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How We Helped an Online Bakery Business Achieve Success

 2023-08-03 11:27:08

Helped Online Bakery Business Achieve Success

Packaging can be an essential part of your product presentation. Knowing when your packaging isn’t right is vital in order to keep the sales chart going up. One of our clients was smart enough to know this. 

One of our clients(we cannot reveal their name) runs an online bakery. In 2021, they were having problems with getting recurring customers. The customers that ordered from them never ordered again. This was a bit problematic because they were offering confectionery products at very low prices. Also, the taste was excellent. Still, the problem was consistent. 

They had tried running targeted online ads, customer outreach, and other forms of advertising, but still, there were very low to no results. They were trying out new solutions, and that is when they thought about the packaging. So they reached out to us.

The Problems With Their Packaging:

One thing we do at OXO Packaging is analyze our clients’ old packaging before creating a new box design for them. This is what we did with them, as we normally do. We didn’t know about the problem at this point. We were just doing what we do for all our clients. So upon analyzing the packaging box for this particular client, we found a few problems.

  1. The box wasn’t well-designed, considering it was for a confectionery business. The box looked very plain without any visual appeal.
  2. The material used was neither food friendly nor sustainable.
  3. There were no interactive elements on the box or contact details to add transparency.
  4. The locking didn’t fit perfectly.

We highlighted these issues with the client. That is when they told us about the problem they were facing. We assured them we would try to fix the issue for them. After this, our packaging experts started creating the perfect packaging for their business.

Our Solutions:

Our packaging experts started working on some solutions. Their mission was to create the perfect box that complements a confectionery business. And soon, they completed their mission. Here are the solutions they produced for the client’s cake boxes:

  1. The biggest problem was the material, so we used food-friendly, high-thickness cardboard. It is also recyclable, making for a sustainable packaging solution.
  2. We used an excellent gable style with a handle for the box. The gable box closed to form a handle that allowed for easier carrying. 
  3. We used a plain white cardboard box with gold lines covering the entire box for the designing phase. We kept the center of the front panel empty to add the logo. The logo was also added to the top of the box between the handle panels. 
  4. We also added a window on top of the box to help the customers look at the product before even opening the box. 
  5. The back panel was used to add our clients' branding information and contact details. We also labelled the boxes food-friendly and added a QR code for our client’s website. 

Once the design was finished, we sent the mockup to our client. They were so happy with the design and excited to get the boxes made. So we got right to the packaging manufacturing process. 

The client had ordered only 100 boxes because this was, as some may call it, “a test order”. The client wanted to see if our solution worked before placing a larger order. So we quickly manufactured the boxes and shipped them.

The Results:

Once the client received their boxes, they started sending their cakes in them. On the first day, they only had 2 orders. On the second day, they had 5, but things got really exciting on the third day. They got 30 orders for cakes, and the number kept increasing. 

One of the customers they served was impressed by the packaging and shared the unboxing video on their social media. The video impressed even more people who wished to try the cakes themselves. This resulted in so many orders that the client had to hire more people. And we got an order for a thousand more custom bakery boxes just the following week. 

The client is still working with us; we improve the design with every order. They start a new line of products every now and then, and our team keeps on finding excellent packaging solutions.

Impressed Much? You Should Try Out Too:

So you see how well-designed packaging helped a client get more sales and improve their customer base. If you need this for your business, we are the right people to contact. We have helped countless clients achieve success in the market with excellent custom packaging. Be the next one to be featured in our case studies, and let your story impress more people to make the right packaging decisions. Contact OXO Packaging now to place your order.

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