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How the low knowledge on the food packaging can be disastrous for your health!

 2018-02-20 07:51:04

Your health is way more important than anything else in this world. We all have learned to avoid all such things which can harm our health as well as of others. It is impossible to visualize life without the food packaging of the food product that comprises of plastic cling films, the host of plastic jars for food, tubs, bags, tubes, and boxes. In the year of 2014, there were about 6000 unlike materials were approved by the agencies of the government that are perfectly fine for the human health if used in the packaging of the food products. The unfavorable effect of all these materials on the food and the environment has lifted up a lot of questions.
The study published in the year of 2013 in July presents that at least 175 forms of chemicals found in food packaging are of great concern for the government agencies for their potential harm to the consumers. There was another study published in the month of December and year 2013 proposes that 50% of packaging material which comes in contact with the food absence toxicology information that is a record of the database of US Food and Drug Administration. The database of FDA itself is invalid of the toxicology information of such type of materials, and they still are being severely used in the packaging in the industry of the packaging. OXO Packaging is one of those companies which keep its hygiene best to avoid all such harming from their packaging.
There are many packaging materials are listed as “indirect food additives” and fall under the authority of food, drug, and cosmetics act in the United States law. Such materials comprise not only that makeup plastics however also resins and pigments, adhesives, biocides, coatings utilized in can linings and jars lids etc.

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