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Why Kraft paper is used for packaging? A complete guide to “Go Green”

 2021-04-02 13:52:25


Kraft paper is popular in the packaging world as it’s eco-friendly and it is capable of controlling the ever-growing problem of pollution. Businesses that care for the planet and go green for encasing the valuables earn the loyalty of customers as people prefer brands which don’t harm the earth for their gain. A variety of stuff available for packaging with numerous qualities turns it tough for the business owner to make the choice. So, here is a complete guide to know more about Kraft paper and why it is used for packaging: 

Packaging represents the brand, it’s a fact!

Yes, packaging represents a brand and it shows the standard of the manufacturer company. Eco-conscious people focus on the stuff of the packaging boxes and they judge the quality of the product as well as concentrate on the effort of the company in keeping the earth a safe place to breathe. Eco-friendly Kraft Packaging is the excellent way of representing a brand as caring for the customers and the planet. Business that focuses on packaging gets 30% increase in consumers interest and 52% consumers receiving their parcel in customized boxes become the regular customer of the company. Custom printed Kraft boxes work really well in skyrocketing the sales as customers feel valued when the packaging is customized. 

According to a survey, the Global Green Packaging Market size was $132,556 million back in 2015 and it is expected to reach $207,543 million by 2022, it’s a boost of 5.41% in the usage of eco-friendly stuff for packaging. Packaging waste material has a huge impact on the earth as it increases pollution, so it’s wise for businesses to go green and play a vital role in saving the place for the next generation.

Kraft means “strength”, here’s why?

Kraft is a word of German language that means “strength” and the name was given to the stuff as wood pulp was treated with certain chemical compounds which increased its strength. Carl F. Dahl created Kraft paper for the first time in 1880, he separated lignin from the pulp and treated cellulose with sulfates which produced Kraft paper. So, the answer to what is Kraft paper made of is cellulose and chemical compounds which are the pillars for its strength. 
Natural Kraft paper is durable; it comes in light brown color when it is not bleached. It can carry the weight of heavy products when strength is required. The strongest packaging solution was created years ago and it’s still in use with popularity. 

Know the reasons why Kraft is a famous choice for packaging:

Kraft material is a famous choice for packaging, more and more businesses are turning to get the boxes created with Kraft. It gets the support of the customers to the brand for the following reasons:

  • Eco-friendly, keeps the planet safe

Kraft doesn’t leave a negative impact on the environment and never plays a part in making the air polluted. The stuff is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, the value of the product is increased when the symbol of recycling is printed on its box. So, Kraft is preferred by the businesses to encase the product to make the brand valuable and sell more. 

  • Tear-resistant, carries heavy weight

Kraft paper is tear-resistant, heaving items can be encased in it. It is utilized for industrial and commercial purposes as it keeps the products safe from environmental stressors. The product is shifted to the customer’s place without a single scratch or impacted by the harsh weather conditions.  

  • Decomposition, doesn’t leave residue

Decomposition of the stuff makes it superior as it degrades naturally without leaving toxins or waste material. In the modern era, people have realized why it is necessary to keep the earth protected. So, they naturally get attracted to the products and brands which always go green for covering the items.

Kraft paper is preferable as compared to regular paper. Know why?

Kraft paper contains numerous qualities that make it better as compared to regular paper. It comes with strength as stated earlier so, here are a few additional excellent features of Kraft paper box:

  • Moisture-proof, Kraft packaging doesn’t absorb moisture from inside or outside. It means the fresh or frozen foodstuff inside the box can’t impact the box. The weather conditions outside the box can’t affect it as it's moisture-proof. It doesn’t get soggy and keeps the customer satisfied. It is not only utilized to encase eatables; it serves great in keeping other products in the original condition as well.
  • Cost-effective, Kraft Boxes are not expensive and regular paper creates packaging which is costly. Kraft is a cost-effective marketing tool that allows printing features and visuals on it in any color and helps in product promotion. 
  • Low-temperature freezing, Kraft packaging doesn’t get wet with the frozen product encased in it and it doesn’t freeze. It allows covering the foodstuff to create lasting influence with the creative artwork printed on it. There is no strict rule of color selection as the waterproof Kraft paper can be adorned with a wide range of color contrasts. 
  • Folding-resistant, Kraft stuff can endure folding under constant load and it doesn’t break. This quality makes it the best material which keeps the product undamaged even in the condition of the load over the box. 
  • No waste material, it decomposes like leaves without residue. Kraft paper comes and goes with no waste material which makes it one of the best choices for covering the product.

