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Give your Brand a Bang with Custom Candle Boxes

 2022-04-14 07:15:31

Give your Brand a Bang with Custom Candle Boxes

It is not an easy task to brand your product in modern competitive markets. However, if you have made up your mind, then there are particular things that you must consider—items that are unique to branding—something without which promotion and high sales are impossible. Custom packaging is one such branding feature that most candle manufacturers in the United States ignore. Even today, the demand for candles in the country is skyrocketing. Americans consume millions of candles every year at the festivals of Christmas Eve, Valentine's, New Year's Eve and weddings. It is expected that the demand will rise a lot in future. Therefore suppliers are using Custom Candle Boxes to perfectly display candles. These boxes are eco-friendly, product-friendly, customer-friendly and affordable.

Above all, custom packaging in itself is reliable for long-term branding. But you might ask how a custom candle box can help businesses with high sales when they can do effective promotion through billboards, TV, media and other mediums? The answer to this question is simple; packaging has an innate feature. 

Imagine spending countless dollars on promoting your candle products on TV. A customer likes your ad and then visits your shop to purchase the candle. When he sees the candle, he becomes disappointed by the quality of the candle packaging. He quickly realized that the product was not what it was shown in the TV commercial. It is where custom candle display boxes come into play. These boxes are remarkable for perfect branding and increase the value of your product in a way that no one can go without appreciating it.  

Quality is Not Everything!

Every business strives for providing quality services, whether it's a production business or services. But there is a thin line between quality and compromise on creativity. Undoubtedly, customers always want a quality product because it fulfils everything they want. But being a retailer, you need to be careful about the marketing perspectives. You can manufacture the most delicate piece of candles that no one can make in the United States, but what if customers don't find the packaging attractive enough to purchase your product? Therefore, customization is necessary. By applying customization in the packaging, retailers can increase the outreach of their candle products. Such customization increases quality lamination, 3D printing, logo customization, embossing, and design and size customization. Moreover, if you don't use the eye-catching and aesthetic elements in the packaging, then how come customers will know about your products no matter how qualitative they are?

Use Laminations to Beautify Candle Packaging Boxes

Using lamination on the candy packaging boxes is becoming a more like trend. It is because the matte and gloss lamination serves a unique purpose. But before discussing the benefits of lamination, let us answer why it is better for the banding of a candle. The answer is simple: wholesale custom candle display boxes are like a welcoming gesture to your customers. These display boxes build your brand impression; therefore, there is no room for compromising their aesthetic design.

  • Use the matte lamination at the display boxes to magnify the logo branding elements. This lamination provides a velvet-like soft texture to the box and adds an element of luxury to it. 
  • Moreover, the gloss lamination is also remarkable for providing extraordinary shine to the box. It increases the elements of beauty and makes your logo visible, shiny, and beautiful.

What does OXO Packaging Have to Offer?

One of the prime features of your packaging services is that we help businesses with reliable branding. The Candle Gift Boxes we manufacture are unique in style and presentation. On one hand, the light candles are enough to lure customers towards your brand, and on the other hand, the beautiful eye-catching designs, see-through windows and luxurious mailer shaped opening take the rest of the task. We provide countless customization options ranging from design services to matchless printing facilities. You can craft any design, visual, color, and printing on the front of these boxes. Color these in whatever style you want. Moreover, don't miss the logo customization benefits we provide to make your logo prominent, catching and competitive. 

Sturdy Raw Material

In the packaging industry, quality raw material is the ultimate king. If you think that using plastic-based products for the packaging of candles will help you in branding, you might consider it twice. This is because customers are becoming highly conscious of the quality of the packaging product. Therefore, we use Kraft Boxes and corrugated cardboard as the essential raw materials. They bring the following unique benefits. 

  • Kraft has high tensile strength. It provides outstanding protection to sensitive candle jars. It also keeps them intact from shipping and environmental stress.
  • The tear resistance capacity of Kraft is also very high. It is not easy to tear the Kraft made Candle boxes wholesale. Therefore they also protect the contents of candles from high temperatures, moisture and other conditions. 

Free Design Consultation 

We provide free design services to our valuable clients. If you are confused about what design to choose, our expert help is just a click away. Feel free to contact us, and you will get in touch with our artists. Our artists will understand your branding and product requirements and then provide you with countless designs, colors and printing options. 

In the modern competitive world, designing an eye-catching candle packaging wholesale is challenging because your competitors are not sitting with their eyes closed. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us and get free design services from us. We also provide free shipping on custom candle boxes across the United States and Canada.

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