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Why is the Choice of Custom Packaging Boxes Important?

 2020-05-18 10:49:40


Nobody can see the things at first glance. It’s the outer shape or layout that comes before your eyes first. If this appearance or layout attracts the customers, then they will buy the product definitely, otherwise, your market share loss.  If the primary sight of the product packaging boxes fails to hit the customers, they will never buy the product and even more, never recommend it to others.

A Beautifully Designed Packaging Box always Work

So, what’s the big deal in that? You just need the right styled and high-quality custom packaging boxes to leverage the sales. Consequently, companies that are dealing in custom packing boxes and containers with logos should ensure to design their boxes within the quality feasible manner, placing all necessary style ingredients to make these boxes look awesome.

If a beautifully designed container succeeds in attracting a consumer and seeks appreciation, the purchase activity is done and even gets repeated over the time. then it’s as much as the great or capability of boxed product which may or may not be capable of persuading the patron to buy the field.

The custom packaging boxes and containers with brand logo, enterprise name and emblem make the product different from the competitors. To design the custom boxes with this type of mastery, these will look precise, elegant, fashionable, stunning and attractive!

We Follow all Principle of Designing and Manufacturing

At OXO PACKAGING, we often have a wide collection of packaging containers that are blessed with the latest tools and techniques. We follow all the latest designing and manufacturing principles followed to make the Product Packaging Boxes look exactly like a decorative material.!

For instance, if you are looking to add your designs with circles, planning to add ribbons or the colors, then it’s a daily task for us! A well fabricated custom box always motivates the customers to pick the container located on a shelf of a retail outlet and spot what's inner. It evokes the clients to buy the product inside and it will enhance the sales level!

Colors Always affect Purchasing Decisions

What comes to your mind when planning to buy a top-quality product? Well, there must be an attractive design box with colors and logo where the product is wrapped inside. This is the idea of colorful printed boxes and these always impact on the decision making!

For many years, there are a lot of companies that have researched how different quality colors will affect buying decisions! Either you are tossing the product boxes with the yellow, red, or blue, these will make the packaging boxes look great. 

Like the black evokes strength and reinforced power, yellow and pink cherishes the customer's psyche and is mostly used in the cosmetic industry. The choice of the colors for its packaging always impacts on the buying behavior and that’s a big science, practiced at the Custom Packaging Boxes.

So, have you been practicing the science of colors on packaging boxes? Well, if no, then OXO PACKAGING is at your service with remarkable packaging solutions. No need to worry about the colors, fashions, designs and appealing ingredients – leave these decisions on our experts.

Packages Reinforces Perceived Value

Let’s compare two companies that are selling identical products in the market – one is selling the product in a blue shiny and appealing box while the other is just going through the simple brown packaging!  Which one will have more perceived value? The box with colors or the box with a simple look!

The size of your product packaging is also important as these must come in exact match, custom fit containers while there must be no free space inside. This makes the product intact with the container, allowing the buyers to get a perceived value. 

The Packaging Must be Functional

Packaging, since old times has only meant containment of products someplace. But with changing times packaging has acquired totally new dimensions. Today it is not approximately containment but green packaging and micro packing where multiple products may be packaged within minimum transfer of color or odor. So, packaging has acquired a status of science. With multiple product ranges fighting for shelve spaces in superstores packaging today also covers design, labeling and printing of numerous packaging boxes.

Have you ever realized the functional packaging boxes importance? The main function of packaging boxes is to safeguard it from the external climate through the delivery and damage when transporting! The item must be packaged heartily and strong enough to survive during the hard times. 

It is important to do your research and take your part in making sure your parcel reaches its destination safely. The first thing to do is ensure you've got your goods properly. If you are mailing fragile things, it is very important to wrap them up in Cardboard Boxes, that keep a protective layer to keep away from breaking.

Moreover, the OXO PACKAGING gives you offers and flexibilities to choose the material of the container. Go with the cardboard, corrugated, Kraft and other material that suits so better. For sensitive boxes, we recommend choosing the Kraft material.

You really cannot understate the standing of packaging in marketing. It helps the product to enjoy sales and uplift the products sales. Carefully consider every aspect of product marketing and connect I with the style of packaging – these will give your business and sales a  big boom!

Have any custom designs? Let’s talk to our Experts!

Those who are having some design in their mind and want these boxes to get into real time shape, just send us the specifications. As soon you send us the design, our customer support will forward the specifications to the design team. We will try to make the exact looking custom boxes according to your specifications and then send the 3D mockup digitally.

After the approval, our team will make the rest of the scale production and send it to the doorstep within minimal time. That’s how we work and that’s the power of packaging boxes. 


We simply ask the manufacturers, retailers and vendors that either they can touch a highest level of sales without the custom boxes? Well, if so, then it's been a big mistake. The modern companies that are selling the products to the end consumers need to practice the latest, trendy and impactful packaging boxes.

Without the successful integration of colors, styles, and right packaging material, your product will look great. These not only are presented in the shelves with unique appearance but also enhance the company’ brand value in the market. So, either you are planning to get the custom boxes at your doorstep? Well, we are at your service. 

OXO PACKAGING triggers the sales level of all stakeholders through the right styled packaging boxes. So, what’s your plans for the next packaging? Make your specifications and we will craft the clone structure boxes!

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