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Custom Unique Bottles Necker Custom Printed Unique Bottles Necker

Custom Unique Bottle Neckers

Custom High Quality Bottles Necker Printed High Quality Bottles Necker

Custom High Quality Bottles Necker

Custom Printed Juice Bottle Necker Custom Juice Bottle Necker

Custom Juice Bottle Neckers

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Bottle Neckers

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Indicate Brand Excellence with Custom Bottle Neckers

You can find a wide assortment of custom bottle Neckers in the market. No matter if you need it for your juice bottle, champagne or wine bottle, CBD liquid bottles, or anything else. Availability in multiple designs, prints, styles, shapes, and color schemes makes it a superb option. To make your bottle stand out, you need stylish, informative, and high-end quality bottle tags. And to make a reasonable tag, you need to focus on certain factors such as ingredients, quality, logo, color, and size.

Being a promotional tool, consider this Custom Unique Bottles Necker an effective way to communicate with your customers. Ensure the buyers that they will never get this level of quality from any other brand. Find a feasible and creative way to activate their senses. It can be a unique color, pleasing shape, or unusual pattern. Advertising your juices and wines continually is a sure-fire way to persist in this competitive period. A custom bottle Necker is produced using top-quality material: cardboard, paperboard, Rigid, or Kraft. The best part about the bottle Neckers is that they look trendy and exceptional when it comes to endorsing products. Choose what suits you better! At OXO Packaging, contemporary techniques and the latest equipment are used. We have a skilled team of quality assurance experts who thoroughly monitor manufacturing procedures. Provide our team with the sample and detailed specifications. Sit back and wait for our designers to create a masterpiece.

Importance of Custom Printed Bottle Neckers in Marketing

Yes, it would not be totally wrong to say that a personalized bottle necker is made keeping the purpose of marketing and promotion in mind. They certainly give you a competitive edge in the long run. Along with bringing a new, refreshed, extravagant look to your bottle, it serves the purpose of enhancing your brand’s exposure. You can have inventory barcodes, QR codes, or pieces of important brand or product information imprinted on your Juice Bottle Neckers. In short, they can be of massive importance in promo activities!

Talking about the marketing, custom-made bottle neckers play a vital role in conveying info related to Coupons, Special discounted, Branding Reinforcement, mentioning Advertising Pricing, Limited Time Proposals, launching a Product, presenting clients the ways to Use the product, Advertising of Time-Saving Paybacks, informing the customer with New Packing, and voicing the profits of the product.


Some Different Types are of Custom Unique Bottles Necker

  • J-hook Bottle Neckers – vital source for advertising products
  • Plastic Coated Bottle Neckers – valuable enough to be gifted to leave an unforgettable impression on their minds
  • Cardboard Bottle neckers – Available in extraordinary styles, shapes, brilliant colors, and appropriate sizes as per the nature of bottle with unparalleled strength and durability
  • Flat-Top Style – Absolutely a masterpiece and solely designed to complement ultra-thick bottle necker style.
  • Roundtop style – It appears unique and feels pleasant to the eyes, especially if personalized with its logo through excellent digital printing techniques.
  • Oval or Ribbo Top Style – Most innovative option to pick in place of typical round top style
  • Custom Foil-Stamped Bottle Neckers – For a glamorous and luxurious touch to entice the customers
  • Die-Cut Bottle Neckers – 2D style to go all bold and different with
  • Collar and Cone Bottle Neckers – 3D conically shaped tags to ring attraction
  • String-Tied Bottle Neckers – Ideal for glass and plastic bottles regardless of the size and shape

Economical choice

If you think custom bottle neckers are expensive, then you are highly mistaken. One of the most significant advantages of choosing these High Quality Bottles Neckers is that they won’t make your pocket feel heavy. Custom printed bottle neckers are economical as they are usually crafted with eco-friendly that come cheap. It is easily affordable by even small-scale companies. Different varieties have different prices.

Make Use of Color Psychology

It is high time you start understanding the importance of using the right colors. Color schemes of Bottle Neckers Wholesale tend to have a powerful influence on buying decisions as they can play with human emotions. To facilitate the customer purchasing behavior, you need to trigger happy emotions through striking and suitable color picks. For instance:

  • Green represents relaxation, reflects nature, and radiates peacefulness
  • Light Yellow shows optimism and spontaneity and can increase hunger
  • Purple plays a role in boosting prestige and sensitivity along with giving a sense of security
  • Light Blue is directly related to spirituality, calmness, and comfort
  • Red is vibrant, giving warmth, bold energy, and sometimes used as a sign of danger

For the eco-friendly production of hang tags, bottle neckers or packaging boxes, contact us sales@oxopackaging.com or at (510) 500 9533. We are available for assistance 24/7 and address the queries of the clients.


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