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An ultimate guide for your Custom Cosmetic Boxes

 2021-04-26 10:49:06

An ultimate guide for your Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetics is a mandatory part of individual’s lives and it demands no explanation. The makeup industry is booming as cosmetics are a staple around the globe. So, there are a lot of customers out there for the beauty brand owners. But to captivate the prospects, breaking through the clutter, appearing distinctive on the shelf and persuading the target market, it is mandatory to communicate “This is what you are looking for”.

It is incumbent to think about the first impression of the potential customers and what they notice about the product at the first glance and obviously, it’s the packaging. The flawless packaging with the balanced elements serves well to captivate the consumer’s attention and convince them to come along for the journey with the brand. So, the question pops up in the mind about everything related to packaging. According to an estimate, the global market value of cosmetic packaging worldwide from the year 2019 to 2025 will be 26.7 billion USD to 32.86 billion USD. Here’s the ultimate guide to stand out in a crowd with Custom Cosmetic Boxes and achieve success.

Let’s get started with essentials for custom cosmetic boxes

Prior to starting the discussion on what exactly the cosmetic box packaging looks like, it is wise to focus on the basics. Asking a few questions assists in contributing to the details of packaging design. How to define the brand & who is the target market are a few important points to ponder on for getting the impressive packaging crafted. Let’s see the essentials for packaging:

Define your brand’s personality

Defining the brand and what it represents is the priority as it tells the brand story. See if the product is luxury and you are going to give a luxe experience to the customer. Check if you want it to be glamorous? Funky or sober? The brand definition and personality that a businessman wants to portray to the target market works well to determine the design elements to add to the custom cosmetic packaging boxes.

Know your target market

Focus on for whom you are designing the packaging and who is your ideal customer. Look if your product caters to the need of teenage girls who love shining and sparkles. Or if the product is for mature ladies who want to enhance the beauty soberly? See if the item fulfills the requirement of males for getting smooth skin? Answers to these questions will assist in knowing the target market and what they are searching for in a product which is necessary to design the packaging to captivate the attention.

Determine the selling points

Focus on if you are going to launch the product in the stores to present on the shelf or if the product will be available for online purchase on e-commerce stores. The decision impacts the cosmetic box printing design and it is essential to escalating the sales by grabbing the attention of ideal customers.

Don’t forget to follow trends to inspire with custom printed cosmetic boxes design

Inspiring the target market requires following the latest trends as people are modern and they don’t get impressed with the usual packaging. Trends in the market help in getting the packaging designed the right way to create a lasting impression. It’s amazing to pick a look that is modern but also eye-catching as it inspires. Have a look at the design elements which should not be ignored:

Eye-balls captivating patterns

Stripes and complementary contrast of hues is an excellent pattern to print on custom packaging for cosmetics that surely serves well in catching the eye-balls. Irregular patterns printed on the packaging helps in giving an innovative appearance to the item and turns it valuable in the eyes of the prospects. Abstract patterns also work well if the hue contrast and shapes are alluring. The unique pattern sets the product apart from the competitor’s product on the shelf by giving a unique look to be noticed.

Readable font

Readable fonts for cosmetic box printing are encouraging as the packaging communicates with the potential customer. It is necessary to print the fond which conveys the message clearly, it can be stylish but must be easy on the eyes.

Intricate artwork

Focus on detail for intricate artwork works marvelously to contribute to the outlook to make the packaging attention-grabbing. Floral or leafy drawings with sober or funky colors look amazing on the cosmetics boxes as they also complement the sensitivity of the product. It is the perfect manner of showcasing what is encased in the box which attracts the customers.

Complementing eye-catching hues

The hues on the cosmetic paper box decide the overall look of the packaging, it can be sober or funky according to the brand personality or the target market. The complementing colors are splendid to add awesomeness to the outlook which is much-needed to grab the gaze.

Selecting the appropriate packaging stuff for cosmetic box packaging

From a variety of packaging stuff available, it’s great to select the appropriate one to store the product safely while allowing designing and shaping according to the desire and trend. Here are the sturdy, recyclable, and safe materials to encase the makeup products and the businessmen are free suiting the demand:

  • Kraft

The quality of stuff matters a lot when the product belongs to a luxury category such as cosmetics. The buyers favor the brands which go eco-friendly and save the planet because everyone prefers to protect the place where they live. Cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale manufactured with Kraft paper boxes not only give a unique look to the product but also work as a cost-effective method of product promotion.

  • Cardboard

Cardboard is a sturdy material that keeps the item safe from damage. It is recyclable and doesn’t leave toxic waste material which harms the earth in any way. It is lightweight and economical as well which makes it a wise choice to encase the products.

