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We provides you the best packaging solutions with customized printed box service, which matches your industry and product specific needs. Get high quality custom boxes with logo with a flexible and simple packaging process.

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Customize Size and Shape

We create what you want,
therefore you have complete freedom over the size and shape of your boxes.

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we’re only offering exquisite custom boxes made up of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

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we employ digital and inkjet printing, and this makes us different.

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Limitless customization features to make a statement with your spectacular boxes.

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Get Your Custom Boxes with Logo for Every Product at Wholesale Rate

OXO Packaging is a USA- based manufacturers' hub for producing all sorts of Custom Boxes in exquisite style. Your products will no longer have to be wrapped in standard boring boxes. We can create personalized subscription boxes in all sizes and classes according to clients' requirements and product specifications. Our printing experts and graphic designers have the skillset to develop the perfect aesthetics to design and produce Custom Boxes with Logo in a most flattering manner. As a gesture of good faith, we don't even charge clients for design customization. So you can come freely and get hassle-free services.

It would be worthwhile for you to experience the best benefits in the market in the USA. You can also Get Pillow Boxes & Custom Cosmetic Boxes with plain and printed designs, all of which come with a logo printed with high-quality printing technologies. Besides the Custom Boxes with Logo, our custom-printed boxes are also the market leaders regarding the safety and protection they provide to the encased product. Much of it is because of the characteristics of raw materials, i.e., cardboard, that, besides its affordability, is highly product protective. 

Custom Product Boxes Increase the Value of a Product

People only think of packaging as a simple utility to place the product inside. When they think of it this way, they eventually undermine the essential aspects of Custom Packaging. When a product is placed inside a custom box, the role of the packaging starts. Through the package, customers become able to recognize the product; they can also read the ingredient details. Above all, the beautiful design of the box tells customers that the product encased inside is also valuable. 

Imagine a product placed inside two different packaging boxes. One is a simple box with no printing, designing, or custom sizing, while the other is a Custom Printed Packaging box. What do you think will be well-liked by people? The latter one! That is why Custom Boxes with Logo increase the value and importance of a product. 

Custom Packaging Cover Numerous Industries

The most profound benefit of Custom Boxes is that you can get these boxes for a wide range of products. Custom packaging covers multiple industries. You can have custom boxes for grocery, cosmetics, jewelry, CBD, and retail industry products. The common types of custom packaging boxes that are widely common in the United States for some industries are listed below:

  • Custom CBD Boxes
  • Custom Jewellery Boxes
  • Custom Soap Packaging Boxes
  • Custom Vape Boxes
  • Custom Cigarette Boxes
  • Custom Display Boxes
  • Custom Cosmetic Boxes
  • Custom Cereal Boxes
  • Custom Bakery Boxes
  • Custom Burger Boxes
  • Custom Marijuana Packaging
  • Custom Ring Boxes

Attractive Custom Boxes Styles for Every Product

The one thing that makes custom packaging popular is the style it has to offer. The wide range of styles and attractive packaging templates make such packaging a need for every business rather than merely a choice. In the modern world, astonishingly crafted and well-designed custom packaging boxes have the influential power to pave your business's way towards remarkable growth. You can customize your boxes in styles, designs, and patterns that suit the broader goals of your brand and product. You can also select the color scheme you want on your boxes. This can be vibrant, colorful, dark, and illustrative.

  • Premium Quality Material for Custom Printed Boxes

There are various options regarding the packaging material that the market offers. However, getting the best deal is always a time taking process. Especially when you want to design custom packaging boxes, the material must be high-grade and protective. These materials are primarily Kraft paper, cardboard, corrugated material, and Rigid stock material. 

OXO Packaging uses top-quality packaging material to make Custom Boxes Packaging Wholesale long-lasting and attractive. Every packaging material is used for a particular purpose, and the nature of the product tells us which material will suit best for its packaging. 

