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Order Luxurious and Sturdy Candle Boxes

Secure shipping and unique presentation of candles can be a great challenge, but don’t worry! OXO Packaging has perfect candle packaging boxes for you. Our custom candle boxes can be tailored to your product requirements.

Select from our variety of candle box packaging and get them designed uniquely according to your liking. With our exceptional boxes, you can glorify the charm of your elegant candles.

These boxes not only leave a lasting impression on your customers but also assist you ship your candles, conveniently.

We mostly use cardboard stock to manufacture candle packaging as this material is famous for its sustainability, durability, and flexibility. Despite being robust, the cardboard that we use is pliable enough to be personalized in many shapes and sizes.

Our exclusive boxes not only provide you with multiple advantages. Get a free quote today and know the best deals we are offering on candle boxes wholesale!

What is the most popular candle packaging?

Cardboard, Kraft, and rigid boxes are most commonly used to pack candles. These packages come with a wide range of customization allowing you to tailor their shapes, sizes, and colors. You can also print engaging graphics on them.

Durable Material for Secure Shipping 

Our cardboard candle boxes are an excellent choice if you are concerned about the safe shipment of your candles. The durable material of our packaging ensures product safety throughout the transit.

The best part is we can add custom inserts to our candle shipping boxes to fit multiple candles perfectly in a single box. It makes our packaging solutions highly convenient during shipping.

You can also opt for our premium rigid boxes. These boxes enhance the aesthetic appeal of your luxurious candles and captivate your buyers. The sturdiness of our rigid candle boxes is also unmatched assisting you ship your candles elegantly and conveniently.

Custom Printed Candle Boxes to Entice Buyers

Whether you sell candle jars, waxes, or tapers, attracting your buyers is important to your business growth. Get our custom printed candle boxes and portray your brand persuasively.

We can imprint your candle brand name with premium-quality graphics to grab your customer's attention. The captivating graphics on our boxes encourage your buyers to purchase your candles!

With our high-quality printing techniques, we can also add your candle brand logo on the boxes to meticulously enhance your business identity. Here are some of the best-quality printing options we offer:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Flexographic printing, and more.

Tidbit: How do you package candles?

Whether you want to pack taper candles or those that come in tins or jars, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Choose durable material
  • Get your packaging tailored
  • Add custom dividers
  • Put your candles inside
  • Close and seal

Premium Add-ons for Candle Box Packaging

To achieve an aesthetically appealing and functionally perfect packaging design, we offer numerous add-ons. Our custom candle boxes with inserts are one of our popular offerings.

Custom inserts mostly include personalized dividers, premium candle holders, bubble wraps, etc. You can also get custom windows added to our boxes that enhance customer experience with the see-through feature.

By embellishing our custom candle packages with ribbons and other adornments we can make them perfect candle gift boxes. Your customers can present such a marvelous gift to their loved ones on special occasions.

Tidbit: What size is a standard candle box?

The size of a candle box depends upon the dimensions of the candle that is going to be packed in it. Some standard sizes are as follows:

  • Filled Candle Boxes: 3 ¼ in length, 4 in diameter
  • Pillar candle boxes: 2 - 4 in length, 3 - 9 in diameter
  • Votive candle boxes: 1 - 2 in length, and 2 - 3 in diameter.

OXO Packaging: Your Reliable Packaging Partner

At OXO Packaging, we prioritize the requirements of our customers. 

Share your imaginations about unique candle packaging designs, and our experts will turn them into reality in a captivating and persuasive way.

Here are five advantages you can enjoy by partnering with us:

  • 3D mockups
  • Free shipping
  • Free design support
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast turnaround of 10 to 12 business days

Order Your Candle Packaging Boxes Today! 

Haven’t you made up your mind yet? Get a quote from OXO Packaging and buy perfect custom candle boxes. We ensure your premium candle box packaging will be well-designed and catch the attention of potential customers.

Along with the highest quality customization, we offer free shipping across the US. Our candle boxes wholesale prices can help you save more when you place a bulk order!

You can contact us at: (510) 500-9533, or email us at: [email protected].

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Custom candle boxes enhance brand identity, offer better protection, and attract customer attention.

Sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes with secure padding and cushioning.

Typically, elegant and customizable tuck end boxes and magnetic closure boxes are popular for packaging for candles. 

The sizes of candle boxes with logo vary, but common sizes include 3x3x3 inches or 4x4x4 inches for standard candles.

OXO Packaging uses secure, well-padded boxes with bubble wrap and ensures proper labeling for homemade candles. 

The wax of soy candles is soft and can melt if exposed to hot temperatures for a significant duration. However, if you pack these candles well and manage to create a barrier against heat, you can ensure a safe transit.

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