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4 Tactics to design attention-grabbing Custom Cannabis Boxes

 2021-05-03 12:06:02

4 Tactics to design attention-grabbing Custom Cannabis Boxes

A compelling cannabis packaging box design sets the products apart from the rest and assists in surpassing the competitors. No matter which product a business is offering, the box requires speaking to the prospects as it can sell. It is incumbent to spend time considering essential aspects of packaging design that contribute to turning the simple stuff into eye-catching. It includes the packaging material, lamination option, statement font and exceptional features. The creatively seducing design and outlook of the box assists pump up the sales. So, let’s discuss the designing tactics for encasing the product in attention-grabbing Custom Cannabis Boxes:

Recyclable stuff for cannabis box packaging

The material utilized for creating boxes for cannabis is basic as it not only allows space for imprinting the visuals or statement for communicating with the prospects but also keeps the valuable safe inside. Sturdiness of the packaging is decided by the stuff used for manufacturing it and recyclable material keeps the environment free of waste and toxins. Here are the durable and eco-friendly stuff for encasing the products containing cannabis:

  • Kraft packaging boxes:

Custom Kraft Boxes are made up of Kraft Material whic is a brownish-colored packaging stuff that is eco-friendly and it enables imprinting different colors to make the custom cannabis boxes outstanding. It is the best selection for wrapping the product because it doesn’t produce waste material and never leaves residue. It is hard enough to bear the product’s weight and keeps it undamaged until it is unboxed.

  • Cardboard packaging boxes:

The best quality of cardboard stuff is that it doesn’t lose durability even when it is recycled and it is fully biodegradable. It doesn’t leave waste material that can pollute the earth. The energy is saved while cardboard recycling which is great and makes it a good choice for encasing the items.

  • Rigid packaging boxes:

Rigid stuff is a presentable and eco-friendly solution of wrapping the cannabis products with grace. The item often comes in a glass container which requires extra protection and rigid material serves well in enhancing the safety. The stuff allows getting the logo embossed or get the packaging laminated which improves the elegance and makes the product praiseworthy.

  • Corrugated packaging boxes:

The corrugated stuff is strong as it contains layers for the protection of the product. It comes with the strength and it is lightweight, it doesn’t have negative environmental impacts. It ensures maximum safety and helps in retaining the customers by providing unscratched products.

Readable creative font style for Cannabis Boxes Packaging

Prospects are persuaded to make the purchase when they know the necessary details of the product such as the qualities and warnings of usage. It is necessary to state the features of the valuable in a readable way as it helps in disseminating the required information in a persuasive manner. Name of the brand, benefits of the product and warnings along with other mandatory instructions must be imprinted in the creative but hassle-free to read font.

There are numerous fonts that appear stylish while staying readable for the potential buyers. There is no strict rule of printing the details in a serious tone and font style, it can be creative and innovative. But it must be easy to read for getting the desired information which helps in converting the prospects into the regular buyers.

Excellent features in Cannabis Boxes Wholesale

The packaging must appear splendid through outlook and unique as well as the competition is too high. The company requires to focus on the product wrapping and contributing to the innovative features for giving out of the world look and making the customer experience exceptional.

The artwork on the cannabis boxes wholesale adds to the creativity and turns the appearance marvelous as it contains colors that look great to the eyes. There are various options and ideas which makes the look noteworthy, a few great are as follows:

  • Die-Cutting

It is a cut in stylish shape which is creative and covered with transparent film. The cuts can be small or big, they allow having a look at the product. It is great to create an influential impact and shows the care of the manufacturer as it clearly displays the hard work of the company producing it.

  • Embossing & Debossing

The logo is the unique mark of the company which is associated with it and it helps in creating company recognition. The customers quickly get the idea of the manufacturer by viewing the logo. Embossing or debossing makes the logo appear prominently and it carves the image in the mind of the customers.

  • Window on box

Window on the box is a clever way to display the product for enhancing the confidence level of buyers. The prospects feel valued and get to see the quality of the product through its container. The packaging looks really amazing when the container colors are added to the hues printed on the custom cannabis boxes.

  • Foiling

It is a great option to get the Rigid boxes decorated, it can be silver or golden. It doesn’t fade and keeps the packaging giving a fabulous look. It is an outstanding option to add creativity and it makes the product give attention-grabbing appearance on the shelf.

  • Spot UV 

It works really well in highlighting a specific part of the box, it makes the logo or name of the company attract with shine. The half shiny and half matte design looks outstanding, it is an eye-catching varnish that adds an impressive influential look.

Lamination to finalize outlook of packaging

Lamination finalizes the appearance of cannabis boxes packaging and also acts as a protective layer. It adds to the sturdiness of the boxes, it comes in 2 finishes:

  • Glossy lamination

The glossy lamination provides an appealing luminous finish, it also makes the skin feel smooth. It makes the product shine bright on the shelf and it attracts the eyes of the potential purchasers which is the first step to sell the item. The product glares in light and catches the eye-balls towards the item.

  • Matte lamination

Matte lamination gives a decent finish and doesn’t reflect light, it is the high-end and sophisticated finish that looks sober. The coating assists in preventing a harsh glare when placed in the light, it gives an elegant appearance to the product. It is the perfect choice when the color combination imprinted on the packaging is sober or subtle.

OXO Packaging takes pride in crafting creative Cannabis Boxes Packaging affordable by the business of all sizes. The expert staff is hired under the roof of the company to research the market and think outside the box to create impressively innovative boxes. The unusually designed packaging makes the product appear valuable and eye-catching. The professionals strive to produce unique Custom Product boxes that make the company stand out in the crowd and on the shelf among the competitors.

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