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Custom Rigid Boxes: Give Your Products a Wow-Factor

OXO Packaging offers custom rigid boxes designed with the latest customization features to give your products a “wow-factor”. These boxes feel high-end and elegant because of their rigidity. The appealing aesthetics create a captivating visual impact, enhancing your overall customer experience. Moreover, these luxury packaging boxes are also called custom gift boxes and are a perfect packaging option for premium products. But not just for luxury products; our rigid box packaging is ideal for retail products, such as cosmetics, electronics, or fashion items.

Durable Construction of Rigid Packaging for Maximum Protection

The construction of our custom rigid boxes, comprised of thick paperboard, provides your products with ultimate protection. We offer luxury rigid boxes that are 800-1500 gsm thick, depending on the box size. These boxes' sturdy and durable construction ensures that fragile or delicate items stay intact. Moreover, OXO Packaging provides rigid packaging boxes with internal packaging materials so that your products remain in their original state during shipping and transportation.

Internal Packaging Materials for Customized Rigid Boxes

Following are the internal packaging materials that we employ for our customized rigid boxes:

Cushioning Material:

OXO Packaging uses cushioning materials like bubble wrap, foam, or air pillows to protect delicate items from shocks and vibrations.

Custom Inserts:

We employ custom inserts or dividers within the box to keep individual items separated and secure.

Sustainable Luxury Packaging to Attract Eco-Conscious Buyers 

OXO Packaging understands the growing demand for eco-friendly rigid boxes. Our paperboard for our personalized rigid box packaging is sustainable and recyclable. Furthermore, the printing inks we employ to construct our premium custom rigid packaging are eco-friendly and do not cause harm to your products. We choose water-based or vegetable-based inks for printing on the boxes. These alternatives are more environmentally friendly than traditional petroleum-based inks.

Latest Customization Features for a Luxurious Touch

Our customization features allow businesses to incorporate their brand’s logos, colors, slogans, and messaging into premium rigid boxes. Custom packaging helps products stand out on crowded retail shelves. These rigid box packaging's unique designs, shapes, and colors attract attention and differentiate products from competitors.

Following are the customization options that OXO Packaging offers for custom rigid boxes:


We use soy-based inks to print our custom printed rigid boxes, which are sustainable and produce more vibrant colors. The two most popular printing techniques we apply are digital, offset, and screen printing.

Along with these printing techniques, OXO Packaging makes your personalized high end rigid packaging extraordinary with its radiant CMYK and Pantone color palette. These color palettes make customized rigid boxes grab the attention of buyers even from a distance and persuade them to buy your products instantly.


OXO Packaging adds coating layers to your custom printed rigid boxes to protect them from scuffs and scratches. The most popular coatings that we employ are laminations and varnish. These tear and water-resistant coatings safeguard your delicate items from external environmental factors.


Our comprehensive and latest finishes give your gift items a premium and luxurious look. You can choose one as per your product and branding requirements. Our finishes for luxury rigid boxes are matte, gloss, satin and soft touch. These smooth and shiny finishes give your product’s packaging a unique and velvety touch.

Available Styles of Customized Rigid Boxes Wholesale  

You can package any gift product in our luxury rigid boxes, including jewellery, electronics and other delicate items. We offer premium rigid box packaging in different styles to fulfil your gifting needs. The rigid box styles we offer include:

  • Full Cover Rigid Box
  • Partial Cover Lid Rigid Box
  • Shoulder & Neck Rigid Box
  • Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon
  • Rigid Drawer Box with Thumb Notch

In addition to these styles, you can also choose our magnetic closure boxes, one-piece magnetic rigid boxes, rigid chocolate boxes, or our two-piece rigid boxes with separate lids and bases. The cherry on top is that you can customize each box with your required material, design, and dimension.

An Unforgettable Unboxing Experience with Rigid Gift Boxes

Customer satisfaction is highly dependent on the unboxing experience. Our custom rigid boxes contribute to a positive and memorable unboxing experience for your customers. We offer the finest and high-end rigid gift boxes, also called “set-up boxes." These boxes come with a set-up style, which means they are pre-assembled and ready to use. Moreover, our custom rigid boxes are premium packaging solutions designed to add elegance and sophistication to gift presentation. Leading perfume and watch brands in the United States purchase these boxes from OXO Packaging. We have served thousands of brands with our luxury rigid box packaging and made their products stand out from the crowd.

Take Advantage of Our Exceptional Services

OXO Packaging is the leading custom packaging manufacturer in the USA. Our dedicated customer service team is committed to ensuring your satisfaction. You can contact us any time of the day. We provide expert guidance and support at every step of producing your product’s packaging. Furthermore, you can enjoy swift turnaround times without compromising on quality. Buy rigid boxes wholesale from us in bulk quantities at affordable prices. As a token of appreciation, we offer free shipping within the USA, making your experience with us exceptional and more cost-effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rigid Box?

A rigid box is made from thicker and more robust materials like paperboard or chipboard. These boxes are used for high-end or luxury products. Premium rigid boxes typically come pre-assembled and maintain their shape even when empty.

What is the difference between a rigid box and a corrugated box?

Rigid boxes are much more solid and robust than corrugated boxes. The rigid packaging is typically used for gifting purposes, while the corrugated boxes are ideal for mailing and shipping.

Why Are Rigid Boxes Expensive?

Rigid packaging boxes are often more expensive due to their high-end material quality and latest customization features.

What are the benefits of using rigid boxes?

Rigid box packaging is durable and provides a sophisticated appearance to your products. Moreover, these boxes allow for a wide range of customization options, including unique shapes, printing, and finishes.

Where Are Rigid Boxes Used?

Rigid boxes find applications in various industries, including gifting, apparel, watches, perfumes, cosmetics, electronics, etc.

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