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Custom Jewelry Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Jewelry is a Piece of Art then why not it's Packaging?

OXO Packaging creates high-quality, Custom Jewelry Boxes for Jewelry makers, traders, and retailers. Whether its jewelry or other wearing gold items, Oxo packaging is available to deliver you an amazing Kraft Boxes packaging. The jewelry packaging boxes are the best to present your product to your customer as it helps you to promote your brand as well as present it in the most presentable way! The custom jewelry packaging is one of the best things you will see in the market these days. Hence people are getting more aware of the presentable packaging and making it their first priority!

Bringing your Brand into Limelight by using Custom Jewelry Packaging!

For over many decades, OXO Packaging Company has been producing and distributing a variety of unique and high-quality Custom Jewelry Boxes, Jewelry Displays, and other Kraft Packaging to its valued customers. We keep on developing and updating packaging designs and concepts to keep up with the latest trends in our customer's predilections and requests. OXO Packaging is a leading supplier of the jewelry Kraft packaging in the whole industry. So if you want to get the jewelry boxes wholesale then OXO Packaging should be the first and final selection!

Our Aim – Splendid Custom Jewelry Boxes and the Happiness of Customers!

Our main target group consists of jeweler shops and jeweler manufacturers all around the US. Our packaging’s variety includes, amongst others, Jewelry Kraft Boxes and custom Jewelry Window Boxes or Custom Cardboard Jewelry Boxes. Our stock is held in one huge warehouse for producing recyclable custom boxes and we carry millions of recycled boxes and carrier bags in stock at all times. We are a one-stop biodegradable packaging shop and provide for retailers, traders, corporate gifts and events, weddings, and anyone else who needs packaging.

Do not Waste your Time – Make the OXO Packaging your Packaging Partner!

Bulk discounts apply to most products, so please select the separate products for full details. For help in selecting your packaging, we have put together some strategies which can be viewed by clicking here or available in our footer below. Get discounted custom high-end effects, free delivery, design, and zero order limit from Oxo packaging.

The non-collapsible material, beautiful shapes, and precise color printing are a few qualities that are a must-have for jewelry accessory boxes from Oxo Packaging. There is no smallest order, and feel free to blend and match the different orders of box packaging from OXO Packaging.

The Custom Earring Boxes are Winning Heart in the whole USA!

The custom earing boxes are the most liked product from the custom jewelry boxes. The females of the United States of America love to buy anything which is presented in the best way! They definitely go for the design of the jewelry but they would not forget about the presentable jewelry packaging boxes in which they will carry those beautiful earing or any gold accessories. The OXO Packaging is one the finest manufacturer of Custom Jewelry Boxes Wholesale.

We are best in Jewelry Boxes Wholesale as we have many people out there to give order for these boxes. The Custom Earring Boxes are one of the hot favorite boxes in the whole USA hence clients give us many orders for this product. We also make Custom Gift Boxes, Custom Ring Boxes, and Custom Cardboard Boxes these all our favorite. You should reach us to get your best jewelry boxes no matter if it’s artificial or real we deal with everything! We make these boxes for diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and artificial too! So it would be great if you get your Wholesale Jewelry Boxes now!


Want to Place your Order for Jewelry Packaging?

We know you might be thinking to contact us right? You think we can fulfill your demands and expectations right? Yes, we are ready to do that! We are always welcoming to our valued customers and never let them go disappointed! You can reach us by dialing up this number (510) 500 9533 or you can also reach us by emailing at sales@oxopackaging.com or you can also see the chat support on the right side of the website. We are also available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Do not forget to join us there to keep yourself updated about the new promotions, offers, and packages!

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