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Custom Mylar Bags For Secure Packaging

Custom mylar bags are tailored packaging bags used to pack various products. Being flexible, their shapes and sizes can be customized according to your needs. Custom printing is also a viable option for businesses in these bags. At OXO Packaging, we take good care of clients’ requirements. Therefore, we offer tailored mylar packaging with a variety of features. Some standard features include secure closure and a sturdy structure for sufficient product protection.

If you sell susceptible products, such as food items, you must use mylar packaging bags for your product packaging. They offer multiple benefits to your business while keeping your products secure for a long time. OXO Packaging offers customized Mylar packaging bags at the lowest prices. Order our mylar bags wholesale now for extra cost savings and free shipping across the US.

Where Can I Use Custom Mylar Bags?

The right use of packaging is a matter of prime importance for business owners. Therefore, knowing where to use our Personalized mylar bags is important for businesses. Our packages are not restricted to be used in one or two industries. They have a wide range of advantages, and you can comfortably store your products in them. Here, we have discussed some common industries in which our custom mylar bags with logo are commonly used.

Customized Mylar Bags for Food Packaging

Food items can go stale pretty quickly. Keeping them secure takes more than plain paper bags. Custom mylar bags may just do the trick here. These bags offer a secure closure to pack your food items for longer periods of time. If you sell products like wheat flour, grains, rice, or anything similar, mylar packaging bags are the right choice. Mylar packaging bags keep moisture, heat, and light out, allowing them to keep food items fresh for a long time. Also, using a resealable mylar bag allows your customers to take out the quantities they need and repack the bag for later use. Edible Mylar packaging bags are the ultimate choice for all your food packaging needs.

Custom Printed Mylar Bags for Cannabis Storage

Custom printed mylar packaging bags are an excellent choice when packing cannabis items. Whether hemp flower or any other cannabis product, you can use these packaging bags to secure your product. The primary benefit of using Personalized printed mylar bags for CBD packaging is its child-resistant feature. These bags are resealable and cannot be opened by children. This feature can be a selling point for your cannibal custom mylar bags.

How Our Mylar Packaging Bags Are Different

In the US market, you may find many manufacturers of customized packaging. Why should you choose our mylar packaging bags over the competition? Well, there are a few very great reasons for this. 

Complete Customization Support

The first reason for you to choose our customized packaging over others is the customization support that we offer. You can get your custom mylar bags personalized according to your exact requirements. With extensive experience in the market, we know how to create packaging that sets your product apart. So you can count on us for well-customized packaging bags.

High-Quality Materials

Another feature that sets our packaging bags apart from the competition is that we only use premium-grade material. The quality of your bags depends a lot on the quality of the material used. That is why we use the finest mylar material to make these bags to offer a sturdy shelf display.

Smell-Proof Mylar Bags

The problem with packaging hemp products is that you need a way to eliminate the smell. Our mylar packaging bags can keep the smell inside with a secure closure. These Smell proof Mylar bags are constructed to keep the inside product secure from outside factors while keeping the smell inside.

Child-Resistant Closure

Our custom mylar bags are constructed with a secure closure. They are child-resistant to protect minors from accessing the contents of the bag. This is helpful when you pack hemp products inside the bags.

Variety Of Styles To Choose From

Another exciting feature that sets us apart is the variety of styles we offer for these packaging bags. You can choose from flat-bottom mylar packaging bags, gusset bags, or even stand-up mylar pouches for an impressive shelf display. No matter what style you want, we can help. And even if you have a personalized style idea, we can also create it for you.

Invest In Our Customized Mylar Bags

With all our exciting features, OXO Packaging is the perfect choice for custom mylar bags. Our competitive prices and free US shipping make us the preferred choice for manufacturers across the US. And along with that, we also offer additional benefits, including;

  • Free Design Consultation
  • No Die Or Plate Charges
  • Active Customer Support Team
  • Premium Printing And Finishing Services
  • Very Low Minimum Order Quantity
  • Fastest Turnaround Time

And much more. Also, the cherry on top is our mylar bags wholesale prices. So why wait any longer when you can start right now? Reach out to us with your packaging requirements and let us get back to you with a free quote on our pricing and turnaround time. Let’s create the perfect mylar packaging bags for your product needs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are custom Mylar bags?
Custom mylar bags are personalized, airtight pouches often used for packaging, preserving freshness, and branding various products.

How thick should Mylar bags be for long-term storage?
The most appropriate thickness for durable mylar packaging is 5 to 7.5 mil. It is recommended to avoid prolonged food storage if the thickness is less than 4.5 mil.

Why should I use Mylar packaging bags for food items?
Mylar packaging bags preserve food freshness, extend shelf life, and safeguard against contaminants. Moreover, it blocks light and oxygen, ensuring product quality.

What is the advantage of using custom printed Mylar bags for cannabis storage?
Custom printed Mylar bags for cannabis storage offer discreetness, light resistance, and airtight seals. It also promotes branding opportunities for your business.

Do you offer front and back printing for custom printed mylar bags?
Certainly! We offer comprehensive printing options for front, bottom, and back printing. We ensure professional printing if you want artwork, product information, or logos on these bags.

Can OXO Packaging create a unique mylar bag design for me?
Indeed! OXO Packaging will be pleased to help you design your desirable mylar bags. After placing the order, our team will access you. You can comfortably avail of our free design support. We strive for your custom mylar bags to illuminate your brand's identity.


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Custom mylar bags are different in many ways. These bags can give the product packaging a stylish look. This packaging can provide several benefits to the users by sealing, resealing, and space-saving options. These bags provide multiple options to customize in shape, style, size, and color. You can give this packaging a personalized look with a graphical presentation of your brand.

Unlike other box measurements, the dimensions of pouches are measured by the length, width, and gusset of the pouches. So, we can find the measurements of the pouches as length x width x gusset. Choosing the right dimensions is important to ensure your products look amazing.

Yes, we do meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Certified Child Resistant Packaging Requirements. We follow the guidelines of the said commission to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. In case the products are dangerous and need protective measures to be taken, we take care of them by using the protocols available in CPSC by CRP.

In making the mylar boxes, we take into account the film structures. This includes the outer layers of films and glue layers to make it protective for the content packaged.

Yes. We follow the custom mylar packaging US safety standards and the required certifications. Our team of compliance experts stays updated with the latest trends to ensure that our packaging offerings are in accordance with the legal requirements.

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