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We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Get your Custom Cigarette Packaging Boxes by OXO Packaging. These boxes are well-organized & close at hand so, that your cigarette boxes or cigar boxes remain good with free shipping in the US.

The Importance of Cigarette Box Packaging in Your Product's Success

Do you know that people smoke cigarettes to relieve stress and anxiety? Cigarettes induce the production of dopamine in your body, ultimately putting you in a good mood. We think people who smoke cigarettes would like some fun added to their cigarette packaging. So, why don't we give them that element of fun via our appealing custom cigarette boxes? We believe our cigarette boxes will surely be a success for your cigarette brand.

Why Do You Need Custom Packaging?

Firstly, we need to know why custom packaging has become so important. Customized packaging has proven to be a big hit for many cigarette companies. These companies have claimed that there has been a rise in their sales after they started customizing their packaging.

Traditional Packaging is a No!

The traditional cigarette packaging with warning messages on the box is just an absolute no because now the time has changed, and so have people. Most people like to buy aesthetically beautiful things. That's why we guarantee that with the introduction of custom cigarette boxes, no one is buying Cigar Packaging Boxes in those old boxes.

Cigarette Boxes as the Deciding Purchase Factor

For most people, packaging acts as a critical factor when they are out shopping. We don't get to enjoy a product before buying it, so we don't know if that particular product will work for us or not. Therefore, other factors, like packaging, act as reinforcers in our buying decisions. 

For instance, when you walk into a store, you start looking around for what you are there to buy, but sometimes the products with attractive packaging grab your attention. The packaging looks so appealing that you're forced to buy that product even though you don't need it. This is the magic our cigarette boxes can create for your brand. 

Use our Cigarette Packaging to Display all your Product Information

Packaging helps you display all your product-related Information on the box. Anything that the customer wants to know about your cigarettes, they can learn about it through your cigarette boxes. But again, they will only buy your cigarettes if they are interesting enough. So, that's where we sweep into the scene. We at OXO Packaging provide you with exquisite and presentable cigarette boxes. These cigarette boxes will surely leave your customers in awe, leaving them with no choice but to buy your cigarettes.

Mark Your Business Identity with Our Cigarette Boxes

When you look at some product, you immediately remember the company they belong to by looking at the packaging. Also, when you're in the cigarette manufacturing business, you need creative strategies to stay ahead of the race. 

This is what we want with your cigarette boxes; we want people to identify your brand just by looking at your cigarette boxes. So, we offer you a variety of customization techniques to help you set your product apart from the rest of the crowd because we know that the only way your product can catch anyone's attention is through its attractive packaging. 

Get Your Brand's Logo Imprinted on Your Custom Cigarette Boxes!

The company's trademark logo attracts more people, making the company more recognizable to customers. We at OXO Packaging make your cigarette boxes look amazing with your logo.

We know that a logo can communicate your whole brand's story to your audience. So, if you haven't come up with a logo yet, share what you have in your mind, and then leave it to our exceptional graphic designers because this is one of the many things we can handle for you. 

OXO Packaging is Your Safe Cigarette Packaging Choice

Cigarettes demand very safe and sealed packaging. The reason is that most of the time, cigarettes go stale once the pack is opened. The cigarettes also change their flavor and smell once they go stale. 

Now, you don't want your customers to think you sold them a musty cigarette box. We at OXO Packaging provide you with various secure packaging styles. These styles won't let your cigarette go stale or musty. They will keep them as fresh as new. 

Premium Quality Stock Options

The quality of your stock is the most significant contributing factor to how your packaging turns out. The stock also shows how much you care about your product's overall performance. Therefore, we have the highest and most standard stock options for you. Cardboard, Kraft. Rigid and corrugated are some high-end stocks that we provide. These materials are number one in versatility. They promise you your product's safety while giving a charming look to your custom cigarette packaging. Also, all of our materials are eco-friendly, suggesting that they can not cause harm of any type to your environment.

How to Design Perfectly Appealing Cigarette Packaging Boxes?

Lamination Alternatives for Your Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

Lamination is very important to keep your cigarette packaging safe. Smudges, stains, and spills can make your packaging look ugly; we're sure you don't want that. We offer you the best lamination choices, including gloss, matte, and soft-touch. 

Furthermore, the great news is that our gloss and matte lamination are free. If you opt for soft-touch lamination, you will have to pay for it, but again, it would be a minimal amount. 

Design Support for Your Cigarette Packaging

Creatively inspired designs take your custom cigarette boxes to another level. The product inside the box is represented by the design on its packaging. We at OXO Packaging provide free design support to our clients. An excellent design on the packaging means you have a chance at attracting more customers, which ultimately will increase your sales. 

If you have ideas about how you want your design to look, you can share them with us. Moreover, we need your artwork and logo for the design. If you haven't come up with any of these things, our designers can help you. 

On the other hand, to show you how your artwork will look on your packaging, we can also send you free 3D mock-ups. We can also make changes and adjustments to the box designs. 

Special Addons and Features for Your Cigarette Packaging

We want your cigarette boxes to take the lead from the rest of the competition. That's why we have some unique features to adorn your cigarette packaging. These features can be the life of your cigarette box.

  • Embossing 
  • Debossing
  • Gold Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Perforation

Excellent Customer Support Services

What makes OXO Packaging your best packaging choice? Among many other factors, our excellent customer support service is something we win our customers' hearts for. Our support service is available to you at all times. Not only is our support staff very diligent, but they're also very particular about the client's needs and interests. We prioritize our client's needs, so we prioritize excellent customer service.

Save Your Money with OXO Packaging

Many packaging companies charge their clients a hefty amount for packaging services, but this is not how we at OXO Packaging work. We assure you that our clients get their packaging at the most economical and affordable rates. The whole world is experiencing a financial crisis right now. We want to be of help to our amazing customers. 
We also want you to know that even though our rates are cheap, we don't sell poor-quality packaging. We use the highest types of packaging material to protect your product from any damage it may face during or after delivery. 

OXO Packaging offers Free Shipping!

OXO Packaging provides its customers with various benefits. Free shipping is one of the most significant advantages of taking us as your packaging partner. No matter which state you are living in the US, we ensure that your custom cigarette boxes are delivered free of cost.

How to Contact Us

We have made contacting us very easy for you. You can call us at (510) 500 9533 or email us at sales@oxopackaging.com to share your job query with our staff.


How Long a Sealed Cigarette Box Can Last?

Surprisingly, a packed cigarette box can last for six months. But once it gets exposed to air, it goes stale.

How Long Can the History of Cigarettes be Traced Back?

People have been using tobacco for over 8,000 years. Central Mexico was the first place people cultivated tobacco in the early 5000 BC.

Which Country Poses the Highest Number of Smokers?

China is one of the top countries with the highest number of smokers.


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