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What Are Cereal Boxes Made Of? Check Out The Best Materials

 2022-10-06 15:12:37

What Are Cereal Boxes Made Of? Check Out The Best Materials

Cereal Boxes are an essential part of every American household. They make the mornings better. Cereal Packaging is the main source of attraction in those cereal boxes. But what are Cereal Boxes Made of? Let’s discuss that and all you need to know about cereal box packaging.

What Are Cereal Boxes Made Of?

Most companies use chipboard also known as paperboard to make their Cereal Boxes. This is a different grade of cardboard with a lower quality. Chipboard cannot be recycled because of its low quality but many recycling companies would take it in mixed paper bins.

Chipboard is used by most cereal manufacturers because it is cheap and readily available. Other manufacturers may also use cardboard to create their cereal boxes. The bag inside that holds the cereal is made of plastic. There are many other better options to create the best cereal boxes. So, let’s discuss other materials that can be used to create cereal boxes. 

Best Material Options for Cereal Box

You already know about chipboard for Cereal Boxes. So let’s check out the other two material options available for cereal packaging.


Cardboard is an amazing choice for customized cereal boxes. There are a few different reasons for that.

  1. The cardboard has a plain surface that makes it easy to print on.
  2. All colored inks look vibrant on cardboard.
  3. Cardboard is readily available and recyclable.
  4. You can do beautiful finishing on cardboard.
  5. Cardboard is a strong material.

These features of cardboard make it a great material to use for cereal packaging. Cardboard cereal packaging can help you improve your sales with beautiful print quality. Test them out and you will know for yourself.

Kraft Cereal Boxes

Kraft paper is nothing less than the best material for Food Packaging. The reason for that is simple. Kraft is an eco-friendly material and is completely biodegradable. The surface of a kraft board is more porous than that of regular paper which allows for high-quality printing.

Although kraft has an absorbing surface which makes light-colored inks dull on the surface. But other features of kraft make it an excellent material for your custom cereal boxes. 

Some great features of kraft paper are as follows;

  1. Completely eco-friendly.
  2. Adds a natural rustic look to your packaging.
  3. Is easily available.
  4. Supports different finishing options such as embossing and finishing.
  5. Has a more excellent strength factor than cardboard.
  6. Kraft is fully customizable.

These features along with the biodegradable nature of kraft paper make it an excellent choice for cereal boxes. 

Designing Your Cereal Packaging Boxes The Right Way

There are a lot of cereal manufacturing companies in the United States. Most of them are famous among consumers. So, how do you get consumers to purchase your cereal? Well, the simple answer would be “a well-designed cereal box”. The first thing that people see in your product is the packaging.

If your product packaging is well-designed, you are halfway through making the sale. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when designing your cereal boxes.

Design For your Target Audience

There are a lot of cereals available and you may be making them for different groups. You may make cereal for kids, adults, and diet cereals. Make sure you design your packaging accordingly. The packaging should show what kind of cereal is inside.

If you are making cereal for kids, you can put different cartoon characters on your packaging. This will attract kids to your Cereal Boxes. Have you wondered why those cartoon characters on cereal boxes are always looking downward? Because the target consumers are kids. This is a great marketing technique.

For adult cereal boxes, you need to put on the details. You need to explain your ingredients and other details about your cereal. Putting the details on your cereal packaging helps people know what they are buying. 

For diet cereal, you can use fruit pictures and health-related precautions. Diet-conscious people would want to read what ingredients are in the cereal and how many calories they consume. You can put all these details on your packaging. By designing your packaging for your target audience, you are a step closer to making the sale. 

Promote Your Brand

The thing you want to focus on in your Cereal Box Packaging is your brand identity. You need your boxes to stand out from the competition and the best way to do that is by customizing your packaging with your logo. Putting your logo on your packaging has another benefit.

It helps people remember your brand name and this will help you get returning customers. It is a great way to promote your brand to more potential customers. This is the best way to stand a chance in the industry. Having your brand logo on your packaging makes sure that you get more customers.

Choose The Right Colors

Your packaging colors are also important for a perfect design. Choose colors that look attractive rather than dull colors. Light colors attract more attention than darker colors. Since cereal is a healthy diet, let your colors tell that to the customer. Using lighter colors adds a sense of joy to the printing of your cereal packaging.

Box Style Matters

There are a lot of box styles available for cereal packaging. Here are a few of them that you can use to improve your cereal box design.

1. Window Cereal Boxes

Window boxes allow the customer to see their cereal before opening the packaging. There is a small window in the front that allows you to have a glimpse of what’s inside. This can be a great way to make a sale.

2. Die-cut Cereal Boxes

Die-cut patterns and designs are also a great way to customize your boxes. You can create beautiful shapes and patterns on your Die-cut Cereal Boxes and make your boxes look great.

3. Gable Boxes for Cereal

A custom gable box is also an excellent choice for cereal boxes. You can get them in shapes such as pyramidal, widowed, square, and many more. Gable boxes have different shapes and can make your boxes look much more attractive. 

You can get them in different sizes and decorate them with multiple colors to create the perfect cereal box. These are some of the box styles to improve your cereal box design. If you have another style idea, contact us and let us know what we can do.

How to Make your Cereal Boxes Eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is the new rule of business. When businesses all over the world are going eco-friendly, you might be looking for a sustainable way for your cereal packaging. We have already mentioned eco-friendly materials in this article. You can use kraft paper to make your custom cereal packaging eco-friendly.

For the plastic bag inside the box, you can go with a paper bag or a biodegradable plastic bag. This will allow you to make your packaging completely sustainable. Consumers love eco-friendly products so make sure your packaging is fully ecological to make more sales.

Where to Buy Custom Cereal Boxes?

Now that you know what cereal boxes are made of, you might want to know about the best place for custom cereal boxes. You can get them from OXO Packaging.  OXO Packaging utilizes its extensive experience in the packaging business to create the perfect custom cereal boxes for you.

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