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What are you doing wrong when designing custom product boxes?

 2018-02-16 12:55:22


You are selling a product. You have highlighted your target customer. You have spent millions on marketing. Yet the rate of the profit you are getting is nothing close to what you have hoped to achieve. You keep thinking and rethinking everything that might have gone wrong with the marketing to no avail. We are here to tell you that you might be missing out on ONE tiny detail, that’s hurting your brand.

Any guesses to what it is?

It's how your product looks. Your product could be packed in a better way. Its current outlook isn't winning you any favors with the customer. And if that the problem, we can help you solve it. Read through this articles & you will know what the problem in your packaging is and how to rid of it.

Problem #1

It’s not about what you like or want!

You own the product so it’s understandable that you want your product to be enclosed in a box that you like but that’s a wrong strategy. You might own the business but you serve the CUSTOMER.

Give the customer what THEY want. Do the market research and choose the product packaging that will attract your customers. For example, the fruity cereals target children so their custom cereal boxes have cartoons on them.

Problem #2

Trends change but your custom product boxes’ forgot to….

We understand that creating a perfect packing takes time and effort. Sometimes even months. But it is also true that customers love visuals these days and they want catchy stuff. If your product failed to keep up with the changing viral trends then customers are likely to lose interest.


Order limited stock for packaging boxes. SO when you are out of the containers, you will be able to order fresh boxes with a new mindset. Not all of them will be successful but customers will appreciate the change anyway. Use seasonal packaging boxes for limited times to arouse interest.

Problem #3

Replicating your competition to fool the customer

Having a strong competitor to par with is a marketing nightmare. To avoid that or to perhaps fool the customers, some brands replicate their competition with minor edits in their boxes.


Develop a bold streak. Do something that’s never been done before. Use origami or geometry, be funny or sarcastic, take on the mystery but do something NEW.

Problem # 4

Your box doesn’t have a story

Silly, isn’t it? Why should box have a story? But we are telling it needs a story to sell. Because you are not selling a product, you are selling an idea as to why should a customer buy your product. And since you are selling an idea or a lifestyle even, you need a story.


Tell a story on the box. Project an emotion. Tell customers that why they should unquestionably, absolutely, unconditionally buy YOUR product. It should have a box that has a character. A character that people can relate to.

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