  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Kraft Paper Boxes

The custom boxes made from eco-friendly Kraft paper are the least costly than other packaging boxes. Kraft is a biodegradable natural material. It can be extracted from wood pulp. Using this material for making unique custom boxes helps protect the environment. However, some products do not fit in the Kraft boxes. It is because of its lightweight nature, but that does not mean that a Kraft Boxes are less sturdy. 

  • Smoothly Printed Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes are the right pick if you want to perfectly display your product. These boxes are made with a higher quantity of smooth cardboard. Cardboard is a smooth material with a surface that can easily be printed. Cardboard boxes can be well printed by offset and digital printing. Print Printing consists of four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These colors give digitally printed images on the custom cardboard boxes.

Additionally, the tensile strength of cardboard is high, and cardboard is a material with high tear resistance capacity. The majority of the Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo that we supply contain cardboard. The top-notch quality, resilience, and smoothness of cardboard enable diverse businesses to use custom packaging boxes, custom product boxes, and cardboard boxes with logo made entirely of cardboard.

  • Rigid Stock Material for Exclusive Packaging

Another prominent material type in enticing custom boxes is rigid stock. When compared with other packaging materials, the rigid stock is expensive. This is why Rigid Boxes are used for delicate, expensive, and luxurious products such as watches, jewelry, and rings. There are numerous custom printing options in rigid packaging boxes.

You can print your rigid boxes with offset, digital, or other technology. But this does not stop here. Without matte and gloss lamination, the classic characteristics of rigid packaging remain undiscovered. Therefore, OXO Packaging provides custom small rigid and large rigid boxes with high-quality personalization providing maximum opportunities to brand your product the way one wants.

  • Custom Corrugated Boxes for Safe and Sound Delivery

Custom corrugated boxes are made from thick paperboard sheets with grooves inside. These grooves between the sheets make the corrugated boxes highly resistant to chipping and environmental damage. Corrugated material is primarily thick cardboard that can withstand conditions as intense as high pressure, temperature and moisture. 

Custom cardboard boxes are also ideal for the shipment of heavy-weight products. OXO Packaging brings custom cardboard packaging with custom sizing and styling, using which you can ensure that your product delivers safely at the consumer end. Additionally, suppose you want to reinvent your packaging styles with modern innovative printing technologies. In that case, you can get all that from OXO Packaging at discounted pricing and with the best material choice.  

Unique and Appealing Custom Packaging Boxes Templates

The packaging needs vary from brand to brand. Some brands require small wholesale boxes with logo, while some supply products that depend on large custom boxes. This implies that custom sizing in packaging is essential for any product's branding and long-lasting impression. Custom sizing not only helps protect with sturdiness but also adds to the branding features of the product itself. 

OXO Packaging offers a wide range of custom packaging styles using which they can boost their business. Branding becomes easy with this packaging because bespoke packaging boxes are designed according to the characteristics of the products placed inside. The most prominent and eye-catching styles, patterns, and templates that you can get from OXO Packaging are listed below:

  • Custom Die-Cut Boxes
  • Custom Boxes with Window
  • Double Wall Tray and Lid
  • Custom Gable Boxes
  • Hexagonal Boxes
  • Custom Tuck Boxes
  • Sleeve Boxes
  • Seal End Auto Bottom
  • Five Panel Hanger Boxes
  • Tray and Sleeve Auto Bottom
  • T-Boxes
  • Auto Bottom Display Lid
  • Four Corner Tray
  • Double Wall Tuck Front
  • Double Wall Tuck Top

You can visit the template of Custom Boxes. The custom gable boxes make it convenient to carry the product, which is the reason behind the rapidly increasing popularity of these boxes. Similarly, the custom die-cut boxes with windows make it easy for people to see the product without opening the box. Generally, the window boxes have a PVC sheet which is a better option for protecting the product against moisture and dust. 

