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How CBD Vape Oil Cartridge Boxes Can Meet Your Branding Demands in 2022?

 2022-02-10 10:04:48

CBD Vape Oil Cartridge Box Packaging

During the past decade, the global cigarette industry has been booming a lot with e-cigarettes and vapes. Every passing year brings a massive increase in the vaping culture across the United States. It is true that Americans cannot live without it. The scent, flavour, and its connection with the American dream are all that Americans love which is incomplete without Vaping. However, the product itself is not the only thing that customers see while deciding on a grocery store.

An important element of vape products is vape oil which is e-liquid. These oils are placed in separate packaging boxes. Sometimes these are inside a vape mod kid because of their sensitive nature that is entirely of glass. It is important to write about the product protective nature of CBD Vape Oil Cartridge boxes that provide maximum security to e-liquids by providing effective branding.

We call such boxes cartridges because they are different from Custom Kraft boxes. We use Kraft and cardstock as central materials while manufacturing cartridge boxes. It is because they are unique in their use cases that are mentioned below.

Don’t Miss the Elegant Vape Cartridge Packaging

Let us discuss the key benefits of putting vape oils inside cartridge boxes. Firstly cartridge boxes are famous for displaying sensitive products. These boxes are strong and cannot change in their shape or quality while shipping.

A piece of metal, a firearm, an injection liquid, or vape oils that are inside glass bottles are highly difficult to handle if you want to ship them across a large distance. Therefore Vape cartridge packaging with an insert provides an extra layer of protection to such products. This is the difference between them and simple Kraft Packaging.


You Can Customise What You Want

Businesses are working these days to apply customization in their product packaging. Research says that a product’s packaging can also be a perfect tool for effective branding alongside TV, social media, and billboards. This can be done only through the application of customization.

  • Must apply 3D Printing technology to print your brand’s logo, product informative, and attractive visuals on CBD vape oil boxes.
  • Choose to imprint superb visuals on the box’s front especially those that relate to American youngsters.
  • Colours speak. Since the product is manly, you can choose to go ahead with vibrant black and blue colored printing techniques. Apart from that, solid colours are also appealing as holding such boxes adds an X factor to a man’s personality.
  • Don’t worry about packaging size. It is in fact the beauty of customization that you can get CBD Vape oil packaging of whatever size you want. Gone are those days when only one box was considered standard and every business had to use them. The world is changing so change with it.


Why Does Everyone Love Window Cartridge Boxes?

Besides printing, there are many benefits of design customization. These benefits are important when it comes to perfect promotion of vape oil cartridge boxes. The boxes can be small-sized with a hanging hook that is perfect for product display. But the most important ones are the window boxes. These boxes have a transparent window through which effective promotion is possible.

There is a close branding link between window customization when it comes to the manufacturing of CBD vape oil boxes. The most commonly used cartridge boxes have a window because through such boxes customers can have a quick look at the product and will be satisfied with what they will be getting. Moreover, such boxes are perfect for branding and are perfect marketing weapons.


Don’t Worry About the Packaging Size

Vape oil, also called e-liquid, comes in various sizes. Some manufacturers provide large 100 ml vape oil bottles. These bottles require strong cartridge packaging to provide them with maximum protection. Therefore 10 ml bottles can also be seen everywhere.

To make sure that your bottle size does not be limited by cartridge packaging then you must go ahead with custom printed vape oil boxes.

  • For 10 ml vape oil bottles, OXO Packaging manufactures custom-printed 10 ml e-liquid boxes that look equally appealing because of their tiny size.
  • If you manufacture a 30 ml e-liquid box, then you must select custom printed 30ml e-liquid boxes that are normal sized and the corrugated craft layer keeps them highly secure.
  • Don’t miss our custom printed 60 ml e-liquid boxes with an insert option to enclose your bottles perfectly.
  • Finally, the large custom printed 100 ml e-liquid boxes are extraordinarily product protective. You can even get a vape oil box of your product's size as well. Just send us a message and we will provide you with free design services.


Eco-Friendly in Nature

If you throw these boxes after using them they will leave no impact on the environment because of their eco-friendly nature. They are pollution free because of their Kraft and cardboard-nature. Therefore they are cheap and less harmful by all means.


Glow with Right Lamination

Lamination is important to increase the beauty of a product while displaying it in a superstore. We use both matte and gloss lamination to increase the shiny appearance of our boxes. These laminations are important for providing softness to the box's surface.


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