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Here’s Everything to Know About Types of Rigid Packaging

 2024-03-05 11:53:56

An image displaying various types of rigid packaging, including cardboard boxes, plastic containers, metal tins, and glass jars neatly arranged on a surface.

Rigid packaging has become highly demanded by various businesses due to its undeniable advantages. According to a report, the global market size of rigid packaging was around USD 211.45 billion in 2022 and is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 4.96% in forthcoming years.

This massive market volume has numerous sub-sections based on different types of rigid packaging. Depending on the materials and styles, this packaging can be divided into many categories.

In this blog, we will discuss what are different types of rigid packaging. From material to style explore rigid packaging so you can select the suitable one for your business. Without any delays let’s get right into it!

Rigid Packaging Types

Numerous types of rigid packaging are available in the market. Each type is famous for its distinctive material and exclusive features. Some of the most common types of rigid packaging are as follows:

  • Plastic Rigid Packaging

High-density polyethene and polypropylene packages fall in the category of rigid plastic packaging. The top-tier material of these packages is famous for their unmatched robustness.

This type of packaging is used to pack multiple types of products. These packages mostly come in the form of food and beverage containers, however, their market is not restricted to these two industries.

They can also be used to pack electronics, toys, medicines, and more.

  • Chipboard Rigid Boxes

Chipboard rigid boxes are perfect for those businesses looking for sturdy packaging solutions with a premium touch. These boxes are predominantly made out of recycled paper stock, however, it is quite thicker and stiffer than regular cardboard. They are also customizable.

Custom rigid boxes can pack many types of goods without much hassle. However, they are mostly used to pack fragile and luxurious products with safety. The tough chipboard is sandwiched between fine-quality papers giving them an enticing look.

These boxes can be printed with multiple inks and printing techniques. You can conveniently imprint your company logo on rigid boxes if you want it to be an elegant face of your brand.

  • Metal Cans

Metal cans are included in the most popular types of rigid packaging used in various industries. Tin and steel cans are the most commonly used metal packaging. These cans' durability and water resistance make them excellent for storing food items.

You can also use these cans to pack many other products. Certain tobacco, medical and cosmetic products stay safe in these cans. Moreover, we see paints and varnishes are usually packed in this type of packaging.

  • Glass Packaging

Glass packaging is the primary choice of numerous businesses, as it is excellent for packing many types of products. We usually see this packaging in the form of jars, bottles and containers.

The best part about this packaging is 3R eco-action (reusable, recyclable, refillable). It makes glass packaging eco-friendly to a great extent.

These packages can store food and other product types for a long duration. This is due to their ability to act as a barrier against harmful external factors such as dust, debris, and humidity. 

An Overview of Rigid Boxes

Among all types of rigid packaging, chipboard rigid boxes have earned a distinctive popularity in the market. Their premium look and ability to safeguard multiple types of products make it the primary choice for product suppliers.

Rigid boxes are made out of rigid stock. This high-end material is made out of chipboard wrapped with paper stock. Rigid boxes can be printed with the graphics and text of your liking allowing you to make your product boxes appealing to the customers.

Why Are Rigid Boxes Important?

The importance of rigid boxes hides in their durability, premium appearance and versatility. Here is the reason why these boxes can be an outstanding packaging solution for you:

  • Being sturdy and tough the manufacturing material can provide significant protection to the products residing in them.
  • The premium appearance of these boxes is also a plus as it can fascinate your buyers urging them to buy your products.
  • These boxes are also customizable allowing you to alter their shapes and sizes according to your preferences.
  • You can incorporate your brand logo on rigid boxes to make them an exclusive branding tool for your business.

6 Different Styles of Rigid Boxes

As mentioned above rigid boxes are easy to customize according to your requirements allowing you to get a variety of box styles. Here are 6 different types of rigid boxes depending on their exclusive styles:

  • Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are included in the most premium quality rigid boxes primarily used to pack many products. They come in three pieces: a sturdy base, detachable lid and middle tray that is often called ‘shoulder’.
Fashion accessories, jewellery, watches, gift items and certain electronic devices mostly come in this type of packaging.

  • Magnetic closure boxes

Magnetic closure boxes are included in the robust packaging boxes that not only protect the items packed in them well but also enhance their charm. They are mostly used to pack luxurious items.
These boxes have a hinged lid with a magnet in it that provides a secure closure.

  • Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible rigid boxes come with flaps that are easy to fold allowing you to collapse the box in a flat form. These boxes are easy to deliver in bulk as they occupy less space in collapsed form.
You can conveniently assemble them and pack your high-end products in these boxes. These packages are considered to be the best combination of functionality and aesthetics.

  • Drawer Boxes

Sleek designs always draw the attention of the customers. Drawer boxes or custom slide box packaging are popular for their luxurious design and unique unboxing mechanism.
These two-piece boxes come with a sliding tray covered by a box piece open at both ends. The open ends allow the tray to slide and unbox the product in a captivating way.

  • Telescope boxes

Telescope rigid boxes are two-piece packaging boxes that are easy to open and close. They come with a lid and a base tray. The lid completely overlaps the walls of the tray and touches the bottom when closed.
These incredible boxes are used to enhance the elegance of fragile and luxury items maintaining safety to a great extent.

  • Hinged Lid Boxes

Hinged lid boxes are named after their opening and closing mechanism. These boxes come with a lid attached to the base with a hinge joint for movement. The hinge of the boxes allows you to open and close the box without detaching the lid.

Where to Buy Rigid Boxes?

Discovering a reliable and trustworthy packaging partner can be a challenging task for you. Let us assist you in this regard without any hassle. You can buy rigid boxes wholesale from OXO Packaging at a market-competitive price.
We provide you with excellent quality packaging solutions with multiple customization options. The best part about OXO Packaging is that we offer free shipping all over the US.

In a Nutshell

Summing up in a few words, the demand for rigid packaging is exponentially rising due to its undeniable advantages. Many types of rigid packaging are available to fulfil the market needs. Plastic, chipboard, glass, and metal packaging are included in the most commonly used rigid packaging types.

Among them, chipboard rigid boxes have gained distinctive popularity. These boxes can be customized in different styles depending on your requirements. We hope you can now opt for the right type of rigid packaging for your products.

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