  • Rigid

Rigid stuff enables printing the colors for an appealing appearance and it is durable, sturdy which keeps the product intact without a single scratch. Cosmetics are fragile and rigid material keeps the item protected to keep the customer retention rate high.

  • Corrugated

Corrugated stuff is reusable and recyclable which allows fitting the product to shift safely without damage as it’s sturdy enough to bear the heavyweight products. The cosmetic boxes wholesale is an inexpensive method of encasing the cosmetics to promote and sell more.

Things to check prior to finalizing custom printed cosmetic boxes to promote brand

There are a few requisites to focus on before finalizing the packaging for makeup products to promote the company in an effective way. Ask the following questions to yourself:

Are you sending the right branding message?

Sending the right message through packaging is much-needed to grasp the attention towards the product, tell about the brand and carve an image in the mind of the buyers. It is essential to check if the message is conveyed clearly.

Is the box size ideal?

The extra space around the product in the box can damage the product while shifting due to collision. It is beneficial to see if the product perfectly fits the packaging as it helps in providing undamaged piece to the customers which satisfy them.

Is the Packaging Sturdy Enough to Protect?

The custom cosmetic boxes must be strong enough to handle the product weight and keep the container of the item undamaged until the product is unboxed for usage. It is incumbent to check the strength of the packaging for increasing the retention rate.

Is the stuff eco-friendly?

It’s the most wanted feature as it is necessary to save the earth from pollutants. Eco-friendly packaging stuff is best to encase the product as it doesn’t leave negative effects on the planet.

Consider Cosmetic Packaging Boxes Wholesale as Marketing Tool

Yes, custom cosmetic packaging boxes act as an exceptional marketing tool as it allows printing visuals and statements to add a persuasive touch. Here are the requisites to be printed on the packaging for advertisement, personalized touch, and creating brand identity:

Brand logo

Logo of the brand is a unique mark that is linked to the company and owns. The logo must be on the packaging, so the prospects immediately come to know which company is offering the product. It works to create brand recognition and a distinctive identity.


Every company or brand has a motto associated with it which describes the aim on which the organization is working. It is great to print it with the company name to tell people about the main purpose of the brand.


The catchy lines linked to the products attract the prospects, it advertises the product by showing a feature or distinctive quality. It adds to the appeal of the item, so it is awesome to print on the box.

Must-have details on Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

A few important details about the brand are a must print on the outer layer of the item to educate the prospects and turn them into buyers. Here are the mandatory ones:

  • A visual to show the item is cruelty-free, image explains it well.
  • Expiration label to show the date after which product is not good for use.
  • Government warning labels, the rules and instructions for the product category.
  • Brand copy to protect the brand's value and display the company’s personality.

Add-ons to custom cosmetic packaging boxes for distinctive appearance

  • Lamination

The lamination on cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale finalizes the finish, it also adds to the protection of the box. It’s a great add-on to make the outlook glossy or matte.

  • Embossed logo

The embossed logo on the packaging highlights it and makes it prominent. It is a marvelous way of making the company memorable.

  • Printing

The artwork and eye-catching visuals printed on the packaging serves well in giving attention-grabbing looks to the product. There is an option of getting the custom packaging for cosmetics printed with alluring images complementing the product which helps in escalating the sales.

What to look for in the right cosmetic box packaging partner?

It’s essential to find the right packaging partner to be successful in the market as the experts in the industry know the tactics to make the brand stand out in the crowd. Here are the highlights to hire the professionals:

  • Industry experience & standard:

It is the most important point to concentrate on as the years of experience and vast knowledge enables the packaging manufacturers to produce impressively distinctive packaging. OXO Packaging is one of the exceptional cosmetic box packaging suppliers which is serving the client for years and has hundreds of satisfied clients.

  • Printing processes & specialization:

The machines and tools utilized at the company to produce packaging and the ink used for printing are required to be known for assigning the task to professionals in the industry working with well-known company. OXO Packaging utilizes PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing Process and Full Color CMYK to produce seducing Custm Printed packaging boxes.

  • Design capability & customization:

It is necessary to know the capability of the company as if the experts only produce the boxes with their own ideas or provide customized cosmetic boxes wholesale service. See if the client can share the idea to get the packaging as desired. OXO Packaging discusses the idea with clients and also enables sharing the idea in mind with the experts, so they can polish it to produce eye-catching boxes.

Wrapping up

Here is all you need to know about the custom cosmetic boxes for covering the makeup items and presenting them with elegance. It’s a full guide for keeping all the aspects of packaging balanced to create a lasting impact and sending the right message to tell the brand story. 

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