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To Kraft or not to Kraft

 2017-11-01 11:07:38

To Kraft or not to Kraft

Another option for companies looking for packaging solutions is to go a different route and opt for Kraft boxes as opposed to Cardboard Boxes. Being a very environmentally friendly option, the material is sourced from the pulp of pine wood. This ensures durability and sturdiness in the eventual output. Just because a company can go with Kraft rather than cardboard does not limit the design options on offer. Going Kraft does not mean you forgo on aesthetics at all! OXO Packaging custom Kraft boxes give you limitless options when it comes to your packaging needs. With a market flooded with retailers pushing forward their products through a variety of means, you definitely need to be “Krafty”.

Why be Krafty?

kraft paper boxes are not just cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, they are also shockproof and waterproof. This keeps every item within secure from external damage. Our customized boxes do not compromise on either quality or design elements when it comes to creating the right box for you.

Although you can go with the base brown hue of the recycled material, for a more authentic and bohemian feel other color options are also open to you. You can put on your crafting hat and shape it to your heart’s content.

Whether you are moving large items from one place to another or smaller items for a more personal touch, Kraft boxes can carry anything and everything. Lightweight as it is, Kraft Boxes do not add on to your overall weight of shipping, hence, are another reason to consider it as a packaging solution.

Decorate your displays with your items in our handmade kraft boxes and give it a touch of classic chic. We deliver on our promise of quality packaging solutions with a touch of class and elegance. We understand your need to stand out from all the competition. Go Kraft with panache and embrace your inner classic craftiness. Your decision will definitely give you a boost where you most need it.

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