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Custom Window Boxes

custom f flute pizza window box custom f flute pizza window boxes

Custom F-flute Pizza Window Boxes

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custom disposable window box custom disposable window boxes

Custom Disposable Window Boxes

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custom handle window box custom handle window boxes

Custom Handle Window Boxes

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custom accessories window box custom accessories window boxes

Custom Accessories Window Boxes

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custom gift window box custom gift window boxes

Custom Gift Window Boxes

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die cut window boxes die cut window box

Custom Window Die Cut Boxes

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die cut window insert boxes die cut window insert box

Custom Window Die Cut Insert Boxes

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hair extension window boxes hair extension window box

Window Hair Extension Boxes

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chocolate window gift boxes chocolate window gift box

Custom Window Chocolate Boxes

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Dessert window Box Dessert window Boxes

Custom Window Dessert Boxes

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custom bakery window boxes custom bakery window box

Custom Window Bakery Boxes

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custom window soap boxes custom soap window boxes

Custom Window Soap Boxes

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window box window boxes 1

New Window Boxes

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Window Corrugated Window_Corrugated

Custom Window Corrugated Boxes

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tie_box tie_boxes

Custom Window Tie Boxes

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Window Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Tempt the Customers with a Tantalizing Peek; Use Custom Window Boxes to Showcase Your Product in A Secure Way

Pictures on the cardboard boxes can tell a customer many things. It can tell you what a product look likes, the colors and the effect of a product which in some cases is enough to persuade customers to purchase the said product, but not always.

Oft times a person wants to hold the product in the hand to be able to make up his or her mind about the product. As a manufacturer, you can’t allow people to touch your product however they please for obvious reasons. The next best thing you CAN offer to make the customer happy is to allow them to peek inside the product. How? With custom window boxes of course. Customers can see the product inside the box without posing a direct threat so it’s a mutual win-win situation.

A custom window box, crafted from the fine quality material can present your product in its most flattering form. Also, these boxes can attract customers with a glimpse because of this, not a picture that they can ignore but a solid object that has a more powerful impact. Don’t believe us? Recall your visit to a toy store as a child. How many times you begged your parents for a new toy that just looked way too amazing sitting on the shelf in a custom window box where you can see it but not touch it? Too many times to count, right? custom window boxes is a packaging strategy that’s always successful in toy industry but you can use it in other products as well. And believe us, if done right people WILL buy your product.

At OXO Packaging we can create the highest quality cardboard window boxes. You can pick your own stock material as well. We at OXO, are all about customization because nothing presents your product better than a box that’s tailor-made for it. We also assure you that our graphics and design experts can create the perfect design that will add to the lure of your product and make the customer want to purchase them. Our durable packaging services can keep your product secure until the end customer unwraps them. The box library we offer have designs that can display your products in any number of flattering scenarios or we can recreate your idea into a box.

Want to know how it all can begin? It all starts with you requesting a personalized quote at: [email protected]. We will reach back with the most affordable price for your orders that you’ve ever heard.

OXO packaging is offering custom window boxes made from superior Cardboard materials to encase your product with style.  You can specify any sizes or style to showcase your product in exclusive window boxes to tempt your customers into the purchase.