Printing Choices in Custom Boxes with Logo

Custom printed boxes rely on the latest printing technologies for better results in designing and printing. Of course, some traditional lessons from the printing industry are valid today, but technology has something to offer, and that is what OXO Packaging brings for you right on the plate. Custom boxes with logo make your brand unique and valuable to customers. With these boxes, you can help customers remember your product as the attractive logo eventually speaks it all. Using an attractive color scheme and custom designing, you can prepare impactful custom boxes with a logo that suits your branding requirements. But designing is not the end of the story. 

Most brands in the United States use digital and offset printing to increase the influence of their products on customers. To sum it all up, custom-printed boxes help increase the value of your product. Through custom packaging, you can make your product consumer-friendly and well-liked even when customers have dozens of other options. Additionally, on custom wholesale product packaging, you can print even the minor details related to your brand alongside the brand's name, company's slogan, product description, ingredient details, and address. 

  • Digital Printing

The trend of digitally printed packaging boxes is increasing. Digital printing prints digital images of cardboard, paper, rigid, and Corrugated Boxes surfaces. Digital printing is an advanced printing type. This technology is not dependent on plates to produce printing images of the packaging surfaces.

Therefore, OXO Packaging uses digital printing to produce high-quality printing images, designs, and add-ons. As a product supplier in the United States, you cannot depend entirely on traditionally printed boxes for your item packaging. We use Digital printing because of its numerous advantages. A few of these are listed below. 

  • Highly quality colour-graded pictures and designs can be printed using digital printing. 
  • In Digital printing, the ink loss is very minimal. 
  • Digital printing is a time-saving printing technique as the time required to shift plates is saved when digital printers are used to design aesthetic prints on custom printed boxes. 
  • You can even get a single printed box from digital printers. 
  • Digital printing has been a great addition to our packaging process. With the help of digital printing, OXO Packaging has enabled many companies to perfectly brand their product through custom boxes. 
  • Offset Printing

Offset printing is all about selecting the right design and then printing it with CMYK colors. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black colors are the four colors used by offset printers for product box printing. In this printing, the image, text, illustration, or design that needs to be printed is placed on the metal plate. The plate is then transferred to a cylinder initiating the main printing process.

The inks are then transferred to rollers that print the artwork, designs, and illustrations on paper with the desired style. If you are looking for custom boxes wholesale, then offset printing is the perfect choice for you as this printing allows you to design custom printed boxes with amazing colors and design combinations. The key advantages of offset printing are listed below.

  • Offset printing is a fast and effective printing method with an exceptionally high pace.
  • Offset printing works on various surfaces, including paper, smooth cardboard, Kraft paper, rigid stock, bux board, and cardstock. 
  • Natural inks are used in offset printing, providing natural imagery to the packaging surfaces as far as colors are concerned. 

Custom Packaging Boxes with Attractive and Classic Add-Ons

Add-ons are the structural enhancement of custom boxes applied to increase the perceived value of custom boxes. Various options of add-ons are explored once you decide on the packaging boxes you want. These add-ons are affordable and are not meant to be ignored, as these add-ons magnify the aesthetic elements of a custom box. The most common add-ons are gloss and matte laminations.

These lamination types increase the luxury elements and texture of the packaging boxes. With these laminations, you can improve the shine of your custom boxes which make customers fall in love with our product. Additionally, these laminations maximize the visibility of printed logos on custom boxes and make them more visually appealing. Besides matte, gloss, and Spot UV lamination, other popular add-ons are largely used to make custom packaging more fun and attractive. These add-ons include,

  • Die Cut Windows
  • Ribbons and Glitters
  • Matte Lamination
  • Gloss Lamination
  • Spot UV Printing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Gold Foiling
  • Hang Tabs
  • Hang Tags 
  • Inserts
  • Tear Strips
  • Metallic, Holographic, and Pigment Foils

OXO Packaging offers all the add-ons above, using which you can reflect your brand's legacy through eye-catching and splendid custom product boxes. We offer amazing discounts on custom boxes wholesale deals, availing which you can tell your brand's story through your custom packaging boxes with minimal burden on your pocket. 

