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Let’s Learn How to Design Custom Burger Boxes!

 2022-04-06 10:43:34

Let’s Learn How to Design Custom Burger Boxes!

Just like a sunflower cannot survive without the sun, in the same way, Americans cannot imagine their lives without Burgers. Every year Americans eat 50 billion burgers and the demand for hamburgers in the country is skyrocketing with time. Even today, there are more than 50,000 burger joints in the United States. Besides quality, the one thing that distinguishes a good burger from an ordinary one is its packaging. No doubt, burgers fill the mouth of consumers with water, but there is something that retailers in America must know. It is the design of Custom Burger Boxes that they are using to store, display, and present their delicious burgers.

Gone are those days when a simple packaging style was considered standard for burger packaging. Today, things have changed. To sell out your burgers, you no longer have to rely on simple packaging. All you have to do is just use the powerful tools of customization. This will help you to make eye-catching and branding-friendly printed burger boxes of your choice. But the question is “How to design eye-catching burger boxes so that they can earn you high sales?” To answer this question, let’s unfold what an ideal burger box design should look like.

Choose the Right Printing Technology

Don’t underestimate the branding power of fine printing technology. If you want to make an eye-catching and appealing burger box, then opting for the best printing technology is your first stop. In the United States, retailers rely on digital printing, 3d printing, lithography, flexography, and inkjet printing for designing and printing the burger packaging boxes of their choice.

But you need to be mindful of the drawbacks of a printing technique while opting for one. For instance, lithography is a costly technique. It is quite difficult for startups to afford such expensive printing technologies. Similarly, the quality of printing in flexography is less than that of lithography. In flexography, the problem of color gradient quality and banding occurs therefore, most companies shy away from this technology. Finally, digital printing is perfect in many cases. It is a type of printing technology that focuses more on the color and quality of the design that you want to print. Therefore, always choose the right printing technology on Food Packaging Boxes based on your product demand, branding demand, and price.

Use Logo Customization in Printed Burger Boxes

A logo is more than a printing piece. In fact, in the fast-food business, a logo is like a salesman. It speaks about the values of a brand. Therefore, logos are important for trust building. For this purpose,

  • Choose the right place for logo printing. Don’t go towards the corners in fact make your logo prominent and print it at the center.
  • Align your colors and brand slogans with the logo. If the ideal color of your brand is black, and you are printing the logo in pink color, then customers will definitely not like it. Therefore, always be careful of the right color contrast.
  • Finally, always keep in mind that a customer-friendly logo is directly in line with your brand awareness. Logo aids in making your brand popular. Therefore, always prioritize how you print it!

Always Print the Necessary Information 

Unique food packaging boxes are always user-friendly. A box is said to be user-friendly when it provides all the necessary information that a customer needs. In the context of burger boxes wholesale, an ideal box should reflect the following information on

  • The food ingredient
  • The company’s background and its year of establishment
  • An eye-catching slogan for higher customer attraction
  • Quality of raw materials in the packaging boxes
  • The Eco-friendly elements of the box  

Use Diverse Unboxing Styles in Burger Packaging Boxes

Now you are done with the information you want to print on your burger boxes wholesale. But there is one last thing that is still remaining in the design phase. This is the unboxing style. No doubt burgers are flat products and customers never expect a vertical shaped box or display box for this product. But you can design mailer-shaped boxes for your burgers with catchy designs. Such boxes attract customers way better than simple one. The trend of window-style custom burger boxes is also rising, so you can try one of those as well. But ultimately, it is the fine design and your dedication that makes your customers fall in love with your packaging.

A Final Touch with Lamination and Embossing 

We are at the final stage now. You have chosen the right packaging style, have a printed logo and other details. Now you are just one step far from the great bang! It is time to apply lamination and embossing on your burger packaging boxes.

By using matte and gloss lamination, you can increase the outreach of your logo and product. These laminations increase the beauty of your logo by providing it with an attractive shine. Moreover, they are also useful in beautifying the texture of the box by making it velvety and soft. Therefore, apply the beautiful laminations and embossing which completes your designing step. Your custom burger packaging boxes are now ready to boost your sales. They will tell customers the glory of your delicious burgers. Boom.

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