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What are the Best Candle Packaging Ideas in 2023?

 2023-02-02 07:35:18


Candle manufacturers have emerged with some amazing types of candles. This fondness towards candles has prompted packaging companies like us to improvise new ideas for candle packaging boxes.

Today, I will show you the most beautiful and creative candle packaging ideas in 2023. I will share new ideas for making boxes for candles. And these ideas will be very affordable. That's for sure. So, lets start from the below.

How is A Unique Graphic Design Good for Candle Packaging? 

Graphic design is the first step to making the most sensational candle packaging boxes. Whenever you think of candle packaging, first consider the design value because this graphic design becomes a reality on the packaging boxes after printing

Many people ask how to make a beautiful graphic design for cute candle boxes. You should thoroughly consult with your graphic designer. You should tell him/her your dream theme.

Why is a Unique Graphic Design Theme Indispensable? 

Remember, your candle packaging box will bring whatever you will print on it. Now let me provide you with some stunning graphic design themes for unique candle packaging ideas. 

Abstract Graphic Design Themes

Abstract art is not bound to any specific graphic design theme. This is how you don’t need any particular form of design on your candle boxes. Even the picture of the flame of a candle on packaging boxes will say it all.


You can get some innovative candle packaging ideas from the below picture. See the picture of the design themes. You can place a flame of fire on the packaging box in an abstract way. It depends on you and your target customers. 

For instance, if you have to supply candle boxes for dinner for some intellectuals, then abstract design themes are one of the unique candle packaging ideas.   

Minimalist Graphic Design Themes 

‘Less is more’ applies to packaging products too. This is how graphic designers use one or two images, enhancing the visual appeal of the packaging boxes. 

You can learn the use of a minimalist design approach by the picture added to the image. You can watch only two birds in this picture sitting on a rope. This is a perfect example of simple ideas. You can use the same approach to make your cute candle boxes. Obviously, your product will be a candle.

This is also a human phenomenon; they will gaze randomly at it if you show them anything big or give too many details. But a minimalist design theme is a great candle packaging idea because it attracts the customer towards it. 

Retro Graphic Design Themes

Retro graphic design themes are still relevant today. It is always better to look at old graphics and packaging designs. This is how you can combine them with modern trends. Packaging companies are using old design themes to easily make custom packaging boxes.


The typography is also a part of graphic design for candle packaging. This is how graphic designers mostly rely on the use of fonts. Hence, the product name on your packaging boxes becomes a complete design for your packaging theme.

You see the combined use of a retro design theme and vintage typography in the third picture. Retro design themes had their own special colors and textures. They are still relevant today. Indeed, those packaging designs were simple as there was not plenty of graphic design software at that time. 

On the other hand, typography is a key feature of packaging products of all ages. You cannot ignore the beauty of words. So, you should use attractive fonts to make candle packaging products. This is why you can see the use of a retro design theme and a unique font combined in the third image.

Furthermore, if you wisely use typography, it is one of the best homemade candle packaging ideas. You can try the following fonts to make candle packaging boxes.

  • Futura
  • Franklin Gothic
  • Helvetica
  • Bodoni
  • Garamond Pro
  • Rockwell
  • Roboto
  • Lato
  • Oswald

How Can You Use Add-ons? 

Retailers also know add-ons by the term “premium features of printing.” Add-ons enhance the visual appeal of custom-printed boxes.

  • Lamination
  • Spot UV
  • Foil Printing
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

So, now keep adding premium features to your unique candle packaging ideas.



Nowadays, a minimum of three types of laminations are available. If you want your candle boxes to shine forever, apply the gloss layer of lamination on them. 

Matte lamination brings a dull surface to your packaging boxes. The soft-touch lamination is a relatively new form of lamination. Retailers who make candle boxes also know this type of lamination by the name of cello-touch. 

Spot UV

UV quoting is a very alluring finishing feature. A coating layer of transparent compound brings a glossy effect on the text, logos, or images. Many people use spot UV to bring additional shine to their logos or product names. 

Foil Printing 

Many retailers only endorse gold or silver foiling on the product boxes. But those colors are outdated. Try to apply holographic foil on your candle boxes. Holographic foil is the new addition to foil printing. This is not a single color. Holographic foil provides you with a three-dimensional shine. 


Ask any packaging expert; embossing is the best form of minimalist design theme. Let me show you the example of the picture of embossing. You can understand the significance of its engraved appearance. 


Debossing is the opposite technique of embossing. Packaging vendors only press the impression die/block from up on the paperboard. Hence, they press the images or text. You can see this in the example of the “Thanks” picture. 


How Can You Make Different Styles of Candle Boxes? 

There are a lot of types of candle packaging boxes. But it mostly depends on your target customers. Suppose you are selling candles to high-end customers. Moreover, you must focus on luxury candle packaging ideas if your candles are precious. 

Handmade luxury rigid boxes are the best if you are thinking of making luxury candle boxes. Most of the packaging companies make these boxes with chipboard in the USA. This particular box has the most numbers of PTs. Retailers of candle packaging boxes know “PT” as “Point System.” It is a system to devise paperboard density. In our other blog, you can read more about how to make and measure a box.

There are a lot of splendid styles in rigid packaging boxes. Many e-commerce retailers make two-piece rigid candle boxes and sell them on Amazon and Etsy. But if you want to know new creative candle packaging ideas, then let me show you the benefits of some more styles of packaging boxes.

You can make rigid clamshell boxes for your candle packaging. Clamshell boxes have an attached hinge with the bottom of the packaging boxes. Hence, it becomes a single-piece packaging box. Thus, you don’t have to un-attach the lid from the base and can open the box like a shell. 

OXO Packaging continuously keeps giving new candle packaging ideas. You can find plenty of styles for candle packaging on the website’s landing page. Some of the unique styles of candle boxes are as follows; 

  • Gable Boxes
  • Magnetic closure rigid boxes
  • Sleeve / Drawer Boxes
  • Neck / Shoulder Boxes
  • Angled Neck Boxes 

Furthermore, you can make windows in your packaging boxes. Windows enhance the visual appeal of the product boxes. This is how your customers experience the product’s physical appearance before buying it. Many times, customers want to see the candles before buying them. So, if you make windows in packaging boxes, they will see the product earlier.

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