmetric bottles of aluminum in the fourth quarter of 2017 to the arena of food and beverage companies.

The beverage container packaging you call it u shaped bottles of aluminum is made with licensed, proprietary that hopes to smash in the market of single-serve a drink that are beer, coffee or tea, energy drinks to eventually standout from the rest of the types of beverage packaging. There is a too big possibility that this packaging product will grab the business from the cardboard packaging of beverage packaging industry.

Just like that OXO Packaging is also keen to make such innovations in the field of packaging. As we all it is one of the famous and leading companies of the United States of America (USA). This field has too much potential for the packaging solutions and industry where you can get the biggest orders from the FMCG companies. There are so many companies all over the world which make their packaging themselves. That is why, if you need to work with FMCG then you need to prove it.

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