Kraft packaging turns business successful, but how?

Packaging influences the prospects and turns them into leads, Custom Kraft boxes crafted with innovative design sways the buying decision of the potential customers. Here is how Kraft Packaging turns the business successful:

  • Valuable protection

It’s really disappointing for the customer to get damaged product after investing hard-earned money, so it is mandatory to encase the valuables in protective packaging. Kraft is a strong material that can endure weather conditions, environmental factors as well as a heavy load.

  • Impressive aesthetics

Aesthetics of packaging is incumbent to focus as the look and feel must be out of the world, custom printed Kraft boxes are smooth in touch and fabulous in appearance. Prospects are captivated by the alluring look and they are persuaded to try the item with the soft feel.

  • Artistic appearance

Artistic other-worldly outlook turns the simple product into valuable and shows the company is trustworthy. Kraft paper is hassle-free to turn in a packaging box with persuasive touch, the boxes can be created in any shape, size and design to bewitch the prospects. 

  • Counter display box

The counter display showcases the product in the most prominent section of the store. The item gets the deserved attention when it is displayed alluringly organized in the creative box.
These all are the Kraft paper advantages for business which assists in making the company able to compete in the market. 

What is Kraft paper used for business transformation?

Kraft packaging is an amazing selection for e-commerce businesses that offer to purchase from the comfort of home. Protective packaging options transformed businesses and online shopping is in trend now. It enables the company to win the heart of the customers by providing them exceptional unboxing experience when they receive a parcel at home. Kraft paper is ideal to be converted into a creative packaging box and it is utilized by multinational companies for branding purposes as well as promotional campaigns. Kraft boxes are great for creating brand awareness and they show the features of the product prominently which tells about the item. Let’s see how Kraft packaging changed the entire business scenario:

  • Sliding drawer packaging 

The unboxing experience must be amazing for the customer as it makes the company memorable. The drawer style and sliding feature of Kraft paper box make the company unforgettable so, the customers buy from the brand repeatedly online. Stylish protective packaging earns customer loyalty and builds trust, so it paves the smooth way to be successful in the e-commerce industry. 

  • Off lid window box

The first glance at the product received in a parcel from a far-off place work wonders in making a first-time buyer a regular customer. Off lid Kraft boxes with the window is an awesome packaging style that shows the actual product even when the parcel is unboxed. The complementing artwork and the hue combination on the custom printed Kraft boxes contribute to the overall look which carves an image in the mind for a lifetime. 

  • Gift wrapping

Gift is a way of expressing love, so it must be bewitching in appearance to captivate the attention of the prospect. It is obvious that people want the gift to make the receiver feel valuable and loved which makes it mandatory to concentrate on the entire outlook as the packaging box is of utmost importance in gift wrapping. Kraft Packaging allows creating boxes in any creative shape with the printed strong visuals which manufactures alluring boxes for wrapping gifts. Tags and ribbons attached to the boxes add to the entire appearance, beads can also be used for embellishing the boxes which make the company look distinctive and shine bright on the shelf to be noticed in the physical and on e-commerce online stores as well. It makes it trouble-free to buy the gift online and send it to dear ones. 

To get Kraft packaging manufactured, know your packaging requisites:

It is essential to know the packaging requisites before booking the box order. Here is the list of business packaging demands to work on before contacting the professionals for designing and producing impressive boxes:

  • Size of box

Size is the most important aspect as there should be no extra space inside the box or the product will collide on the sides. It is mandatory to measure the product and send the right size to the packaging company to perfectly fit the valuable.

