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Explore Different Types of Tape For Packaging

Salman Shahid  2023-12-21 13:14:50

types of tape for packaging a blog by OXO Packaging

A tape does not only bind two things together but also holds the integrity of a lot of businesses. Different types of tape help out in various ways. Each type of tape is popular for performing its distinctive function. For instance, there are some exclusive tapes used for sealing shipping packaging. However, you cannot use the same ones for gift boxes. In this blog, we will highlight which types of tape are suitable for certain packaging purposes. Let us investigate the universe that various kinds of tape have created as we delve deeper into the subject.

Why Are Different Types of Tape For Packing Important?

Different types of tape serve diverse purposes due to their unique properties. One tape can never be used for all purposes. The individual features of the packaging tapes are used for limited purposes. For instance, duct tape, known for its strength and durability, is ideal for heavy boxes. Masking tape, with its gentle adhesive, is suitable for the delicate surfaces of takeaway bags. Each type is suitable for specific needs, which explains why diversity in the tapes is important.

Acrylic Packaging Tape

Whether you have a wholesale business or a retail store, you need appropriate packaging closures to ship your products. Even if you are shifting your home or office, tape is required to seal your corrugated boxes. It ensures the safe and sound delivery of valuable commodities.

Acrylic packaging tape is one of the most exclusive types of tape that has been introduced on the market, with many distinctive features. It can significantly assist in securing products during shipment. They are made with sturdy acrylic material. It sticks firmly to your boxes.

One of the most essential features of such types of tape is that they can resist hot and cold weather conditions without any hassle. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors, sizes, and designs to enhance the visual appeal of your packaging.

Duct Tape

If you are looking for one tape for multiple types of packaging, you can rely on duct tape. It is mostly found in nearly all offices and homes. It also provides you with a reliable fix for minor damages. The strength of this tape stands out from others. These types of tape come in three layers; plastic, fabric, and adhesive. These strong layers make it hold the items tightly that are bound to it.

Another feature that must not be overlooked is its water resistance. It means you can easily apply it anywhere without worrying about moisture or water leakage. Especially, it can be used to seal the packaging that contains the item that can be spoiled with moisture. It is available in many colors and designs. However, people prefer to buy in classic grey or silver.

Masking Tape

Gift boxes always need a special class of tape that meets their unique requirements. Masking tape comes up as a savior for packing the gifts. Some people also know it as painter's tape or crafter's tape because of its uniqueness and elegance. It can be comfortably used to wrap custom cardboard gift boxes. Such types of tape have many characteristics that enhance their significance among users

One of the most loveable features of this item is that it goes invisible on the surface. It does not leave any mark of binding two things together. It can be comfortably used for attaching packaging labels. Apart from packaging, you can also use them for your routine fixes. Having some masking tape is like having a trusty sidekick for all your creative adventures.

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Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is the one that can be used to stick to items from both sides. Each side bears strong, sticky substances. This exceptional item can be used for mounting and displaying boxes on the shelves and walls of retail stores. One side is attached to the wall, table, or door, and the other side is stuck with the product packaging you want to display.

It is also excellent for hanging pictures and posters without much hassle. It is available in a variety of designs and colors. However, clear tapes and white foam tapes are the most commonly used double-sided tapes.

Filament Tape

Unlike ordinary tapes, filament ones are significantly tough and super-strong. It is also known as strapping tape. The users can use it to tie the boxes up appropriately. The straps in these types of tapes provide additional strength. They are excellent for binding light-duty as well as heavy-duty items in the packaging. The size and color of this tape can be customized. You can personalize the width of these tapes to suit you the most. As far as the color options are concerned, clear or white are commonly used. However, you can also go for other captivating colors, such as black and blue, etc.

Kraft Tape

When it comes to sealing well and shipping safely, Kraft tapes can help you a lot. You can easily close cardboard and corrugated boxes with it. It is famous for its sturdy material. It can stick to the packaging even if its surface is not perfectly clean. This is possible due to its remarkable water-activation feature.

Whether it’s cold or hot, your seal won’t open up. One of the best characteristics of this type of tape is that it is biodegradable. Unlike plastic, it naturally decomposes, leaving no carbon footprints behind. In this way, it saves our precious planet from pollution.

Aluminum Vent Tape

Just like how duct tape works wonders, aluminum vent tape is specially designed to seal up vents, fridges, and electrical products in corrugated packaging. It is made of two layers; a flexible aluminium strip and a sticky substance. The metallic appearance of this tape gives it an elegant touch. Using these tapes to seal your product boxes will impress the viewers.

It's an excellent air and water-resistant tape for your use. Such types of tape are tough against flames and don't burn out at high temperatures. Moreover, it stays sticky even when things get significantly humid. Their users are highly impressed with this tape. This heavy-duty tape is more appropriate for sealing large boxes containing bulky goods. 


In the vast tapestry of adhesive solutions for your packaging, different types of tape play a distinct role. Acrylic packaging tape safeguards shipments and adds visual allure. Masking tape is remarkable for closing gift boxes. Duct tape is a versatile stronghold that defies minor damage with layers of resilience. Double-sided tape showcases its dual-sticky powers. Kraft tape is a planet-friendly companion for sealing boxes. Aluminum vent tape is a resilient sealant that elegantly secures against elements and temperature extremes.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes packaging tapes ideal types of tape for secure shipping?

Packaging tape is made of sturdy plastic, resisting hot/cold weather and ensuring safe delivery with various colors, sizes, and designs.

Why is duct tape considered versatile for various purposes?

Duct tape, with plastic, fabric, and adhesive layers, provides reliable fixes, remarkable strength, water resistance, and availability in multiple colors.

Masking tape vs packing tape, which one is best?

Masking tape and packaging tape are both excellent for different purposes. Packing tape is mostly used for closing boxes and packaging. On the other hand, masking tape is perfect for routine fixes, labeling, crafting, and painting purposes.

What sets double-sided tape apart for mounting and displaying?

Double-sided types of tape come with strong sticky substances on both sides and excel in displaying boxes, hanging pictures, and posters. It is available in various designs and colors. 

Why choose kraft tape for sealing boxes and shipping?

Kraft tape, made of sturdy material, sticks even on less clean surfaces, is biodegradable, and seals boxes securely in all weather conditions.

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