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Ready to optimize your visibility with custom bakery boxes?

 2021-04-05 10:22:37

Optimize your visibility with custom bakery boxes

Life is sweet due to irresistibly delicious bakery treats, but customization in packaging is what creates the magic and sells!

Stand out in a crowd with master aptitude!

Visibility is significant, ignore it and your entire struggle will go wasted. No one focuses on the product until it is unique so, grabbing attention is incumbent. Let’s see how you can optimize the outlook to appear distinctive with Custom Bakery boxes:


Deliver positive vibes & tell brand story


“Packaging can be theater, it can create story” Steve Jobs

Refreshing colors and artistic artwork both tell the brand story, they are capable of communicating the quality of eatable. The businessman who cares for the customers and uses hand-picked ingredients to produce bakery items focuses on the outlook and protection as well. So, positive vibes and advocating for the product serves well in increasing the sales.


Mouthwatering boxes to complement sweet treats

Captivating mouth-watering visuals on the custom bakery boxes add a persuasive effect to the packaging. Sweet treats in the bakery and the salted ones are excellent to cover in the creatively Custom Printed boxes to stimulate the taste buds at the first glance.


Winning bakery boxes with smooth touch to set brand apart

Marvelous outlook and you have invited the prospect, so what’s next? Making the potential customer feel seamless and smooth to the hands. Rough packaging never works in converting the lead into a customer which demands the soft touch to sway the buying decision.


Endorse your brand & represent with grace


Overlooked presentation is synonymous to no sales!

Packaging endorses the brand and speaks for the standard of the company but only if it is well-manufactured. It also eliminates the requirement of a company representative on the spot, it’s a fact that custom bakery boxes serve as representative. So, it is incumbent to be graceful on the shelf and wrap the eatable in packaging which communicates with the potential customer.


Carve brand image with embossed logo

The embossed logo adds a 3D effect to the special mark of the company which makes it memorable. It adds a distinctive dimension and luxurious touch to boxes. Creating the appearance impressive makes the experience unforgettable which not only persuades to buy but also turns the prospect into a regular customer.


Show off eatables in well-structured boxes for flavorful experience

Get well-crafted custom bakery boxes manufactured by the hands of experts working at OXO Packaging. The professionals never ignore the elements which adds flavorful experience in packaging for the customers. Here are the aspects focused by the staff to add a sense of grandeur in packaging:

  • High-quality CMYK printing
  • Biodegradable & recyclable stuff
  • Embossed logo on boxes
  • Lamination of Gloss, Matte, Spot UV, Foiling
  • Customized idea for shape & size

Get your packaging journey started by sending an email at [email protected] to discuss your concern or call on (510) 500 9533. Your query will be responded within minutes and the order will be delivered to your doorstep so, go ahead and grab attention!

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