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Why Custom Boxes are best instead of Stock Boxes?

 2018-02-06 13:20:29

We need to see the difference between the stock boxes and custom boxes. Packaging has two different kinds of options for any product producer to pack the products. The difference of both packaging selections and which one is stressfully preferred by business entrepreneurs for their product. Let us understand the difference between both packaging solutions first.

The packaging in a stock box is a generic packaging “Ready Made” that one could attach the label of the company and utilize to cover the company products. Stock boxes are manufactured in a big quantity at a cheaper cost. Usually, they come in very limited sizes and forms. By some means, many companies are still using readymade packaging as it does not put a financial burden on their business experience.

Then, here comes the custom boxes packaging. Whether you are preserving the products, transporting them or presenting them in the consumer’s stores. While the custom boxes are made customize manufactured and precisely designed for an accurate fit to any shape of the product.

The packaging of the customized boxes designed by the professional designers or packaging structural engineers who have thorough knowledge and a better understanding of retail businesses. It surely needs precise mechanical tools for customization. This package is a bit expensive due to its significant amount of designing and printing before the giving it to the product’s manufacturing for packing. A prototype will be designed originally to show you that how will your product packaging look like before it comes to the reality. There are some sure differences in custom boxes and stock boxes regarding customization, price and last but not the least quality.

Quality and Customization in Custom Boxes and Stock Boxes

·         Custom Boxes are customized according to the size, color, and style however stock boxes cannot be tailored once it comes into existence.
·         You can print your product name, print the content of the product, benefits and other majors on custom boxes with different CMYK basic printing colors, however, the product’s name and other info on stock boxes can only be labialized on a temporary basis.
·         There are so many brands which are using the custom boxes to develop their impact in the market like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart but there are other brands too which are using stock boxes which does not make any impact on the market.
·         Custom box packaging is more than just “Branded Packaging” most favorable sizing and protective box packaging can save your time and costs on shipping however stock boxes have fewer chances to customize their shape, style, and sizes.  

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