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Take Your Branding Up a Notch with Our Personalized Hemp Boxes

The history of the hemp plant can be traced back to the origin of the Earth, but it was not of much use in the previous decades. It's interesting to note that hemp is currently used for many industrial-related purposes. Hence, hemp products are manufactured in the healthcare, construction, skincare, and clothing industries. 

Furthermore, the hemp market is mainstream these days, suggesting that you need excellent branding strategies to stand out. We believe our hemp boxes can be your ideal branding strategy. Considering that the high-end stock material and excellent print quality will make your customers fall in love with your hemp products, we humbly take pride in working in the best interests of our clients. In addition to these incredible benefits, Hemp Display Boxes can be the key differentiator between the exact product you and your competitors are selling.

Boost Your Sales with Hemp Boxes

How do you attract more people to buy your product? The simple answer is through our custom hemp boxes, as it can be your most significant selling point. Everyone likes to buy stuff they find appealing; now, we take it as our responsibility to make your CBD Boxes attractive and worth buying for your customers.  

When a product arrives in damaged or unattractive packaging, the buyer is less likely to purchase it again. You can only grow your business if you're open to new business ideas and approaches. Our custom hemp packaging has helped many businesses maximize their sales. So, don't you think it's time you gave it a try?

Custom Hemp Boxes and Your Brand's Perception

According to an observation, it was recorded that 1/3rd of Americans' decision to buy a new product is very much likely to be influenced by its packaging. Your packaging is precisely how your audience will perceive your brand. When we buy a product, we usually tend to keep it on our shelves along with its packaging. The two common reasons are that we want to keep that product safe or we like its packaging.

We believe both of these reasons are good enough to help you realize the wonders that packaging can do for your product, mainly because the customer will undoubtedly inspect the packaging each time he uses that product. That packaging is what will convince him to repurchase your product. 

High-End Lamination Packaging Options

While the packaging is a shield to keep your product safe, lamination is a barrier or shield for that packaging. Lamination protects your hemp boxes from smudges, stains, spills, or scratches. It also increases the shelf life of your product's packaging. At OXO Packaging, we offer three different types of lamination choices for our clients.

  • Gloss Lamination

It gives a glossy or somewhat shiny look to your boxes. It makes the print and the colors look more vibrant, vivid, and vigorous. Glossy lamination also increases the readability level of the text on the packaging. Overall, it gives your packaging a very presentable look. Gloss lamination is the way to go if you want to intensify the color of your hemp boxes.

  • Matte Lamination

As its name suggests, Matte lamination is excellent at providing contrast to the deeper shades. Compared to gloss lamination, it is not glass transparent but offers a very realistic look. It doesn't add vibrance to your print or packaging colors; it lets them remain natural. In all-inclusiveness, it gives a very sophisticated finish to the packaging.

  • Soft Touch Lamination

This ranks amongst our premium lamination options. It has a soft, smooth, and velvety texture. Its surface is beautiful and appealing. It is often compared to matte lamination, but both laminations differ in the context of depth. Generally, soft touch is regarded as one of the high-end lamination options.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

In more ways than ever, our planet is intoxicated right now. Most of our customers are worried about whether or not the packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials. The great news is that our hemp boxes are made from highly biodegradable and eco-friendly materials. Things to consider in Custom Hemp Oil Boxes.

  • Cardboard Stock

We believe that hemp cardboard boxes can do great things for your hemp products. It offers a sturdy fit for your product. It will also keep your product safe and secure during shipping and delivery.

  • Kraft Paper

Kraft paper boxes promise a higher level of durability. The fact that kraft paper is made from chemical pulp is intriguing. Relevantly, kraft is also biodegradable. If you have seen any packaging made of brown paper, know that it is Kraft material.

  • Rigid Stock

It is a luxurious packaging material. The unboxing experience is something that customers look forward to when they open rigid stock Vape Boxes. Rigid stock is excellent in thickness and is considered the most premium stock choice.

  • Corrugated Stock

We would say that corrugated stock is suitable for heavy-duty products. It offers excellent strength and steadiness to the packaging. Depending on your customization needs, they can be manufactured in various sizes and shapes.

Place Your Order Right Away

To assist you with your order query, we have our live support chat options available for you. On the other hand, you can also call us or email us your job details. We are eagerly waiting to help you create a difference in the hemp industry with your impressive custom hemp boxes.

How Much Do you Charge for Gloss Lamination?

We provide you with gloss lamination free of charge. In addition, we don't charge our customers for matte lamination. We try to make things as convenient as possible for our clients.

What Kinds of Printing do you offer?

We provide both offset and digital printing for you. If you ask for our advice, we'd say that offset printing is a fantastic option if you're considering placing a sizable order. It is inexpensive and uses less ink.

How Many Days Will it Take you to Deliver my Order?

We have a quick turnaround time of 12-15 days. Your order goes through production and quality assurance and gets shipped to you only around the mentioned period.

Can I Get a Free Quote?

Yes, our quotation is completely free of charge. Please send us your packaging details, and our sales agent will send you a quote immediately.

Can I Give you a Call if I Need More Information?

Sure, you can call us, if you want any other details.

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