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Increase Your Brand's Value with Exquisite Vape Packaging

You can count several ways to increase your brand's value, but the question is which is the most effective. We believe our custom vape packaging boxes are the most productive and simple method to increase your brand's value in no time. Your packaging is the first thing that can put your customer in awe, so investing in your vape packaging is as important as investing in your product.

Make or Break Deal! Ever heard of this phrase? Let's see it in the light of the packaging terms. You can't deny that we live in a digital world where everything is Instagrammed. So, your product needs to have that certain artistic appeal to grab the audience's attention. Our packaging can help you bring out your product's aesthetic and artistic appeal. We, at OXO Packaging, manufacture and design your Vape Display Boxes in a manner that not only attracts many potential buyers but also helps generate significant revenue for your vape business.

Highly Protective Custom Vape Packaging

The safety of your vape products is a top priority for us. We have seen many reputable brands negatively impact their audience because of their poor product packaging. The poor packaging ultimately results in some damage being done to the product. One thing we don’t want is our customers to be concerned about product damage during delivery. Therefore, we worked hard to develop the materials that guarantee your vape's sustainability and tenacity.

We know that, apart from the style, the protection of your product is something that should not be compromised at any cost. Moreover, safe and secure CBD Boxes leaves an excellent and abiding impression on your customers. It also promotes brand efficiency and loyalty.

Paramount Quality Stock for Your Vape Packaging

The quality of your product's packaging is a determining factor in marking your brand's success. Being your biggest cheerleader, we want you to set your mark in the vape industry, so we offer you the most exclusive vape packaging material choices.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard packaging can come in handy for a variety of products. We can customize all the features on this cardboard box following your instructions. These features will provide your vape packaging boxes with an aesthetic and artistic tactile appeal. But unquestionably, cardboard packaging can do wonders for your company.

  • Kraft Paper

Kraft is your 100 % recyclable vape packaging solution. We know that most businesses are concerned about eco-friendly packaging. We want you to know that our kraft stock isn't only biodegradable but is also a hit regarding durability and strength.

  • Rigid

The word premium is the most suitable term to describe rigid material. The rigid paper has a raw texture and is very versatile in packaging. It is the right choice for your vape products.

  • Corrugated

If you hear someone mentioning packaging material with high portability, know that they're talking about corrugated stock. Primarily used for shipping purposes, corrugated Hemp Boxes keeps your product safe and secure.

Printing Options to Raise Brand Awareness

Our only aim is not to provide you with packaging that would keep your vape safe, but our primary goal is to raise your brand's awareness because people will only buy from you when they know about you. To help you raise your brand awareness, we have several fantastic printing options available for you.

Important things you need to know about Vape Packaging

  • Logo on the Custom Vape Packaging Boxes

The logo for your company is a trademark, as it serves as the primary means of identification. It will allow your customers to differentiate your product from the rest. Our designers can help you design your brand’s logo if you haven’t come up with anything.

  • Product Information on the Box

Our designers can help you put all the necessary details regarding your product on display. This always helps the customer get all the relevant and necessary information about your product's usability and constituents. Moreover, the effectiveness of both your brand and your product will also be recognized by your customers.

  • Outstanding Customization Techniques and Designs

Your product packaging is a cognitive factor in helping your customer decide whether they want to buy your product or not. Simple or enumerated vape box packaging will put your customer off, which is one thing you don't want. We help you develop ideas, considering the latest and most trending packaging designs.

These designs will surely lure your customers into buying your product. We have a hardworking team of brilliant designers who will ensure that your packaging design outshines the other custom vape packaging. A perk of taking us on as your packaging partner is that we offer free design support. 

Packaging that is Economical and Accessible

High-priced packaging isn't your packaging solution. If a packaging service costs more than your product's worth, know that you're in the wrong hands. We offer cost-efficient and cheap vape packaging options to our clients. Even though we keep our packaging prices low, While keeping prices low, we never compromise on the quality of your packaging. We know the current economic situation worldwide, so we don't want our clients to stress over their vape boxes. We want our clients to know that their packaging needs are essential to us.

How to Place Your Order?

We want you to have the most unproblematic and hassle-free vape packaging experience with us. So, placing your Order at OXO Packaging is very easy. If you need more information, you can take the help of our live chat support agents. Furthermore, you can also give us a call or send us an email All we want you to do is send us all the details regarding your desired packaging, and we will proceed. Our exceptional staff can't wait to help you get the best packaging results.

Can I Get free Samples?

Yes, you totally can. To help you get a better insight into our excellent printing and stock quality, we can send you free generic samples.

What is your Turnaround Time?

We offer a quick turnaround time. After the final design approval, it takes us only 12-15 days to deliver your order to your doorstep. This turnaround time includes production, quality assurance, and shipping.

How Much do you Charge for Shipping?

Nothing. Our shipping is entirely free all over the USA. To provide our clients with 100% customer satisfaction, we like to go the extra mile for them.

Can your Designers Create 3D Mockups?

Yes, definitely. Send us your artwork, and our brilliant designers can make a 3-D Mockup for you free of cost.

What is the Most Eco-friendly Stock Option That you Offer?

All of our stock options are eco-friendly and sustainable. From cardboard to corrugated, you can opt for any packaging material.

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