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10 Creative Small Business Packaging Ideas

 2023-07-26 13:41:33

Small Business Packaging Ideas

Are you looking for small business packaging ideas? You have landed in the right place. In this competitive market, small businesses face many challenges in standing out and making sales. One way to overcome these challenges is to go creative with your packaging and offer an exclusive experience. 

We are here to help you with that, so this blog will cover 10 creative ideas to make your packaging boxes impressive and outshine the competition.

10 Best Small Business Packaging Ideas:

Packaging can be a real game changer when it comes to small businesses. It presents an opportunity to improve brand presentation, convey professionalism, and stand out from the competition. Here are our picks for some catchy ideas to make your packaging the best.

  1. Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes:

Cardboard is the most popular item on the list of small business packaging supplies. This material, with its high-end printing flexibility and sustainable nature, is the best choice for making packaging boxes. 

Using custom printed cardboard boxes can be an impressive way to pack and present your products. Cardboard can be customized into any shape or size. It's flexible nature and sturdy composition makes it perfect for any kind of product and any industry.

  1. Minimal Kraft Packaging Boxes:

When it comes to packaging, sometimes simplicity is the best approach. Kraft packaging Boxes is the best example of this. Kraft paper is a sturdy yet biodegradable packaging material. Its natural, rustic look is what makes it an impressive choice to use. 

With kraft paper, you can make a minimal packaging box that conveys your message in a simplistic way. The porous surface of kraft is what adds a unique texture to the boxes, making them perfect for packaging a variety of products.

  1. Luxury Rigid Boxes:

Next up on our list of small business packaging ideas is using a rigid paperboard box. If you are a small business selling a high-end product, rigid packaging boxes might be the best choice. They add a premium look and feel to your product packaging boxes, helping them stand out. 

Luxury doesn’t usually mean expensive. That is the perfect way to describe rigid packaging boxes. Rigid paperboard is a cost-effective packaging material. It may be more expensive than its counterpart, cardboard, but it comes with the added benefit of a premium look. So use rigid packaging boxes for premium products and gift items.

  1. Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes:

If you run an online business, this option from our list of small business packaging ideas is best for you. Corrugated cardboard is a high-end material best used to make shipping boxes. It comes with three layers of cardboard to make them extra protective. 

These boxes will help your products stand strong in harsh shipping and handling conditions. This allows your customers get their products in amazing condition.

  1. Use Vinyl Labels:

Labels are a great way to add additional details and product information to your packaging. You should use labels to add important information and make your packaging more detailed. Why vinyl? Because it has a premium surface and sticks to any kind of surface. 

The reason vinyl labels made it to our list of small business packaging ideas is because of vinyl’s excellent features. It sticks perfectly to any surface and doesn’t fall off. Also, if you need to remove it, it leaves no mark. So use vinyl stickers to make your packaging more detailed.

  1. Custom Hang Tags:

Using custom hang tags is another amazing packaging idea. Hang tags are quite popular with apparel, but you can use them with other products as well. Well-designed custom hang tags can be used to add a personalized message to your packaging. 

So when the customer purchases your products, they can feel appreciated. So use personalized hang tags to build a relationship with your customers.

  1. Catchy Ribbons:

Another great small business packaging idea is to use catchy ribbons to make your boxes more special. Ribbons turn anything into a special gift, so wrapping them around your packaging box can create an impressive appeal. 

Use a plain, solid color ribbon with a beautiful closure to make an appealing product presentation. Ribbons even add a touch of beauty to plain boxes, so use them and attach a personalized card on top to add a thank you note or product information.

  1. Add Business Cards:

With budget issues and high marketing costs, businesses often miss out on brand awareness. Don’t worry; our small business packaging ideas are here to help you out. 

An impressive yet cost-effective way to increase brand awareness is to add business cards to your packaging. This can help your customers know you and your brand better. Along with that, adding business cards can help you build a sense of trust with the customer. Businesses also use custom boxes for business cards as it helps in branding and building reputatiuon. This way, they will contact you when they want to purchase the product again.

  1. Make Branded Packaging:

Keeping your branding consistent is the best way to make your brand identifiable. So when designing your packaging boxes, ensure to use your brand's colors and theme. This will help your packaging make your product noticeable. Also, designing your packaging this way can help your products stand out from the rest.

  1. Use Color Gradients:

Another great idea to make an excellent packaging box is to use color gradients. If you use multiple colors for your brand, you can make a gradient with them and decorate your packaging in a visually appealing manner. If your brand colors are dark, it is a better idea to go with a gradient with reduced opacity to keep the shades consistent throughout the packaging box.


So these are the small business packaging ideas we have for you. Utilizing these ideas, you can create impressive custom packaging for small businesses. If you still need professional help designing your packaging boxes, our exceptional design team is here to help you out with that. So contact OXO Packaging today with your packaging queries, and let us help you create exclusive, well-designed packaging boxes for your small business

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