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Increase the Glam Quotient with Our Custom Cosmetic Boxes

 2017-11-01 11:06:35


The beauty of the product is judged by the caliber of its packaging. This may seem superficial, however, in this cutthroat marketing environment, each product is indeed judged by its cover. The quality of cosmetic packaging boxes gives the first impression of what can be expected inside. Shabby and shoddy mascara or lipstick boxes mean that the company has not spent money on quality and most probably scrimped on the quality of the cosmetic products inside as well. This most definitely would put off customers who are very particular about using quality products especially when it comes to cosmetics. This is because the skin is a very sensitive organ and substandard products can be very detrimental as well as dangerous to use.

Spending time, money and effort on the outside shows your dedication towards what you are selling as a whole. Quality sells for sure. This is why when you are going about picking someone to “dress up” your cosmetic items, bear the following points in mind.

Materials Used

When you need to get your products packaged a certain way, a lot depends on the material used. Substandard materials would always result in substandard printing and poor quality overall. Also if you are a company which pays attention to the environment, then your work ethics would most definitely stretch to sourcing your supplies from likeminded enterprises. At Oxo Packaging we are always looking for ways to reduce our overall carbon footprint and use as much of recycled material in our method of working as possible. However, recycling does not mean compromising on quality because that would just not do at all. Whether you choose to go for our cardboard or Kraft boxes, we deliver on quality hands down!

Design Esthetic

Being in the business of glamour, your cosmetics need to be portrayed as such. The design esthetic needs to be feminine and pleasing to the inner diva of every single woman who comes across your products. Notch up your glam quotient by checking our designs for lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshades, blushes, and all related beauty products’ boxes. Attention to detail is what we are best at.


By going for quality, you would still not want to break your bank paying through your nose for it. Hence, pricing is another aspect that needs to be factored in when you are making a decision. Call us today for a consultation and realize that being penny wise pound foolish will cost you in the long run, however, an intelligent investment would still snatch you a great deal in the short run.

Timely Delivery

When all is said and done, time is also of the essence! You need to strike when the iron is hot and for that, you need to know your timeline is in order, including your supplies from all parties. At Oxo Packaging, we realize this crucial factor for any business entity and have our boxes ready for delivery well in time.

Our Work

Our work and dedication are shown through our streamlined process, whereby our esteemed clients come back to us for their packaging solutions. Our high reviews register their contentment with our work ethics. Customizing cosmetic boxes and increasing the glam quotient is what we are known for.

Our Word

Our work is our word of honor. We work hard so that it is easy for you to make a wise decision. When committed we deliver on all our projects with equal zeal and creativity. We are born to stand out! Our custom cosmetic packaging boxes are no different!

Call us today for a consultation and be ready to be glammed up!

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