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No Minimum Order Required - OXO Packaging

 2018-09-17 15:34:51

OXO Packaging Offers You Freedom to be Selective with No Minimum Order

Being an expert packaging company, we know and understand that not all product companies have similar packaging needs. There are companies that bulk purchase their custom boxes with logo. Others like to buy on need only basis. Some like to renew their orders periodically and some are one time buyers. However, almost all major packaging companies have a minimum order limit that holds these businesses back from ordering.

We at OXO Packaging are known for giving our customers complete freedom in their order placements, which is why to order with OXO Packaging, there is no minimum order required. You can order custom packaging boxes for as few as 50 units to 5000 units and more, and we will offer the premium class, expert packaging services for every order. We do NOT bind you to no minimum order limit.

OXO Packaging – A Valued Name in the product packaging industry worldwide

Any product based business can vouch for the fact that having a dependable packaging partner is vital to business growth. You need to have a consistent packaging service provider that can offer you gorgeous product wrappings every time, regardless of the variety of the product range. OXO Packaging is your reliable option for packaging solutions of both quality and design superiority that catches your customers' eye and hold their hearts for a long time. We have devised a gigantic range of custom packaging boxes that are printed with the best printing technologies by the experts who have devoted their entire lives to the art of creating suitable custom boxes and dressing them up to make your product look grand. What’s more? With OXO, there is no minimum order required!

A Cost-effective Solution for Businesses that Like to Order Small or Order at Regular Intervals

No matter the size and the specifications of your custom packaging boxes; at OXO Packaging we excel at creating price efficient solutions to suit your brand needs. Our no minimum order required option is being appreciated by many startups and small home-based businesses with limited clients. They do not need to order in bulk if they don’t want to, with our no minimum order limit.

Place your orders on your own terms and allow us to exceed your expectations of what a mere box can do to your product repute if designed and manufactured right. It all begins with a quote that you can obtain by sending an email to [email protected]

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