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Custom Essential Oil Boxes: An Adorable Packaging to Preserve E-Liquids

 2021-12-15 10:31:30


Increasing demand for essential oil and lipid-containing products is making customers more conscious about the packaging that holds their desired product. This is partly because of the fact that the preservation of essential e-liquids requires multiple factors to consider. Products containing oils are almost everywhere ranging from beard oil, hair oil, body oil, and even food is also incomplete without a touch of Eos. Therefore, the Custom Essential Oil Boxes must be designed in a way so that they act as a passive barrier to factors such as ultraviolet light, oxygen, water vapor, pressure, and heat. Besides these factors, it must be noted that the Custom E-Liquid Boxes need to be engaging enough to fulfill the needs of the retail business. 

You would think that preparing quality-oriented Essential Oil Packaging Boxes while maintaining the aspect of beauty must be challenging talk for packaging companies. To your surprise, OXO Packaging offers an all-in-one solution in the form of a Custom Essential Oil Box that gives your oil-containing products a long-lasting beauty that no one can resist.

Custom Essential Oil Boxes: Marketing Tools for Promotions

Don’t underestimate the built-in marketing power of product packaging. Manufacturing firms spend thousands of dollars producing high-quality oils but with no market research on the importance of Essential E-Liquid Packaging Boxes, their sales decline dramatically. By opting for the easily customizable Essential Oil Boxes Wholesale deal provided by us, you can free yourself from stressful branding difficulties as we provide wide options for customization, logo branding, color variations that will become your perfect branding weapon.

Pick the Best Package as Per Your Product Size

E-liquid manufacturing businesses are usually conscious of the size of the packaging box as the E-liquid bottles we see in the market vary accordingly. Besides the customization option that we already provide to our clients, we supply packaging sizes as small as Custom 10 ML E-Liquid Boxes to perfectly hold and preserve 10 ml e-liquid containing bottles. Apart from that we also manufacture Custom 30 ML E-Liquid Boxes and Custom 60 ML E-Liquid Boxes as well so you no longer have to worry about roaming the entire packaging market to find boxes that suit well your 30 ml and 60 ml e-liquid bottles. Finally, OXO packaging holds a holistic view of what businesses want as far as essential oil products are concerned therefore we also offer Custom 100 ML E-Liquid Boxes to perfectly showcase the elegance of your oil product in packaging that no one can ignore.   

Customization That You Would Love

Don’t restrict yourself to the options that we already have, in fact, OXO Packaging is in itself a name of customization. We manufacture custom oil boxes with flexible raw materials such as cardboard and Kraft that give you the following options.

  • We won’t let our clients restrict to a particular size or a particular design. 

  • We provide a couple of options that let you choose what works best for you. It's fantastic that you can adjust the boxes to fit different bottle sizes.

  • Don’t restrict to a simple design. It’s the power of customization in our eye-catching boxes that will allow you to adjust your brand logo, designs, and play with a rainbow of colors to finalize what you actually need.

When Material Tells Everything

Now that we have covered the customization options we provide, let's jump onto the core material. Gone are those days when the market used to be bombarded with plastic packaging and no one cared about the negative impact that type brought. Moreover, oily products are not something that you would hold in plastic packing because of the element of sensitivity.

OXO Packaging manufactures Essential Oil Packaging Boxes with highly flexible Kraft and Cardboard materials that ensure the high-quality preservation of EOs from all types of external factors such as extreme temperature, humidity and are highly air resistant.

What Suits You Best?

Since oil bottles come in various sizes and shapes, OXO Packaging, therefore, is committed to adjusting all types of essential e-liquids-containing products within their packaging domain. For the straight aromatic Essential Oil Boxes and Custom Dropper Bottle Boxes, we provide Kraft-made gloss laminated full flat double tray packaging to ensure maximum preservation of bottles against any external stresses. Apart from that we also provide matte lamination, foiling, and five paneled hanger boxes that you can choose to enhance the display of your product and catch customer attention instantly. 

Our Commitment to Environment

OXO Packaging strongly cares for the environment alongside its valuable customers, therefore we use high-quality 100% biodegradable Kraft and Cardboard materials that leave no adverse impact on the environment when discharged. So you don't need to worry about what you are getting as we are strongly committed to achieving sustainable development goals without impacting our customer’s experience

Wholesale Dealing

We deal in bulk quantities and offer multiple deals if you go ahead with the purchase of Essential E-Liquid Boxes Wholesale. By providing optimum affordability and cost-effective packaging solutions to oily products, we ensure that your restricted budget does not limit you.

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