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Sales Campaigns and Custom Packaging Boxes

 2020-03-06 05:38:35

Sales Campaigns and Custom Packaging Boxes

With the fast moving world market, one needs to come up with business growth and promotional strategies quite spontaneously. Custom Packaging Boxes are one of the hottest techniques to grab your customer’s attention and finally become loyal to your brand. Here are some important tips that might help you reach your target audience better:


Each industry has its own parameters let’s take a few examples here


  • WHO ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS? Grab the Window Shoppers, they convert into buyers only if your Cosmetic Display has something special and attractive


  • WHAT NEEDS TO BE PRINTED? List the important information on your custom packaging boxes, including what the product constitutes and Business contact information


  • CAN I GET A PROOF PACKAGING BOX? Many customers want to see how the final Product Packaging Box will look like after getting it customized and printed just the way they want. OXO Packaging offers two different types of proof copies at a very nominal price.

Custom Printed Single Proof Copy – Shows exact same printing as the final copy with the selected finishing such as Matte, Lamination, foiling or embossed. This proof copy is not cut or glued but it gives customers an idea of final look, colors and designs 

Prototype Packaging Copy – This is a finished product with same design, style, printing and outlook but the material is not the same. This prototype copy shows the exact functionality such as popping up, flap folding and the size and look and feel of the final product. Such prototype copies can also be ordered for special exhibitions and trade shows.

  • WHAT CAN BE THE COMPETITIVE BUSINESS ADVANTAGE? Customers are attracted by Customized Packaging Boxes that act as good containers or are reusable. You know how we can reuse the Drawer styled Custom Sleeve Boxes as Jewelry Boxes



  • WHAT KIND OF DISPLAY WILL BE PERFECT? Place Packaging Boxes in glass displays. Moreover, make up and Cosmetics must be in fancy looking Packaging Boxes. Make changes to your displays according to special days and festivals



  • WHAT SHOULD BE ON OFFICE DESKS? Formal looking Business Card Holders. Use Company Branded Packaging Boxes within your office for better business demonstration such as Tissue Boxes, Paper Note Boxes and Stationery Boxes. Cardboard material is best suited for Official Stationery Packaging Boxes.


  • BUSINESS BRANDING - Custom Printed with Company Logo and Business Contact Information. Send your Branded Packaging Boxes to your clients so they have you in mind every time they look at your products. Flap style, Matte Finishes, Box style, Sleeve Packaging Boxes are all various types of Business Packaging Boxes that make your market presence business oriented.


Food is all about how you lay it out, so focus on showcasing more than anything else. So it’s the versatility that matters to this industry the most.


Bakery items like Brownies, chocolates, donuts, cookies and other such delights fascinate customers through Window Boxes. These boxes act as perfect containers as well as Display Boxes, which can be presented to customers without unpacking the product. As a result the presentation remains intact and the product also remains safe.
Chocolates, Macaroons and sweets also look amazing in the Book style Boxes with dividers. These boxes are available in variety of colors, finishes and designs that not only enhance the packaging look but also add value to your products. Adding ribbons and decorations can also enhance the packaging value and be presented as gifts on occasions like Christmas, New Year and parties.


Dry food such as wafers, snacks, baked breads and plain cakes require Custom Wholesale Food Boxes that come in all sizes and materials. Many of these food items require on spot packaging, for which OXO Packaging special Kraft Packaging Boxes made up of cardboard material are the glove fit Packaging Boxes.

The Custom Kraft Boxes are also perfect for Packaging Party Food as they are sturdy and stylish. Kraft Boxes can be easily folded and above all the Kraft material is microwave friendly, which means you can make your party packs and have your guests warm up the food as per requirement when needed. The Kraft Packaging Boxes are best suited and highly in demand by the market because they can bear the temperature.


Pizza must be delivered hot with its aroma preserved in Cardboard Boxes or a Corrugated Boxes. Even single slices or sandwiches can be packaged efficiently. Decorate your bakery and food outlet counters with these cute looking cardboard boxes. These Custom Wholesale Boxes can also be the perfect Gift Food Boxes at Birthday parties, bridal showers, and wedding parties.


Food courts, restaurants, street food stalls, bakeries and several other food outlets require Disposable Food Packaging Boxes that can keep the food safe and easy to carry. Food items like sandwiches, snacks, salads, office lunches, dry cakes and any items to be carried or delivered are quite conveniently packaged in Custom Lunch Boxes.

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