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Market Your Products with Custom Gift Boxes

Light, Love, and Smiles - All that Our Custom Gift Boxes Guarantee! Do you want to add a special touch to your gift boxes? If yes, then you have come to the right place. OXO Packaging can make your Custom Boxes look extra-ordinary special for your clients. Our gift boxes can help you generate revenues and make your brand stand out in the crowd. Are you ready to make your customers jump out of joy? If so, then without any further due, let's dive into this writing.

Best Quality Stock for Your Customized Gift Boxes!

Brand representation - there’s nothing more important than this. Furthermore, your packaging quality is the ideal representation of your business. That’s why we provide you with gift boxes made from first-grade materials.

Eco-friendly Packaging Alternatives

We know the tips and tricks that can help you get the spotlight you deserve. Using sustainable packaging is one of the best branding strategies. Your customers would also prefer to buy a product that comes in environmental-friendly packaging. We have not one but four different Stationery Boxes alternatives for you.

  • Cardboard

It is versatile. You can use it for any type of gift box style. It is high in strength and guarantees durability.

  • Kraft

It is highly eco-friendly and has great tensile strength. It keeps your packaging safe from moisture or water.

  • Rigid

If you’re packing a premium gift box, rigid is your best option. It is a perfect fit for all your delicate and sensitive products.

  • Corrugated

It is best used for shipping purposes. It is highly dense and strong. Corrugated paper can be customized in all shapes and sizes.

Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Plain or Printed? Well, both appear to function without a problem. But, that’s our opinion. Because the majority of our clients are drawn toward printed boxes. The reason is their customer’s interest.

The Significance of Printed Gift Boxes in Marketing!

Marketing is the only factor that can get people interested in your products. That’s why it has to be done right. People enjoy showing off their gifts to other people. Therefore, you have a higher chance of marketing your brand with custom gift packaging.

  • Besides, we live in the world of social media. So, sharing has become the norm. Mostly, users put up stories and posts to thank the friends they have received gifts from. Now, is there a better way to promote your business than social media?
  • On the other hand, logos and taglines play a huge role in getting your brand recognized.
  • Styles for Your Custom Gift Boxes

You can get your gift boxes customized in any shape or style. And that’s one of the biggest benefits of custom packaging. You can also make your gift boxes a trendsetter by using a completely new style.

  • Custom Gift Boxes with Lids!

Custom Boxes with lids are often called "setup boxes." They are known to enhance your customer unboxing experience. Furthermore, they add extra appeal and attractiveness to your packaging.

Here are some of our best-selling gift box styles,

  • Custom Gift Pillow Boxes
  • Custom Gift Soap Boxes
  • Custom Kraft Gift Boxes
  • Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes
  • Custom Gift Window Boxes

Free Design Support for Your Custom Gift Boxes

Do you know that more than 90% of the purchases are mostly design-related? Your audience gets instantly attracted to your product just by looking at its packaging. Now, you need to take advantage of this factor. Meanwhile, our designers can come up with the most creative designs for you. In case, you have your design ready, feel free to share it with us.

  • Why Do You Need Wholesale Gift Boxes?

The word “wholesale” seems to bring a lot of exciting deals to your mind. Right? The great news is that OXO Packaging is offering you unbelievable low rates on your wholesale orders. An advantage of purchasing gift boxes wholesale is that you will never run out of stock.

  • Share Your Story!

We can never get tired of listening to good stories. Right? Every product has a backstory to it. While we are sure that the quality of your product can speak for itself. However, your audience would love to know your brand’s narrative. Along with the values you have built your brand on. The question is, how will you share your story with the audience? The easy solution is our Pillow Luxury Gift Boxes.

  • They Like to Know Everything!

When we shop for a product, we try to gather as much information about it as we can. The same goes for your customers. Some of the most important information that your audience wants to know is,

  • Why should they buy your product?
  • What are the benefits that come along?
  • What is the manufacturing process of your product?

Use custom gift boxes to display all this important information.

  • Affordable and Cheap Custom Gift Packaging

Going for billboards and TV commercials? We believe that is very old school. And if it is not old school, then it is very expensive. So, what’s an alternative that’s cost-efficient and convenient? Our custom-printed gift Christmas Boxes! It's a match made in heaven for all businesses looking for low-budget packaging options.

Perks of Working with Us!

Working with OXO Packaging can get you various benefits. Here are a few of them,

  • Firstly, we offer you a free quote.
  • There are no die and plate charges involved in printing your boxes.
  • We ask for no hidden or additional charges.
  • We use the best quality ink to print your boxes.
  • We offer free shipping!

How to Place Your Order?

Call us directly or send us an email with your job queries. Our staff is eagerly waiting to assist you!

What Do you Charge for Matte Lamination?

Nothing! We provide gloss and matte lamination free

What Kind of Special Features do you Provide?

We offer limitless customization features for your boxes. Embossing, debossing, spot UV, and gold foiling are just a few of them.

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