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The advent of pillow and its packaging

 2018-02-16 12:47:07

Everybody likes a soft, cozy, and comfortable pillow. The characteristics of a modern pillow are indisputable. When it comes to comfort pillows are the second stop on the bed and mattress under the category of household products. In the earlier days, you may be shocked to know that pillow boxes used to be made of wood and stones. Even the rulers of the royal families had the pillow made of unaffordable gemstones like jade in China. It was quite a trend at that time, however, today we cannot even think of falling asleep on such a material for a sound sleep.
Today the pillow boxes are made up of the soft material or stuffed feather from fowl birds such as goose and ducks. There is another material under use as well as synthetic soft materials such as polyester accompanying cotton that can be stuffed enclosed pillows making it cushiony and soft.
When it comes to custom pillow boxes, these are much important as the pillow itself. The protection of pillows are much needed and custom pillow boxes are there to protect the pillow from the dust, mites and other types of microbial protections that can make you sick and your pillows can be dirty even if you are not using it. Whenever you plan to go for a trip or long day out just try to keep your pillow enclose in the custom pillow boxes to keep it clean.
A typical pillow boxes design normal have an attractive shape. They have other uses too. You can use clean, new pillow boxes to pack gifts to give away on different occasions that are worth the enjoyment in the face of celebration. Of course, many people utilize pillow boxes as gift boxes for the wedding functions and even on birthdays. The shapes of pillow boxes vary according to the different occasions and they also have them. These pillow boxes have windows sometimes on the packaging so that it looks more attractive.

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