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Types Of Boxes For Small Businesses In 2024

Salman Shahid  2024-02-12 14:38:45

Types Of Boxes For Small Businesses In 2024

According to ABB, around 100 billion boxes are produced yearly in the U.S. This number shows that boxes have a huge volume in the packaging industry. The massive market landscape is not stuffed with only a single type of box. Multiple types of boxes are available depending on the special needs of the businesses.

The number of box types is so large that it is almost impossible to describe it in a listicle. So, we are providing you with an ultimate guide for a better understanding of different kinds of packaging boxes for small businesses.

Read this blog and find out what types of custom boxes are available in the market and which packaging choices are best for you.

Why Do Custom Boxes Matter For Small Businesses?

Choosing the right boxes for product packaging is essential for small businesses. The importance of packaging boxes is undeniable for several reasons. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • They Protect products from damaging factors and ensure safe product delivery and display.
  • These sturdy and well-shaped boxes are also easy to pile up in the cargo, allowing you to ship your products conveniently.
  • Customization of these boxes allows you to redefine the size of these boxes to fit your products snugly in them.
  • If you have a small business, these Packaging can help you stand out and build a stronger customer connection.
  • Printing on these boxes creates a unique brand identity and assists in the silent marketing of your business.
  • Exclusive features of the custom boxes improve your customers' user experience, leaving a good impression on them.

Box Types By Material

Numerous box materials are available in the market. The diversity of material brings about a distinctive box categorization. Some of the material-based package categories are elaborated below:

Sustainable Boxes

As mentioned above, billions of boxes are being made yearly in the US. This vast number can be hazardous for our planet if unsustainable material is used to manufacture the boxes.

Sustainable boxes are an efficient solution to protect our environment and meet the market's packaging needs. These boxes are biodegradable and recyclable. This way, they neither add toxic elements to our environment nor waste our planet’s natural resources.

The demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions is increasing. Here are some eco-friendly packaging solutions that you can consider to take part in the ‘Go Green’ movement:

  • Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are included in the most popular packaging type in the market. They are made of sturdy cardboard material boxes famous for its biodegradability. These boxes are also flexible, allowing users to mold them to the shape of their liking. Many types of products can be conveniently packed in these packages.

  • Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard boxes are similar to cardboard packages. However, there is a difference between the two. Paperboard boxes are manufactured from recycled cardboard or corrugated material. However, cardboard boxes are made of timber pulp. The rest of the features are pretty similar in both of them.

  • Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are eco-friendly packaging solutions famous for their multi-layer protection feature. The walls of these boxes have three layers. The inner and outer layers are smooth and plain, while the middle is fluted. These boxes safeguard the products packed in them well.

  • Kraft Packaging

Kraft Packaging mostly come in the form of pouches and bags. However, Kraft boxes are also available in the market. These boxes comprise single-layer kraft paper that can bear only lightweight products. They are the best packaging material when it comes to biodegradability.

Unsustainable Boxes

Unsustainable boxes are non-biodegradable containers that harm our planet. Most of these packaging also consume a lot of energy to recycle, making them even worse for the environment.

Packaging States

Some unsustainable boxes are as follows:

  • Plastic Boxes

Plastic boxes are used to pack and store many types of products. However, they are made up of an unsustainable material. Polyethylene and polypropylene are included in the common materials used to manufacture these boxes. Both materials are non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment.

  • Metallic Boxes

Metallic boxes are tough and highly protective boxes used to pack items. These types of boxes are mainly used to enclose food items. They are not eco-friendly, as they require a long time to degrade. Common metallic boxes include tin cans, silver boxes, aluminum packages, etc.

  • Styrofoam Boxes

Styrofoam boxes are white packaging made of polystyrene material. They have a foamy appearance, making them excellent insulation packaging. It resists product-damaging factors such as bumps, knocks, heat, and moisture. Ultimately, these packaging provide excellent safety to the goods packed in them. 

Partially Sustainable Boxes

Partially sustainable boxes have certain eco-friendly properties. However, they are not biodegradable. The common examples of such dual-nature packaging are mentioned below:

  • Wooden Boxes

Wooden crates are primarily used for product storage purposes. They are made of wooden sheets popular for their durability and sturdiness.

Wooden boxes are not perfectly biodegradable as they require a long time to degrade naturally. However, their reusability is amazing. They can be used for multiple purposes even after you take your items out of them.

  • Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are the sturdier form of paperboard packages. They are manufactured with the help of recyclable cardboard and corrugated sheets. Rigid packaging are significantly thicker. Their thickness is what makes them difficult to decompose. However, their material is recyclable, making it a partially sustainable packaging solution.

  • Cardboard Boxes With Plastic Add-Ons

Cardboard boxes themselves are eco-friendly. However, they are not completely sustainable if they come with plastic add-ons such as handles, lamination, etc. As mentioned above, plastic is an unsustainable material. So, the cardboard boxes with plastic add-ons would be called partially sustainable.

  • Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard boxes are thick and hard packaging made out of 100% recycled fiber. The fiber can be recycled from any source. These durable boxes are suitable for product packaging but not so good for our environment. This is because they have a long degradation period.

Box Types On Purpose

Boxes are primarily manufactured to serve the purpose. If you run a small business, you will need product boxes to ship, store, or display your goods. Depending upon the purpose of the boxes, the following kinds of packaging boxes are available in the market:

  • Retail Boxes

Retail boxes are primarily used to pack retail products. They increase the visibility of your items on store shelves. Display packaging boxes are commonly used packaging in this regard. They align your products, leaving a good impression on the buyers.

  • Shipping Packaging

Shipping boxes jump into the game when delivering your products safely. These Packaging are famous for their exclusive durability and protective features for safe product transit. They mostly come with custom inserts like foams and bubble wraps to avoid bumps of the journey.

  • Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are similar to shipping boxes, but they are used for small-scale product transit. They are used to ship your items directly to the end-users. The significance of these boxes is well-understood in the e-commerce business. 

  • Storage Cartons

Storage cartons are the containers primarily used to store the items. You can find these boxes mostly in warehouses and storage areas of retail shops. These boxes are easy to pile up, making them convenient for storing goods in a limited space.

Types Of Custom Boxes Styles

Box sizes and shapes play a pivotal role in the snug packing of your products. Custom box styles fulfill your requirements for tailored packaging solutions. Depending upon their distinctive style, there are different types of boxes, and some are as follows:

  • Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes are included in the collapsible packaging styles for your products. They are mostly made of cardboard material. This box style is made with fine die-cutting of cardboard sheets molded manually to give a box shape.

  • Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes are rectangular-shaped packaging mostly used to keep longer items. They mostly come with a removable lid or a top-to-bottom closure. These boxes are made of corrugated or rigid material, making them protective for your goods.

  • Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are similar to collapsible cardboard boxes, yet there is a difference in design. They are made of flat cardboard sheets folded to give a unique box style with a handle on the top. These packaging are included in premium packaging styles mostly used to pack gift products.

  • Sleeve Packages

Sleeve packaging are perfect for you if you want to pack your luxurious items in them. These boxes have two pieces: a slideable tray and an outer covering. The unique sleeve slider opening mechanism of these boxes captivates your customers.

  • Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are the face of your premium product and brand. These luxurious packaging comprise three pieces: a top lid, a bottom base, and a middle tray. The lid covers the tray and meets its borders with the base when the box is closed.

  • Display Boxes

Display boxes showcase your products on retail store shelves. Their design is partially exposed (from top to front) to make your items visible to your customers. These boxes are also imprinted with fascinating graphics to engage buyers with your product.

Box Types By Regulations

Generally, we do not find any significant regulation commenced by the law for product packaging. However, rules are there for packing certain types of products. For instance, CBD, cigarettes, vapes, and similar items require compliant packaging.

To abide by the state's law, you should add safety locks to the boxes of such products. These locks restrict children's access to prohibited content in the packaging. Moreover, infographics must be printed on the boxes to clarify the harms of consuming the abovementioned products.

How To Choose Custom Packaging For Small Businesses

Choosing the right boxes for your microenterprise can be challenging. Don’t worry! We have a suitable guide for you that will assist you in selecting the perfect packaging boxes for your business start-up.

Here are some factors you can consider while choosing the packaging for our products:

  • Product Nature

The box you opt for depends upon the nature of the product you want to pack in it. For instance, retail products on store shelves mostly come in display boxes. This is because they captivate the buyers and urge them to buy the product.

  • Packaging Functionality

The functionality of the packaging cannot be overlooked when fetching the right packaging for your products. For example, folding cartons with handles assist your customers in carrying their purchased goods.

  • Box Price

Price is always a solicitous factor for small businesses looking for packaging boxes. You can get a quote from various vendors for the best deal on quality boxes. Also, you can hunt for discounts to save some extra sum.

  • Environmental Impact

Prefer eco-friendly packaging solutions if you want to run your business and positively impact the environment. Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated boxes are excellent options in this regard.

  • Customization Options

Opt for the vendor who offers custom solutions to your packaging needs. Customized boxes free you from the restriction of buying what is available. It allows you to tailor your boxes according to your specific needs.

  • Customer Experience

Never underestimate the customer experience if you want to buy packaging to sell your products. Choose the packaging that not only helps you pack your goods but also provides an excellent customer experience.

If you do not want to take the pain of choosing appropriate boxes for your products, just contact OXO Packaging. We are the one-stop solution to your packaging problems. You can call or email us to forward your query, and one of our experts will contact you to answer it.

We primarily sell packaging solutions to small businesses. Allow us to contribute to your success with our exceptional packaging boxes. Get an instant quote.


Multiple types of boxes are available in the market to meet the distinctive requirements of the users. Some of them are categorized based on their material, while others are differentiated depending on their purpose and style. To find the most suitable types of boxes for your small business, you should consider your product nature, budget, customization options, and end-user experience.

Call OXO Packaging now if you want to buy customized packaging boxes at an affordable price.

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