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Enhance Your Product Experience with Customized Rigid Boxes

Do you know that packaging can enhance your product's experience for your customers? Well, now you do. We at OXO Packaging always have our client's best interests in mind. Our custom rigid packaging boxes offer our clients the best packaging experience. Nowadays, everyone prefers shopping from brands that offer their clients a personalized experience.

Customization makes every product special for your customers. It's also a way of engaging your customers with your brand. Customers have different preferences, so customization helps them know that you care about their needs and are willing to fulfill their packaging and product expectations. So, are you ready to offer this special treatment to your customers with our fantastic wholesale rigid boxes?

  • Create a Positive Impact with OXO Packaging

Everyone is struggling with their daily routines. Someone has got it hectic, and someone has got it worried about spending an unproductive day. In between these circumstances, your rigid packaging boxes can be a light of positivity for people around you. Packaging is the ideal representation of your brand; when you put effort or thought into your packaging, you ultimately win over your customers, and your brand also gets highlighted. Furthermore, good packaging seems to influence your customer's decision to repurchase your product positively. Therefore, it is vital to take your product's packaging seriously.

  • Generate Revenues with our Wholesale Rigid Boxes

Have you ever heard of impulse buying? Impulse buying is when you have no pre-shopping intention, but you still buy a product because of its attractive appeal.  As a result of observation, it was found that a total of 81 percent of people impulsively buy a product just by looking at its packaging. We make your packaging so attractive that your customers will decide to buy your product just by looking at the packaging. And these boxes will also increase your sales, generate revenues for your business, and drive more audience traffic to your website.

Versatility that Rigid Boxes have to Offer

Luxury is the first word that would instantly pop up in your mind when you see a custom rigid box. Custom rigid packaging boxes are made up of a rigid material. This material has a very classy and elegant finish. Custom rigid boxes can be customized using various unique add-ons and special features. These add-ons can take your product experience for your clients to another level.

  • Gold Foiling
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Multipurpose Use of Customized Rigid Boxes

One of the most significant benefits of rigid boxes is that they can be used to pack various products. Let us name a few products you can pack in our custom rigid boxes.

  • Jewelry Rigid Boxes
  • Vape Rigid Boxes
  • Gifts
  • Accessories
  • Perfumes

Type of Riding Boxes

  • Small Rigid Boxes
  • Large Rigid Boxes

The list goes on. Rigid boxes can accommodate all your products regardless of their shape or size. This is one of the main rationales that makes them so popular in the market.

OXO Packaging as a Durable Packaging Choice

When you're selling delicate products, you must be careful with their packaging because poor packaging is the death of your product. Also, the unsturdy fit of your product can cause it to be damaged. All these factors can leave an irretrievably lousy impression on your customers. Rigid is a material that is one of a kind. It can not be bent and is not flexible. Its rigidity is one of the factors that makes it the right choice for your products. For instance, the packaging for your jewelry items needs extra durability and strength. And this is precisely what we provide you with our custom rigid boxes. 

Unique Designs for Your Custom Rigid Boxes Design is a crucial element that can make your rigid boxes a massive success for your company. You can grab your audience's attention with fun and exciting boxes. If you have no design assistance, there is no need to hire one because we have a brilliant team of designers available to serve your design needs. They can create your design however you want, even on short notice. They can also assist you in creating exciting and distinctive logos for your brand.

  • 3D Printing for your Custom Rigid Packaging

3D printing makes your rigid packaging Kraft Boxes look desirable. We have both inkjet and digital printing options for you. Inkjet printing is performed by spraying the ink on the paper. Inkjet printing is an excellent choice for high-resolution printing. The color scheme used for inkjet printing is CMYK. Digital printing can print the image directly on the desired paper. It is a traditional printing method and can print orders in small quantities.

  • OXO Packaging Offers a Branded Packaging Solution

Do you want your customers to think highly of your products? If yes, then you don't only need to focus on your product quality but also work on your product's packaging standards. People love to shop at companies that sell branded goods. One of the main reasons is that branded products last longer. On the other hand, these products have a classier and more glamorous look. With the help of customized rigid boxes, your audience will get to know that you're selling high-quality products.

  • Make yourself a Trendsetter with our Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes

Standing out from your competition is always a tough job. You need to bring a lot of exciting marketing strategies to the table that would help you surpass others. But these strategies don't work all the time. Therefore, you need something unique for your brand. Our custom rigid boxes are one marketing tool that can always work for you. You can use them as an emblem of your brand's value and productivity. On the other hand, people can even recognize you with your custom rigid packaging boxes. So, are you ready to be a trendsetter with our customized rigid boxes?

Why is Rigid Box Packaging Becoming So Popular?

Custom rigid boxes have recently taken center stage in the packaging industry. Many businesses are shifting their traditional packaging styles as they become aware of rigid wholesale boxes. The reason is these rigid packaging boxes' phenomenal presentation and extraordinary qualities. An amusing factor to know about these boxes is that they don't only serve the purpose of Cardboard Boxes. But they are also used to display and showcase essential products. Their high appeal makes them look the best of all the other packaging choices.

Perks of Working with OXO Packaging

We humbly take pride in saying that we come with many benefits so that we may not exhaust our clients with their packaging experience. Our turnaround time is rapid. It only takes us 12-15 days to deliver your order to your doorstep.

  • If a client wants, we can also make custom samples of their order.
  • We send our generic samples free of charge to our clients.
  • We offer free design support.
  • We demand no fee for matte and gloss lamination.
  • We charge no die and plate charges on our customer's orders.
  • Our biggest perk is that we offer 100% free shipping. 
  • Our Minimum order Quantity is only 100 boxes. 

Contact us today to Place Your Order for Customized Rigid Boxes. All we ask from you is to send us an email or call us. You can also message our live chat support agents with any packaging queries that you may have. Ordering with OXO Packaging is simple and unproblematic for our customers, so reach us right now with your job details and get a free quote.

Is Rigid Stock Material Thick?

As the name implies, rigid material is very thick and dense. Mostly, their thickness is 2-3 mm. This thickness allows it to provide docile strength and security to the packaging.

Why are Rigid Boxes Used?

Rigid boxes are used for packaging delicate and sensitive items. They are also used to display luxury items.

What is a Rigid Box with a Lid?

It is a two-piece box made to custom order. It has a separate lid and a base and is mainly preferred for books, cigars, or jewelry items.

Are Rigid Boxes Eco-friendly or Not?

Yes, rigid boxes are eco-friendly. They can be recycled.

Are Set-up Boxes Different than Rigid Boxes?

No, set-up boxes are commonly referred to as rigid boxes.

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