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How to Make a Candy Box with Personalized Touch Step-By-Step Guide

 2023-09-18 11:39:10

How to Make a Candy Box with Personalized Touch

  • Introduction
  • How to Make a Candy Box?
  • Required Materials
  • Top 2 Candy Packaging Design Ideas 
  • How to Make a Heart Shaped Candy Box
  • How to Make a Window-Shaped Box 
  • Wrapping it Up!


Candies make life sweeter. These tiny and cute tokens are the best way to celebrate an event or show appreciation to someone. When purchasing candies as gifts, people mainly notice two things: 

  • Product Quality
  • The Packaging 

The more appealing the candy's packaging is, the better! And what better way to give a gift than in your homemade candy box? Whether for a special occasion or a sweet surprise, a handmade candy box adds a personal touch that store-bought options can't match. 

In this easy-to-follow guide, we will show you how to make candy box that is a delightful work of art. The exciting part? You can craft these boxes very easily on your own. 

So, let's begin the exciting learning!

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How to Make a Candy Box?

Food packaging comes in many exciting shapes and colors. Among the food items, candy packaging designs are the most popular ones. Candies allow room to create their packaging uniquely with vibrant colors, appealing patterns, and different shapes. The beauty of candy packaging is that it can be anything: Candy bags, boxes, tins, cartons, or jars, making the design process even more enjoyable. The rules are that there are no rules! You can do any experiment you want. 

Required Materials:

The first and fundamental approach to how to make candy box is the collection of materials. 

  • A variety of candles
  • Colored or patterned paper
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • Ribbon or decorative elements (optional)

Once you have collected these materials, you can start making the candy box. 

Step 1: Choosing the Right Paper

In this step, we will let you know how to make a candy box out of paper. Start by selecting the paper for your candy box. You can use colored construction paper, patterned scrapbooking paper, or even repurpose an old greeting card for a unique touch. For a classic look, opt for sturdy cardstock in your favorite color or pattern.

Step 2: Measuring and Cutting

The next step is to measure and mark the dimensions of your candy box. An 8x8-inch square is a good starting point for a standard-sized candy box. You can experiment with different sizes and shapes to be more creative. Once you have marked the dimensions, use scissors to cut out the square.

Step 3: Creating the Base

Place your cut paper square before you, then fold it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Unfold it and fold it in half diagonally again. But this time, in the opposite direction. This will create two intersecting creases that form an "X" on the paper.

Step 4: Shaping the Candy Box

Gently lift the corners of the paper to the center, using the intersecting creases as guides. This will create a smaller square shape in the middle. As you lift the corners, the paper will naturally fold along the diagonal creases, forming the walls of your candy box.

Step 5: Sealing the Edges

Apply a thin line of glue or double-sided tape along the edges of the newly formed triangular flaps. Fold the flaps back down to their original position, securing the sides of your candy box. Firmly press to ensure a strong bond. Allow the glue to dry for a few minutes.

Step 6: Make the Lid

To create the candy box, repeat these steps 2–5 times with a slightly large paper square. You should remember that the square should be about 0.5 to 1 inch. Follow the same folding and gluing process to form the candy box lid.

Step 7: Decorating Your Candy Box (Optional) 

Want to learn how to make gift candy packaging? Keep reading this article. This step helps you learn how to make a candy gift box. 

Decorating your candy box is the most exciting and fun part. You can personalize it with ribbons, stickers, or other decorative elements. If you are making the box for a specific occasion, consider using themed decorations like hearts for Valentine's Day or stars for a birthday.

Step 8: Filling with Candies

After you have finished your candy box and lid, it is time to fill it with delicious treats. Choose a variety of candies that fit the size of your box. You can opt for chocolates, gummies, mints, or any of your favorites. Arrange them neatly inside the box, making sure they are well-distributed.

Step 9: Closing the Box

Simply place the lid over the base of the candy box to close it. The lid's slightly larger size will fit snugly over the base, creating a perfect fit. Gently press down to ensure the lid is secure.

Step 10: Sharing the Joy

Your homemade candy box is now complete and ready to enjoy! Whether it's a gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, the effort and care you put into creating this delightful box will surely bring smiles.

Top 2 Candy Packaging Design Ideas 

Though you can design candy packaging in any size, pattern, or shape, here are the USA's two most popular Packaging design ideas

  1. Heart-shaped candy box
  2. Window-shaped box

How to Make a Heart Shaped Candy Box

The heart-shaped window box is the most popular packaging style to pack candies in the USA. People make candy gift boxes in this style and give them to their loved ones on special occasions.  To make this box, start with a square piece of paper and follow the steps above to create the box base. Then, fold the top edges of the square down to meet in the center, forming a triangle shape. 

The bottom edges will naturally curve inward, creating the two halves of the heart shape. Follow the same gluing process to seal the sides, and you will have a heart-shaped candy box ready to be filled with sweet treats! We hope now you know how to make a heart shaped candy box. 

How to Make a Window-Shaped Box 

The first step in making the candy box is to design the required shape and size. Here's how to make a rectangular-shaped window candy box. 

Create the base, mark the dimensions, and cut it using a craft knife. Now comes the most crucial step: making the window. Decide where you want the window on the box. Measure and mark the window's dimensions on one of the walls. Cut out the window using the craft knife.

Apply double-sided tape or glue along the edges of the walls. Now cut a transparent sheet larger than the window and attach it using glue. And your window candy box is ready! Fill it with your desired candies. 

Wrapping it Up!

This guide helped you understand how to make candy box. Crafting your candy box is a delightful and fantastic way to show someone you care. With some creativity and simple materials, you can create a unique candy gift box that's as sweet as the treats it holds.  So, gather your supplies, let your imagination take flight, and start creating your candy box masterpiece! 

If you need help designing your candy gift boxes, Contact OXO Packaging. Our experienced designer will help you create the perfect candy box with elementary procedures. 


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