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The World’s Packaging Trend 2018

 2019-05-06 11:01:32

The packaging of the product is under practice for a long time. Everyone knows about the importance and significance of the packaging of the product. The world is getting a bigger market every day and due to the formation of new products in the market packaging also changing its forms. We need every type of packaging for every different type of products. That is why people in the market for business know that they need a new type of packaging to impress their ultimate consumer.

We would love to see new changes in the form of packaging for the product. Because this is the reason why CPG’s industry flourishing and it has no end until the end of this world. OXO Packaging is one of the best companies in the market and they keep innovating the field of packaging and enhance their sales sheets. That is why they are getting prominent in the market from the CPG industry and many other companies like Amcor is also there to make their impact in the market like the International Paper. Packaging Industry is one of the vast fields where you can get a chance to make it a big business with more rapid changes.

There are five types of trends people are following in CPG Industry 2018 which can be beneficial for the customized packaging companies. Such trends are known as Packaged Planet, Re-Packaged, Sea Change, Re-Navigate, and Clean Label 2.0 these are the trends of 2018.

Packaged Planet

The trend of throwaway today will develop into one that understands and welcomes the part of packaging as a primary means to minimize world food and wastage of product.


The more influx is developing of consumers to online shopping, the packaging will play a central part in brands and consumers’ e-commerce experiences.

Sea Change

The packaging in the plastic unanchored in the globe’s oceans will become the catalyst driving brands to rethink packaging in context customers can understand and act accordingly.


Brands will seem to present day packaging styles to assist reinvigorate the middle of store aisles less trafficked by youth shoppers.

Clean Label 2.0

Targeting for the design of packaging that informs consumers’ purchase decisions, brands will decline approaches that offer too much or too little as they can leave shoppers additional confused than informed.

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