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How to Grab your Customers’ Attention with Our Creative Handmade Soap Boxes

 2017-11-01 11:01:20

How to Grab your Customers’ attention with our creative Handmade Soap Boxes

When people go grocery shopping, they predominantly pick up the best looking item on the shelf. This is because psychology tells us, that color and design attract the mind towards certain things. The more attractive an object, the more likely it is to be chosen. “Judge the book by its cover” is the counterintuitive method of marketing any product. For us, it establishes the point that the first impression is only made once and it needs to be the best one ever!

Customize your Soap Boxes with a choice of Kraft Boxes, or cardboard boxes and give it the designer’s touch. This boosts the worth of your company’s soap and makes for a value-added decision on your part. Well-designed packaging and proper placement of your product can be the defining moment for your sales. Multilevel strategizing, which includes packaging, needs to be well thought out and executed for desired results. We make luxuriously handcrafted soap boxes using recyclable materials for our clients to always make the best choice. Our packaging is concept based; which means that it defines your soap and gives it an identity. The customer is given a synopsis of what the product is all about, and makes it relatable. It establishes your brand identity and you can choose to create a lifestyle brand off it. This ensures that your customer would always pick your soap out of the various others on the shelf, as it has now become a part of his/her lifestyle. Depending on your requirements, you have the choice to add details and a backstory to the boxes so as to give shoppers an insight of where your company is coming from. Custom Soap Boxes breathes life into your product.

If your soap is handmade and/or made from sustainable ingredients, then our handmade Soap Boxes add value to your green thinking. This creates a seamless relationship between the soap and its “outer layer”. There is no dichotomy in the storytelling of your company’s green ethics. Our designs are timeless and can be defined by any number of ways. Whether you want to target the men or women or you choose to target an age specified demographic, our designs can be directed to ultimately attract your niche market. If you create a variety of soaps for a variety of segments within the market then our boxes would only complement them with the subtlety your soaps deserve.

The ultimate goal is to create a reputable brand name that sets a lasting image in the customer’s mind. If it is for the outdoorsy male, then create a soap box that looks rugged and manly; if you are more inclined towards selling your soaps to women, then create a more soft and subtle design for a feminine touch. Whatever it is, we strive to find innovative ways to lower wastage, reduce overall shipping costs, and recycle as much as we can for running a more sustainable form of business. In so doing, we are still able to create valuable packaging which communicates your brand image effectively. Our philosophy behind creating each soapbox is to follow your company’s mission which gives us the ability to be creative and innovative every single time. From luxurious to affordable, there is no type of branding we cannot express with ease.

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