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We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Custom Rigid Boxes: Everything You Need to Know

During the past few years, a remarkable packaging style that has revolutionized the global packaging industry is a rigid box. With such boxes, you can give a perfect and professional outlook and you can use them to enclose high-end products. Apart from high-end, custom boxes can also be used for the packaging, displaying, and shipping of luxury products especially jewelry.

If you want to pack and aesthetically display a luxury product, then don’t miss the rigid boxes. Companies don’t like to under evaluate their products by encasing them in fragile packaging boxes. Those brands that lag behind in the long run of business success use old packaging techniques. Therefore, it is important to discuss the salient features of Custom Rigid Boxes. The boxes that OXO Packaging provides have the distinctive features that make them unmatchable among competitors.

Personalization in Rigid Packaging Boxes

The importance of customization tools cannot be denied in the manufacturing of boxes. It is in fact a quality customization tactic through which companies excel their competitors because they print what their customers demand. 

When you enable customization, you can adjust the designing, color, print, and box size perfectly as per your client’s requirements, the designs, printing, shape, and aesthetic elements of Custom Printed Luxury Rigid Boxes can be oriented. In this way, the boxes look appealing to the eyes of customers. 

How Custom Packaging can Help in Branding?

Little is known about the branding power of boxes as you can customize them by all means. By applying custom tools, a box can become your marketing agent and will speak to your clients about the magnificence of your product. OXO Packaging provides a diverse solution to your business in the form of various layouts for the display of such boxes.

  • You can choose our custom box insert options in making a unique box design. In this way, you can encase valuable products such as rings and necklaces easily and are perfect for providing unmatchable finishing touch.
  • Box designs are important to consider especially when you are making diverse products. Our full cover lid boxes are common for the encasing of chocolates and valuable gifts. Moreover, the full cover lid boxes are perfect for covering the base of a box entirely.
  • OXO Packaging’s Partial cover lid boxes are popular because through them you can display the color difference between various portions of a box.
  • Don’t miss our Window customization option for partial cover lid boxes. Through such boxes, you can provide your customers with a quick glimpse of the product without feeling the need to open the packaging.

What can you do with Customization?

Now that we have mentioned the diversity in our designs, let’s discuss the branding benefit you will get by customizing these boxes.

  • We provide precise size customization, through which you can get unique shoulder and neck rigid boxes. You can lock them quite conveniently and these boxes will ensure that the product remains highly secure. These products include rings, perfumes, and valuable gifts.
  • Shoulder and neck boxes enhance product safety as a glued tray is there that connects the base with the neck. In these boxes, the lid can either completely or partially hide the neck.
  • If you are looking forward to gift a luxurious item enclosed in a box, then go for the Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon Pull Tab. These boxes are usually drawer-like and provide special unboxing experience to customers.
  • Our Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon Pull Tab has an opening that is slide-like in shape. They have a ribbon at the side of the box that you can push to open the box.
  • You can also opt for a Drawer Box with Thumb Notch. In these boxes, there is a space at the side in which you can put your thumb and open the box. 

The Diversity that Earns you High Sales

You can use custom boxes for multiple purposes. Generally, people use these to encase luxury products such as diamonds, expensive watches, and jewelry. They are predominantly common for the high-quality finishing of jewelry items. Therefore, rigid jewelry boxes are useful for giving a luxury finish to jewelry-related products.

Apart from cosmetics, these boxes are better for the smooth presentation of gifts. For presenting an adorable gift, there truly is no better option than the customized boxes. These boxes reflect a luxury and high-class element that increase the magnificence of your adorable gift tenfold.

Benefits of Custom Large Rigid Boxes

Now that we have discussed the customization options and use cases of custom boxes, it is now time to discuss their Branding Applications. To begin with, it is quite important to mention that with such boxes you can also get logo customization. Logo customization is crucial from the perspective of marketing as it is eventually your logo that becomes a highlight in the minds of customers.

Importance of Lamination

We apply matte lamination to increase the shine of our boxes because doing so will enhance the outreach of your brand. On the other hand, we also give velvet-like softness to our boxes by applying gloss lamination on them. It is eventually the fine gloss lamination that increases the outlook of your logo.

One of the primary features of custom insert boxes is that they provide a delicate velvety feeling once a customer holds them in their hands. Moreover, when you customize your logo on them, there shall be no chance that customers will ignore your box.

Don’t Miss Our Custom Vape Rigid Boxes

Our Custom boxes are primarily better for the presentation and displaying of luxury products. A successful example of such supplies is the popular vape rigid boxes. Vape-loving individuals are highly conscious of the raw material for their lovely products. Custom Vape Packaging Boxes are therefore popular because they remind youngsters about their iconic role models.

Therefore vape rigid boxes are highly common in a variety of designs among them the prominent one is the custom box insert design. These aesthetic designs come up with a foam where the product inserts perfectly. 

Eco-Friendly Rigid Packaging Boxes

The central material at the basis of our boxes is corrugated Kraft which is sturdy and at the same time biodegradable. The eco-friendly nature of Kraft makes it a perfect choice as a raw material in the packaging industry.

Similarly, besides Kraft, cardstock material is also better to provide strength to such boxes. The cardstock is entirely recyclable and therefore is predominantly common across the packaging industry.

How to reach us?

If you have any queries related to our products and all their types, their use cases, and price then feel free to contact OXO Packaging at or call us at (510) 500 9533. Our customer support will be there to provide you high-quality customer experience. There are no delivery charges and we will make sure that your order reaches your doorstep promptly.

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