Why Choose OXO Packaging?

Getting quality packaging solutions for your product is always time taking. But it is no longer a thing when you have OXO Packaging at your back. We print and produce custom boxes with logo for industries as simple as bakery and grocery and as complex as jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics. As the packaging business grows and becomes more popular, packaging should adapt to match this need; we recognize that utilizing the appropriate packaging will increase sales and maintain consumer interest. As a result, we offer our customers unique packaging boxes with logos to better represent their identities and complement their businesses. The core services that distinguish us from others are mentioned below. 

  • Free Design Consultation 

We offer free design services that help our customers to come up with the best attractive packaging design for their products. Our expert designers and consultants are just a click away from you so that you can clear your confusion if you have some regarding the packaging designs, fonts, and colors that you want on your custom-printed boxes.

  • Custom Sizing is Available

A perfectly sized packaging box always remains a dream for most companies. Sometimes, you have the correctly sized packaging, but the raw material quality is not allowing you to craft the design, coloration, and lamination you want on the box. Therefore, we offer personalized-sized boxes at wholesale rates that exactly fit the products.

  • Diversity in Printing

Our advanced offset, digital & CMYK/ PMS printing techniques can get the attention of significant customer targets. We use offset printing and digital printing to make 3d mockup designs on the custom packaging with logo to help companies develop the best custom boxes for their product. In such a hypercompetitive world, the importance of printed boxes cannot be neglected. Therefore, we use modern printed packaging techniques to help lift your product's value.

  • Our Vision, Your Success!

We at OXO Packaging aim to win customers by offering quality box manufacturing services budget-smartly. We are 100% committed to the success of our esteemed clients as we deem it to be our own. Our vision is not to earn profits but admiration, which is why we enable our customers to take full advantage of our affordable pricing and quality custom-made box service delivery. 

Give your Sales a New Direction with Custom Boxes Wholesale

OXO Packaging is an all-equipped box printing and production company that's always ready to produce unique custom boxes wholesale for all consumer products and retail products mass-produced by various businesses. Already, we have earned a name in the USA printing market for our Boxes' unique designs, sturdily built, and shipment services. You should choose us as your packaging partner because we offer exceptional packaging services at comparably low prices.

This is of utmost importance to businesses, especially those looking for quality Custom Printed Packaging Boxes solutions for their product within a tight price bracket. Therefore, we offer budget-friendly wholesale deals helping consumer product businesses to flourish with the unique packaging that one can dream of. We deliver regular custom printed boxes, but we also excel at seasonal packaging services with added festive décor on Custom Boxes.

  • Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions

Going green or carbon neutral is the need of every business today. We understand the importance of the environment; therefore, we are strongly committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our packaging manufacturing processes. Unlike plastic, we make boxes with eco-friendly cardboard material that is 100% degradable. Our packaging products are also reusable and recyclable; therefore, once you are done with the initial use, you can reuse these boxes for multiple purposes.

  • 24/7 Customer Support Service

We prioritize assisting our customers with quality customer support services. We're available 24//7 to help you with any queries regarding packaging size, templates, designs, colors, lamination, printing techniques, pricing, and delivery details. 

  • Super Fast Shipping

Once you decide on our premium quality custom printed boxes, we initiate our production phase. We provide extra fast delivery within 8-12 days, approximately from the approval of your final design. The bonus point is that we don't charge anything for shipment across the United States. 

Order Now and Get the Best Deals on Custom Boxes with Logo

OXO Packaging is the best packaging solution in the USA, where you will get the best quality of custom packaging wholesale. Let's not waste your time and hit our chat support to book your packaging order now! Because we are the best! So if you need custom boxes, then reach us to do it. No matter the size, shape, or design, we are all set to give you the best services in the USA.

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