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Some Latest and Pristine Styles of Custom Soap Packaging Boxes

 2022-09-14 12:54:04

Some Latest and Pristine Styles of Custom Soap Packaging Boxes

I have been watching soap boxes since my childhood. Because these are an indispensable part of my washroom. My sanitary necessities are incomplete without them. Today I am going to write something about some splendid styles of Custom Soap Boxes. I have felt that, at times, the styles of soap packaging boxes get monotonous. There should be something different. Something new. Something un peculiar always gets the attention of the customers. My today's blog is going to be highly potential when it comes to the unique dimensions and measurements.

  • Hexagonal soap box
  • Bookend soap box
  • Briefcase Soap Box
  • Chinese Takeout Soap Boxes
  • Pillow soap packaging box
  • Double Wall Tuck Front Soap Boxes

Hexagonal Soap Box

This type of soap box has six different dimensions/corners. It can be made in any type of width, height, and length. Its one flap is used to open the box. Well, on the whole, its five ends can be opened. One end is intact with the lower bottom of the box. You just have to cut your soap in a hexagonal shape. Isn't it a new idea? A new breed of soaps. And that too in a new kind of box.

Bookend Soap Box

Bookend is a unique style. It is relatively less used in the retail market. Due to its highly aesthetic way of opening, many retailers don't use it. They use it. But for some special products. Why not make your soap packaging box a special product to present to your customers? A bookend box is just like a straight tuck end box. It's one bottom that can be auto-locked, and the upper end can be a straight tuck end. But it has an additional flap that is joined to the front panel of the box. Thus, the box is opened like a book. I feel it can be a tremendous style of soap box packaging. You should give it a try.

Briefcase Soap Box

Briefcase boxes are also in trend. But I have never seen such a box for soaps. It is made in Kraft and Cardboard. It is a die-cut box. It is precisely made like a briefcase. There is a front closing panel that has a little tuck end. This flap gets tucked into the cut at the front panel of this box. Hence, it promptly comes into a briefcase shape. Imagine! If you make small soap briefcase boxes, that would be a new phenomenon in the retail market.

Chinese Takeout Soap Boxes

Usually, Chinese takeout boxes are used for pasta, spaghetti, or some types of Chinese food products. Because it has a very unusual appearance, it is set up in the shape of a basket. There is a handle on the top of this box. If your soap is special. If you think that it needs a special kind of packaging, then I would strongly suggest you think about Chinese takeout soap packaging boxes. Surely, you will make a mark. It might be a little costly. But eventually, it will pay the price.

Pillow Soap Packaging Box

Pillow boxes are usually used for jewelry or stationery products. Yes, I have seen some companies that use pillow boxes for their soap packaging. Here at OXO Packaging, we also manufacture pillow soap boxes. But this trend still has not come into the limelight. I strongly recommend you take pillow boxes under your wings. Some people think that pillow boxes are vulnerable. But I suggest you use some sturdy material. And it is not an issue. You can get sturdier materials in both Kraft and Cardboard.

Double Wall Tuck Front Soap Boxes

Double-wall Tuck Front boxes are also known as mailer boxes. People use them for pizzas etc. But why not make a smaller double wall tuck front soap box? Just to fit in one single box. It can be a new idea for your soap packaging in the market. People have never seen such boxes. They just have gotten food items in these types of boxes. When they see a new type of soap box then, they will surely get attracted to it. And I am certain this style gives a special sense of presentation to the product. Why not just give it a try? Why not make a prototype of this box? Then see for yourself!

Pick the Style that Suits Your Product!

If you have read this far, then I can presume that you are at the decision-making stage. I don't want to leave you confused by only explaining the amazingly pristine style of soap boxes. But I can't resist either. This is the beauty of custom soap packaging i.e. flawless yet available in countless styles.

So, I am done with the writing, and it's your time to make a decision now. Pick the style that matches the specifications of your soap. If it is a small bar then you can go ahead with a pillow-style box. Similarly, if you want to add an element of amazement, then the briefcase style with its premium unboxing is the right pick. Just focus on the product's dimensions, material type, and size.

Above all, before starting anything, ask yourself this question, "How do I want customers to perceive my product solely by looking at the soap box?" You will find your answers! Alright then. Catch you soon.

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