  • Quantity of box

The boxes must be ordered in the quantity which is required to encase the products to hit the shelf, it is better to count and then order to avoid any issue after the order is delivered. Ordering wholesale Kraft Boxes saves money, so it’s a cost-effective method of product promotion.

  • Budget for packaging

It is obvious that every business runs on a set budget limit, so it is incumbent to set the budget for packaging to get the rate from the packaging company and order the custom product packaging boxes within budget. It’s the only way of not breaking the bank as planning assists in staying within the set limit. 

Options of features to add in Kraft packaging:

Distinctive features in the packaging capture the attention of the prospects and it’s a fact because people are trendy and they don’t get impressed with products giving boring looks on the shelf. Custom Kraft boxes allow adding extra features to the packaging which helps in captivating and counting customers:

  • Personalization

Personalization makes the prospect feel the brand is directly communicating with him/her which is a successful technique to turn a lead into a customer. Printing of inspirational or motivational quotes on the packaging or the tag attached to the box adds attraction. It inspires the potential customer and acts as a persuasive agent. 

  • Windowpane

Windowpane on the packaging shows the product which increases the confidence level of the prospects to invest money and get the benefits. Custom printed Kraft boxes with artistic artwork complementing the actual product container makes the appearance impressive. 

  • Inserts

Inserts in the Kraft packaging enables encasing multiple products safely in the box and the separation helps in avoiding collision inside. This option makes Kraft packaging the best selection to provide an unscratched item to the customer.

Famous brands who always go green & get customer support!

There is no doubt that brands who choose to go green and get Kraft paper box to cover the products for offering with grace get the support of the customers. People prefer brands that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so Kraft gets the favor of the customers to the company. Here are the famous brands which orders Kraft boxes from OXO Packaging and the skilled staff assists them to become successful in the market by attracting more and selling more:

Legend’s creek farm
Skincare and haircare products are manufactured by the company so; the customers can get superior-quality items produced with hand-picked ingredients. OXO Packaging manufactures boxes to add a protective shield over the products to keep the customers satisfied. 

Farm stand online
OXO Packaging produces stylish Kraft packaging for soaps and other accessories manufactured by the company. High-quality stuff is utilized to craft the Custom Printed boxes which feels soft to the hands and the clients are provided with multiple design options to select depending on the taste. 

Coast live oak creations
The company specializes in a variety of soap production and OXO Packaging wraps them elegantly to capture the eyes of the prospects in the stores. The professionals are equipped with the latest tools to give bright colors to the custom Kraft boxes which increases the shelf life of the products. 

When to use Kraft paper for packaging?

Kraft paper packaging is best to use when it comes to encasing the foodstuff and it is also a perfect choice for wrapping other valuables no matter to which category they belong. It becomes the only selection for covering the products when a businessman realizes the requirement of keeping the planet safe. It doesn’t leave waste material, so it’s the right time to use Kraft material and get rid of the packaging stuff which leaves a residue.

Where to get high-quality Kraft packaging boxes?

OXO Packaging is a trustworthy company which has been serving businessmen for years and reputed for providing superior quality services. The staff never compromises on the quality of the material utilized for producing custom Kraft boxes and there are no extra charges for dispatching box order at the client’s doorstep, it’s free. Let’s see the options provided by the company to get the packaging as the businessman wishes to launch the products in the market or revamp the outlook to boost appeal:

  • Logo printing: Embossed or debossed
  • Shape & size: Customized according to desire
  • Lamination: Gloss, Matte, Spot UV or Foiling
  • Statement: Personalized and prominently stated features
  • Eco-friendly stuff: Kraft, Cardboard, E-flute Corrugated, Bux Board
  • Printing: Superior-quality CMYK


Packaging of the products can’t be ignored as it plays a prominent part in turning the outlook impressive which helps in selling more and getting huge ROI. Kraft paper box is the best way to go green, get the support of the prospects and make them a regular buyer. It is wise to go for the eco-friendly option when it’s time to wrap the products as it keeps the air as well as the planet protected. 

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