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CBD Boxes to Maximize Your Sales

According to a 2019 survey on CBD usage, it was found that one in seven Americans uses CBD-infused products. This is one of the reasons many new CBD-based businesses are being launched. And it makes us confident that the CBD industry will be around for a comparatively prolonged time.

So, the upside is that you'll never run out of customers, but the downside is that you'll need effective marketing strategies to keep your business going. We suggest CBD Boxes are your best marketing solution.

How is Using Custom CBD Boxes a Novel Marketing Strategy?

A business needs creative marketing strategies to survive. And you must have noticed that many well-known companies periodically alter their marketing tactics. These brands use their packaging to reflect the general public's submission to their goods. Do you also want to get ranked among these famous brands? If so, place the order today.

We want you to believe us when we say that you can't underestimate the marketing power that packaging holds. Inquisitive and dynamic custom packaging has become one of the most popular ways to drive high sales. To be precise, you can't argue that marketing is a necessary tool to help people recognize your product. Therefore, why not use CBD Boxes as a marketing extension to promote your products?

Printing Choices for Your CBD Boxes

Printing is another way of communicating your product's value and benefits to your audience. Printing makes your custom boxes look more admirable as well as noticeable. At OXO Packaging, we provide the highest printing quality to our clients for their custom CBD boxes.

  • Digital Printing

Inkjet printing is another name for digital printing. It is a traditional printing method, and it is simple as well as time-saving. The image or text that needs printing is transferred onto the machine's surface. It transfers a computer file onto the printing surface to get the desired results. Although digital printing is environmentally friendly, it is better suited for smaller orders. If you want to get your CBD boxes made in small quantities, then digital printing is a wise choice for you.

  • Off-Set Printing

This printing technique has become very popular in the last few years. It is frequently used because it can print orders in bulk. Off-set printing is also known as lithography. Unlike digital printing, lithography does involve the use of a printing plate. Coming towards how it works, the image is transferred to the printing plate, passing through a cylinder, and then finally, your boxes. Off-set printing works best for all Pantone colors. Hemp Boxes companies also use this printing for CBD Gift Boxes.

Trending Styles for Your CBD Boxes

Do you know your audience is tired of receiving their products in the same old packaging? Furthermore, it is also discouraging them from buying your product. So, we suggest that you bring your A-game to your packaging with your packaging. We offer you various customization styles for your custom CBD boxes with logos; and here are a few.

  • Child Resistant Boxes
  • CBD Display Boxes
  • Window Boxes

These styles can work fantastically for your CBD business.

Special Add-ons and Features

Special add-ons on your Custom CBD Boxes with logo can bring out the true appeal of your product. OXO Packaging offers you these features to set your products apart from the rest. Here are a few of the most popularly used features for your custom boxes.

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Holographic Foiling
  • Aquos Coating
  • Gold Foiling
  • Metallic Foiling
  • Spot UV

Connect with Your Audience through CBD Boxes with Logo!

Who doesn't enjoy hearing a good story? Even as adults, we carry on our childhood habit of listening to bedtime stories. And isn't it true that stories help you relate to the actual or fantasy world? Cut to the chase; we use our packaging to narrate your brand's story to your clients. The story can be told using various colors, features, and even your logo can represent the whole background of your product and the thought you've put into it. In addition, Custom CBD Boxes with logos can spark your customer's interest in your products.

Secondly, you must connect with your audience to create a loyal customer base. We're sure our evocative CBD Box Packaging techniques can develop a bond of trust and loyalty between you and your clients.

Perks of Working with OXO Packaging

OXO Packaging comes with not one but many incredible benefits for your Vape Boxes. We don't mind going above and beyond for our clients because all we want is a happy customer. We've outlined a few benefits of choosing us as your packaging partner.

  • We know that you want to see the quality of our packaging before your order. So, what we do is we ship you free generic samples. Additionally, we adhere to this as our rule for client transparency. 
  • At OXO Packaging, no hidden fees or extra charges are requested. Beyond the finalized quote price, there is nothing else that you need to pay.
  • As previously stated, we strive to provide the best OXO Packaging experience. In light of this, we offer completely free shipping services. 

How to Reach Us?

To place your order, call us or email us with your details. Other than these options, our live chat support agents can also help you with your order inquiries and concerns. 

What are Your Best Material Options for CBD Boxes?

We have premium-quality stock options for you. Our best materials include cardboard, kraft, and rigid and corrugated paper. All of these materials are highly durable. They offer great strength to your packaging and protect your product from harm or damage.

Do you offer a Free Design Consultation?

Our design consultation is, in fact, totally free. Our exceptional team of designers can also provide you with free 3D mockups of your artwork for you. If you haven't come up with your brand's logo, this is another service our designers can provide you.

Can I Order Custom Samples?

Yes, you can order a custom sample before giving the go-ahead for your final order. We know that our customer wants to know how the design and printing worked out on the boxes. Therefore, we make it possible for you through custom samples.

What Sizes Do you Make Packaging for?

We customize your packaging to your preferences and requirements. We work on your command, so there are no set dimensions for how we make our packaging. We can design your CBD boxes in any shape, size, or style.

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