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Custom Retail Boxes: Reliable for Qualitative Packaging of any Product

The importance of retail packaging in communicating a brand's vision is increasing. Throughout the world, custom retail boxes are famous in the packaging industry because you can display products beautifully through such boxes. Due to the high tensile strength of materials such as Kraft cardstock, there is a growing trend of retail boxes wholesale for various products in multiple designs. Besides spreading your brand's vision, one can also use a retail box to enhance to provide maximum protection to their product. Products that rely on retail packaging are usually displayed in stores for a long time. Therefore, they are open to dust and odd environmental conditions. The main benefit of using such boxes is that one can protect the product with highly protective material and do branding at the same time.

OXO Packaging is a leading name for the qualitative manufacturing of retail packaging boxes. We use highly sustainable and rigid Kraft material to manufacture these custom printed retail boxes. You can use these boxes for the qualitative packaging of groceries, cosmetics, bakeries, electronics, and many other products. The key benefits of custom retail boxes with logo are explained below.

Diverse Packaging Options in Custom Retail Packaging Boxes

Unlike old packaging solutions, boxes that fall into the category of the retail packaging can be used for the encasing of various products. Moreover, you can customize such boxes according to the size and dimensions of your product to increase the beauty of the package. For example, custom retail accessories boxes are different from the one for custom pet boxes. In both these cases, you can prepare a box for these products and customize them easily without thinking that your box will look odd, dull, or unattractive.

  • It is, in fact, the diverse product range that makes custom printed retail packaging famous.
  • There is no need to stick to one design or style; choose whatever style you want and create a stunning packaging look for your product through retail packaging supplies.
  • Beat your competitors by printing customized retail packaging wholesale for your product. These boxes make a product's outlook better and can earn you high sales.

Retail Packaging Boxes and Design Customization

Customization is something that keeps the modern packaging industry alive. You can paint all your design, printing, and size requirements at the front of a box by using customization tools. You can even attract customers towards your brand because customers just fall in love with such retail boxes. Luckily, the wholesale, retail packaging boxes are highly welcoming to customization tools.

Here at OXO Packaging, we provide on-demand customized retail boxes i.e, Business Card Boxes. All you have to do is just let us know about your printing requirements, design and box dimensions that you want. By using high-quality 3D printing technology, we will paint your mind on these boxes and ship them timely to your doorstep.

  • Don't miss the window customization design in custom toy boxes. Surprise your kids by giving them unique toys displayed in window boxes. These boxes will give your kids a sneak peek of the product, and they will fall in love with your gift instantly.
  • Suppose you want hanger boxes for products related to electronic accessories. In that case, our custom mobile charger boxes are your correct answer. Apart from mobile chargers, you can also box for other electronic products from OXO Packaging.

Lamination that Outshines Wholesale Retail Boxes

Lamination is vital for giving a unique shine to a box's front. By applying lamination, you can increase the beauty of a box and make it appealing to customers' eyes. OXO Packaging uses eco-friendly gloss and matte lamination in our packaging processes. We apply matte lamination on wholesale, retail boxes to enhance their softness and provide a velvet-like touch.

Similarly, the gloss lamination is no less. Nowadays, logo branding is vital, especially if you want to beat your customers in sales. Therefore don't let your brand logo look dull and odd, and always choose gloss lamination. Gloss increases the shine of a box to make it appear new and transparent, which is good to lure customers from the far ends of a store.

Saving Environment: Our top Priority

Taking an active part in the environment has always been a core vision of OXO Packaging. Therefore, we apply eco-friendly approaches in making your packaging boxes. The materials that we use are Kraft and cardboard. You can even reuse these boxes as the material is not weak enough to change shape. 

Similarly, Kraft is also compostable. If you throw such boxes after using them, they will not remain in the soil for a long time; instead, the box will completely degrade in a few weeks. Therefore OXO Packaging is taking full responsibility for reducing the carbon footprint of your purchase.

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If you have any queries related to Custom Printed Boxes for any product, please contact OXO Packaging. Email us at sales@oxopackaging.com or call at (510) 500 9533. We provide free design ideas for your product's packaging and charge nothing for delivery across the United States.


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