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The most attractive thing for you that you buy from the market – The Survey Report

 2018-02-20 07:46:17

We all know the attractive packaging is a real choice for the people who come to the market to buy the product. Everybody knows this fact that attractive appearance of the product can be more selling than anything else. Because the product is not open or bare in the market but what they can see is the packaging. Even OXO Packaging is also prominent because of the quality and creativity they do with their packaging. If you talk about custom boxes with logo then no one has such command in the market like OXO Packaging.
We all know this fact about the packaging that much you make attractive packaging the more it gets sold. That is why there is a company known as We Pack conducted a survey recently by sampling out 650 USA citizens. There were almost 40 percent people who said: “We are impressed by the color of the packaging.” While others said: “We are impressed by the imagery on the product”. This is what they have given us a response on the packaging. Now, most of you can take the idea to develop a better imagery and color scheming so you can grab more customers in the market.
Let us give you the exact numbers of the people and their Responses:
·         37 percent said: “We are impressed by the color and imagery of the product”.
·         25 percent said: “We are impressed by the color scheming of the product.”
·         15 percent said: “we are going to opt the product by its packaging size.”
·         11 percent said: “we like to look at the shapes of the packaging.”
·         9 percent said: “we look at the texture of the product packaging.”
The survey is not confined to the offline market but also to the online market. They declare that previous research done in this respect that showed that color of the packaging of the product plays a supreme role in the selling the product.

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