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Custom Decorative Mailer Boxes

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Custom Colored Mailer Boxes

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Custom Mailer Boxes Wholesale

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Custom Monthly Subscription Boxes

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Custom Corrugated Logo Shipping Boxes

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Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes

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Why send plain boxes to your customers when you can wow them with custom mailer boxes?

Custom mailer boxes are extremely popular these days of online commerce. You can reach your customers in a new way with these handy and grand looking custom mailer boxes that come in all shapes and sizes. You can use these mailer boxes to offer your customers monthly subscriptions of your routine products or simply use them to WOW your customers on the first try. They are very good for making impressive first impressions especially when you are an online e-commerce store operation. Because for the vendors of e-commerce businesses there are many opportunities to showcase their products in real-world, these custom mailer boxes can be their way to ensure the patrons of their professionalism and originality.

Bring Your Brand to a Vibrant Life with Colorful Customized Mailer Boxes

These exclusive looking custom mailer boxes are not only available in their original all-natural brown color but also in all other colors of your choice. You can coordinate the theme colors of your brand in the design of your mailer boxes to extend your brand recognition beyond borders. Many brands have used these beautifully printed mailer boxes to promote their ethnicities, cultures as well as their product. How could that work you may ask? The answer is that people love a good unwrapping experience as much as they anticipate to use the product inside. When people get these mailer boxes unexpectedly, they feel as if they received a present. So if your mailer box also looks like a beautiful gift box, your customers are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness and the effort.

Mono-color Custom Mailer Boxes for Sophisticated Brands

There are some brands whose theme is more impressive in single color tones, and for those brands, we offer single colored mailer boxes with logo embossed in spot UV technique. We promise you that your customers won’t be able to help but be pleased with these impressionable, simple and unique looking custom mailer boxes. Target demographic is also a related element when you are designing your mailer box as women tend to like the floral, colorful patterns while gents appreciate no-nonsense, simple, straightforward boxes.

OXO Packaging – Your Partner for the Finest Mailer Boxes Manufacturing

At OXO Packaging, we produce the finest range of mailer boxes for our clients and their customers. Our experts will stop at nothing but the best box manufacturing process and materials to deliver the best quality services. The very stock material used for these boxes comes from handpicked stock sheets. The material of these custom mailer boxes varies based on the client's preference and nature of the product itself. Lightweight products can be placed in kraft mailer boxes while for weightier products we use corrugated cardboard materials. Custom designed inserts can also be created for products that are fragile or those which are to be sent in numbers. All you need is to tell us what kind of box you are looking for and team OXO can have it ready for your product in no time at all.

Sleek Design of Ear-Lock Mailer Boxes Winning Over Customers World-Wide

One of the best features of these mailers is its self-locking mechanism. You don't tape them together. You just tuck in the ends (ears) of the box and the product inside is secure. This feature makes this container popular in people as well as brands because these boxes are reusable for more than one reason. They can be customized for multiple uses without losing their efficiency and safekeeping.

How to Order Custom Mailer Boxes?

It’s easy. You reach out to us here: sales@oxopackaging.com

You decide the size, graphics, and layout of the box. Our experts will be assisted you throughout to achieve the best results. You can request samples and mockups to ascertain the quality of the materials and the feel of the boxes. What's more, we offer value-added features to convert our customers into our fans.

  • Standard & Custom Sizes Available 
  • Die cut custom mailer boxes Available 
  • Tailored Insets to suit your products 
  • Fast turnaround time, Within 6 Business Days 
  • Free shipment all across the USA

Get Custom Corrugated Mailer Boxes with logo with us and enjoy a envoirnment friendly boxes with cheap rates.


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