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Vape Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Custom Vape Packaging Boxes: Perfect for Product Protection and Promotion

Vaping is a phenomenal adventure that has taken over tobacco-based cigarettes. In fact, vapes are becoming the new normal in the global cigarette industry as more and more people love them. Moreover, they are different from tobacco-based cigarettes as they have liquid e-juices that give them flavor. Manufacturing a qualitative vape product is not the only hurdle in boosting your sales. In fact, you need to display them in custom vape packaging boxes. These boxes will increase the outreach of your brand. They will also make your product appealing to the eyes of customers. In this way, you can boost your sales.

Here at OXO Packaging, we provide qualitative CBD Vape Packaging boxes to meet all your branding requirements. Branding is vital these days, especially when the market is full of competitors. Therefore you can use custom printed vape boxes as your marketing agents. By applying cute customization tools to such boxes, you can make your product look genuine. All this is enough to lure customers towards your brand.

Get Custom Vape Packaging Boxes in any Design

Designing is significant, especially if you want to enhance the benefits of your packaging boxes. It is, in fact, an eye-catching design of a box that speaks of the elegance of a vape. Moreover, customers cannot compromise on the quality of vapes. Therefore, they choose vapes that come in boxes with eye-catching designs. 

Apart from the economic benefits of customization, you can also distinguish your product from competitors through appealing design customization.

  • A box with high-quality printing makes a lot of difference from the one with simplistic designs. You can paint your box with information on our CBD vape packaging boxes and fill it with designs that look relatable to customers.
  • Write important product-related information and let your customers know about your transparency through your product’s packaging.
  • Don’t compromise on logo branding. Vapes are a highly sensitive product that people inhale daily. Due to its extensive use case, customers are always conscious of the brand and e-juice flavour that they are getting. Therefore put your logo at the front and make your brand unique so that customers can trust your quality.
  • OXO Packaging manufactures vape packaging boxes on which we will paint your brain. Just let us know about your customization requirements. We will love to prepare a vape box that perfectly fulfils all your packaging needs.

Vape Cartridge Boxes are Product Protective

A packaging material that is not product protection is of no use. In fact, if you use a fragile packaging material, then no one will purchase your product. This is because of the weak raw material that you are using. Therefore, packaging material to apply customization tools is perfect for providing enough protection to your product. Vapes come with a battery in them. If you place them in weak boxes, your product may damage while shipping.

A perfect packaging raw material that you can use to provide maximum protection to a product is Kraft. OXO Packaging manufactures Vape Cartridge Boxes by using cardboard with maximum corrugation layers. Corrugation multiplies the strength of a box and helps it to withstand maximum environmental and shipping pressures. You can send vapes across the gloss by opting for our Vape packaging solutions. These boxes will ensure maximum protection to the sensitive products by all means.

Custom Vape Packaging is Remarkably Economical

Affordability needs to be considered correctly while designing a packaging box. If you provide packaging solutions like OXO Packaging, don’t miss wholesale deals. Wholesale deals are the right deals. In such deals, you can reduce the price per piece of a box which is not a bad economic deal. THC vape packaging wholesale deals are cost-effective. 

Customers can save a lot of money by choosing such deals, and they will definitely return to buy more. Even OXO Packaging wholesale deals are remarkably cheap. There are dozens of wholesale deals related to custom vape packaging that you can avail of and get a quality product at your doorstep.

Don’t Miss our Custom Vape Display Boxes.

We live in a world where most of our purchasing decisions are unintentional. Sometimes customers don’t make up their mind about purchasing something. But when you display them in an eye-catching and appealing way, customers fall in love with such products. It is, in fact, the beauty of an attractive packaging solution that people should fall in love with your product.

In the case of vape and related products, you can choose Vape Display Boxes to increase the beauty of your counter. If you use display boxes and place vapes in them appealingly, customers will definitely purchase. A custom vape display box can be your marketing agent; therefore, don’t miss the branding opportunities they bring.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

All of our packaging solutions are eco-friendly. OXO packaging's commitment to achieving sustainable development goals is at the top. Therefore we use materials that leave no impact on the environment. 

Kraft is a highly beneficial eco-friendly material, especially because you can recycle it easily. Moreover, if you want to throw the box, don’t worry about the waste. This is because all of our packaging solutions are compostable. These custom vape packaging boxes will turn into compost in a few weeks. Therefore they are the perfect packaging options out there.

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If you have any queries related to custom vape packaging, please contact OXO Packaging. We provide free design ideas and charge nothing for delivery across the United States. You can send us an email at or call at (510) 500 9533.

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